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Carson Strong Scouting Report | Nevada Quarterback has a lot to build on entering 2021

Nevada QB Carson Strong is one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA. Strong has an NFL arm, but will his decision making is questionable

Carson Strong, #12, Nevada Wolfpack, 6’4, 215 LBs

  • His best attribute is his arm strength and it there is no close second
  • Accuracy is pretty inconsistent, especially on shorter passes which is odd
  • Excels at throwing the ball outside the numbers, pushing it down field
    • Loves taking 1v1 shots down the field
  • Shows the ability to get through progressions, but not on a consistent basis
  • Can absolutely rifle it into tight windows in the red zone
  • Makes deep field outs/comebacks look easy
  • Does not like to get hit, fades away when he throws even if there isn’t pressure
  • Flushes himself out of the pocket when he doesn’t need to
  • Doesn’t dove tail, has a bad habit of drifting in the pocket especially to the left
  • Not great with pocket movement/athleticism
    • If you get a hand on him, he is going down for a sack
  • He sees blitzes and adjusts pre snap, but he struggled to execute post snap
  • In 2021, he needs to prove he can win without relying on the deep ball so heavily
    • Made improvements as the season went along, but still work to do
  • Not totally comfortable in the pocket, hangs on to downfield reads too long which gets him in trouble

Write Up- Carson Strong is somebody that some people project to make a Zach Wilson type ascent up draft boards this fall. There is a lot to like about Strong, by far his best attribute is his arm strength. He excels at throwing the ball down the field and outside the numbers. He consistently finds and attacks 1v1 matchups and trust his receivers to make a play for him more than most. He can rifle the ball into tight window in the red zone and makes deep outs and comebacks to the field look easy. His accuracy on down field shots is very good, but he struggles hitting underneath receivers on a consistent basis. He is not totally comfortable in the pocket, leading him to try to escape when he doesn’t have to. He also drifts in the pocket at times instead of dove tailing which can get him in trouble. He has showed the ability to get through progressions, but also not on a consistent basis. He has a tendency to hang onto reads downfield, which leads to all sorts of issues. The biggest improvement he needs to make in 2021 is using the whole field and not relying so heavily on the deep ball. He needs to take the intermediate/short routes instead of forcing the ball into coverage, especially at the next level. He will also improve on his accuracy as time goes on. There is no doubt that Carson Strong has an NFL arm, but he needs to improve his decision making to be a legitimate prospect, because right now, I would classify him as a project quarterback in the league.

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