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Scouting Report on the Next Great Syracuse Running Back

Sean Tucker Syracuse Orange RB
Sean Tucker is a tough, durable player whose ability when running the ball as well as in the passing game allows him to be an effective RB on all 3 downs.

Over the years, Syracuse University has had several great Running Backs (Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Larry Csonka, Joe Morris, and Floyd Little among many others). In 2021, Sean Tucker broke the all-time single-season rushing record with 1,496 yards. As a 3rd yr Sophomore, he will have 2 more years of eligibility after the 2022 season, but he should be one of the first backs taken in the 2023 draft if he continues to improve.

Name, Jersey #: Sean Tucker #34
School (Code): NYSY
DOB, Class Yr: 10/25/01, 3rd yr SO (2022 Season)
Height, Weight: 5100e, 209e
40 Yd Dash: 4.54e
Position/Depth: RB 1
Honors/Captainship: 2021, 1st team All-ACC, 1st team All-American (FWAA), 2nd team All-American (AP)
Season Viewed (yr): 2021
Games Watched: @FLST, NCWF, SCCL, MABC, @NCST
Scout Name/Date: Mike Bey 5/15/22

Per Year Stats

2021 12 GP 12 GS 246 att, 1496 yards, 12 rush TD, 20 rec, 255 2 TD rec
2020 9 GP 9 GS 137 att, 626 yds, 4 TD, 8 rec 113 yds

Player Summary:

3rd yr SO and 2 yr starter at RB in the spread option offense of NYSY with gap and zone run blocking where he receives nearly all of the carries. Adequate height, weight, and speed with muscular arms and powerful legs. He is an above-average athlete showing good COD, above average quickness and agility, solid acceleration in the open field with adequate balance, and solid top-end play speed. He exhibits good vision as he finds the open hole or cutback lane with quick feet and good COD to bend it back or bounce it to the outside if need be. Good finish ability when running inside as he falls forward for extra yardage. On outside zone runs, he uses his above-average quickness and agility to beat OLB with ordinary AA and play speed to the edge. He shows very good competitive toughness as he is physical at the POA not shying away from contact against any defender and mentally as he rises to the occasion in critical situations. Quality stamina and durability enable him to play fresh in the 4th qtr. He is above average in pass pro as he locates the blitzing defender, and squares up using his good play strength and UOH to negate the progress of LB with good size and solid AA blitzing through the A or B gap. Solid ability in the passing game running curls, flats, and wheel routes showing good hands with quality manual dexterity to catch the ball away from his body. He also adjusts his body to the ball when it is thrown low. Struggles to consistently break tackles from larger defenders due to adequate contact balance. Will hesitate at times near the LOS enabling DL and LB with good explosiveness and play strength to bring him down for a TFL or little to no gain. Lack of elite play speed prevents him from consistently outrunning DB and athletic LB when running the ball or after the catch.

Scheme Fit:

Run heavy offense with zone blocking scheme

Power Statement:

Sean Tucker is a tough, durable player whose ability when running the ball as well as in the passing game allows him to be an effective RB on all 3 downs.

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