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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Quntion Garrett, WR, Adams State

Quntion Garrett Adams State NFL Draft 2022 Interview
Quntion Garrett is an explosive slot receiver out of Adams State. He recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Jimmy Williams.
  • Name: Quntion Garrett
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 180
  • Position: WR
  • College: Adams State University
  • Twitter: QG__4
  • Instagram: godqsobased

Talk about your experience as a student. What is your major/minor? Did you participate in any other activities or campus organizations other than football?
I recently graduated this past May from Adams State University with a BA in Communications & Media. I helped the school radio show, and I was one of the hosts on Grizz Radio for a time. 

What do your teammates say is your best quality?
I believe my teammates would say that my motor is my best quality. As the game, practice, or conditioning goes on, when the opponent or others are tired I can keep going. I just have a motor that won’t let me stop on the field, even at the slightest bit of resistance.

What kind of role do you see yourself in on the team? What scheme and/or position suits your skill set?
I see myself as an impact player, a leader, and demonstrator. I am the perfect fit at slot receiver but I can play outside as well and win 1 on 1 matchups. I believe a 10 or 11 personnel based offense would most likely be best. 

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?
The best player I have ever played against in college was Dionte Sykes who played Offense. He had 3 or 4 Touchdowns in a game against my team in Junior College . Also, that same year I played Keisean Nixon, a DB who plays for the Raiders currently. He was the #1 Junior College player at that time and by far the best defensive player that I have lined up against. 

Which one of your teammates impresses you the most?
Bryce Hampton (I call him BIG COOLIE). He is a patient technician when it comes to playing DB. He can play corner, nickel, or free safety. He is a Juco Product from Snow College and came to Adams State in the spring of 2020 before the pandemic. He is set to have a breakout season this fall! Watch out for him. 

Describe a time in your life when you were able to overcome a struggle.
My struggle came during the 2019-2020 Fall season. I did not play or start in the first 6 games of the season. I was struggling with the fact that I was waking up at 6 in the morning Monday-Thursday just to not see the field Saturday. I continued to work hard and show up every day on time and finally for the seventh game, I was announced as one of the starters. Since that game, I never looked back, I continued to do what got me to that point: hard work and dedication. 

If you didn’t play football, what other sport would you play?
If I did not play football I would probably be trying to make the U.S. Olympic team for Triple Jump and Long Jump. I got introduced to Track & Field when I was 9 years old and I fell in love with it all from competing, to traveling across the country, and I even loved those hard practices where all we did was condition. 

What is something that you are most proud of? What would you say is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement to this day is graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree. After I graduated with my Associate’s Degree I knew I had to take the next step to get to where I am now. I am proud of myself for that accomplishment. Not everybody makes it as far as I have. 

Describe one of the most memorable plays of your collegiate career.
During my junior college days at Phoenix College here in Phoenix, Arizona we played Dionte Sykes and Mesa Community College. There were 4 seconds left and the ball was on the 10. I was in the slot heading toward the end zone, and we were down 38-42. I took off the line hard and broke off inside like a post and caught the game winning touchdown. This game catapulted us to the #7 ranked team in the nation at that time. The highest in PC history. 

Quntion Garrett Highlights

Do you have a favorite athlete or professional team? Is there a player that you model your game after?
My favorite athlete Is Randy Moss while my favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. I would say that I model my game after Antonio Brown or Davante Adams. Their releases, route running, and clutch ability remind me of myself. 

Who is your favorite music artist? What gets you pumped before a game?
My favorite music artists are G Herbo or Kendrick Lamar, but NBA YoungBoy is who gets me pumped before a game. 

What is your favorite comfort food?
I would have to say my favorite comfort food is some sort of pasta with chicken and shrimp. It can be made any way, as long as it has chicken and shrimp I’m good. 

Do you have a favorite movie, TV show or actor?
My favorite actor is Samuel L. Jackson, and my favorite movie that he appears in is Pulp Fiction. 

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies? Any secret talents?
I like to draw in my free time as well as play 2k and Madden. A secret talent of mine that people may not know is that not only can I cook like a chef, I can also bake pretty well. 

Why do you play football? Who or what motivates you the most?
I play football because I love the game, I love the grind, the brotherhood and competitiveness of it all. I want to be one of the best of all time. There is no other sport like American football in the world. I have been, and will always be motivated by my six younger siblings. I am the oldest of seven so I grew up with a good deal of responsibility at times. I want to make my mother and father proud as well as my entire family.

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