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How Does Excitement Help NFL Players Win?

Excitement plays a key role in the mental and physical health of athletes. See how this can help players in the NFL perform better and win.

JJ Watt is a player that excites his team and his fan base every time he makes a huge play.

NFL Players Win More with Excitement

While we often think NFL players play well solely because of athletic ability, there is much more to it. Our emotions play a pivotal role in how we perform on a daily basis and for athletes, positive emotions can be quite beneficial. The excitement before, during, and after a game from the player as well as fans can help athletes play better, leading to more NFL wins. Psychologists have found that experiencing strong emotions will help improve athletic performance.

Positive Emotions and Mental Health

We have all experienced negative and positive emotions and most will agree that the positive feelings of excitement and joy can be quite satisfying. This also applies to athletes. When they are excited about a game and have a positive attitude fueled with energy, they will perform better. We experience the excitement in many ways. Gamblers in online casinos who play online pokies will get excited over a big real money win, just as athletes will be pumped for a big game. Excitement plays a key role in our overall mental health, even when engaging on gambling online at yoru favorite online casinos.

While playing slots and playing football ate two different things, the positive emotions experienced can benefit mental health and provide relief from stress and anxiety. Whether you are gambling and stressing over losses or earnings or a professional football player that has anxiety over an upcoming game, positive emotions like excitement can help battle these negative feelings and lead to better performance and rewards.

Does Excitement Affect Physical Health?

Research has proven that those that have physical activity regularly are more likely to experience enthusiasm and excitement than those that are less active. These positive emotions can cause physical effects that have great benefits. When an upbeat and positive mental state is achieved, the body experiences lower blood pressure and better blood sugar levels. It can also help to reduce heart disease. While these overall physical effects are great, athletes benefit from enhanced performance as well when they are in a positive mindset.

Excitement is good for health and is the fuel that leads to great performance for NFL players. Excited athletes often have higher energy levels that last longer, which is very beneficial in the NFL. These feelings are often directly from the player, but can also be experienced from the support of fans. Positive rooting and cheering can boost energy levels as well and can lead to enhanced athletic abilities on the field.

Controlling Emotions

Every person will feel a variety of emotions throughout the day and in most cases, we have no control over these. As an athlete, it is important to learn how to control these emotions by turning negative into positive ones. Even feelings of anxiety can be transformed into excitement to help boost esteem and enhance overall physical performance. Those that have more self-confidence will be able to successfully regulate negative and positive feelings. For those with lower confidence levels, negative feelings like tension can help with motivation and can force one to focus more on performance and attaining goals.


In the NFL, emotions are always present, whether it is happiness over a win, anger over a loss, or anxiety leading up to a big game. No matter what emotions are being experienced, players can transform them into something positive that will cause a sense of excitement. This can improve mental a well as physical health while also leading to better performance as an athlete. NFL players must feel the excitement to benefit from being on the winning end of games, enjoying a successful career.

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