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Isn’t it Ironic that Justin Fields slander keeps coming from the media? Is a Sports Agency, or a team feeding them this information?

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Who is putting out this bad information on Justin Fields? Is it a sports agency? Maybe a team? Whoever it is it is gross.

Let’s cut to the chase, Justin Fields is getting crushed in the media. Many are upset because they know that Justin Fields is the second best quarterback prospect in the NFL Draft. The question is why are the media members crushing Justin Fields so bad?

I mean this morning all the reporters are coming out and saying it is either Trey Lance or Mac Jones at number three. Justin Fields is no longer in the conversation. Well, as you know this is smokescreen season. Most NFL teams never show their hand, especially this close. I know that the Niners fans are in love with Trey Lance and Mac Jones, but did you know they are repped by the exact same agency?

Did you know that Mac Jones and Trey Lance are both repped by powerhouse agency CAA? I mean the agency that feeds almost all their major news to outlets like NFL Network and ESPN? Do you know who reps Justin Fields? The same agent that is repping Deshaun Watson right now. David Mulugheta from Athletes First represents both FIelds and Deshaun Watson. They are two of the most criticized players right now. Watson for the lawsuits and everyone is already calling him guilty, and Justin Fields who is now reportedly not even the third best quarterback.

We have heard that Justin Fields is a one-read quarterback. Do you remember that? I mean if that was not enough, his medicals came out in the news. Fields actually admitted to the NFL teams and notified them that he suffers from Epilepsy. Then you had the news that Fields did not have a great work ethic. I mean have you heard anything about Mac Jones or Trey Lance?

I mean, I do not like to throw out bad information about people, but Mac Jones was arrested for a DUI when he was a Freshman. If it was not bad enough that the young quarterback was drinking and driving, he busted out a fake ID, after causing a crash. So does Mac Jones have a drinking problem? Is his decision making poor? I mean based off of this information he is not a very smart kid. He was willing to lie and deceive authority. He was willing to commit a crime. He was willing to get behind the wheel and could have killed someone. He was lucky. We don’t hear about that in the news though. Why is that? Is someone covering it up?

I mean, Trey Lance is not being talked about either. He off the field stuff is pretty clean, and from what I hear he is a great kid, but is he truly a top 3 quarterback? What film are we watching? You are evaluating him based off of one year of film and one game? The one game he should have shined in the spring he looked horrendous. He was picked off and he had to run the ball to beat Central Arkansas. I guess you can say he got the job done, but if that is not a red flag for a team then what is? I mean yes, he had a dominate year as a Freshman, but no one had any film on him. They were going up against him blindfolded in a way. Then in year two, the one game he has a chance to do something, a coach had an entire season to evaluate him and guess what they shut him down and he threw his first career interception.

Jim Mora the former UCLA coach talked a little bit about Trey Lance, and he said “The team that takes him is gonna have to have a great conviction that he’s their guy.” Mora added, “There are some serious concerns when you look at history, and players that have come out under similar circumstances with fewer snaps, few games played, and fewer chances to go out and prove who they are and who they are not.”

With all that said, I just find it interesting that no one is talking about any other top prospect. Think about this, Zach Wilson who is not repped by CAA and is repped by WME Football, had some really harsh things come out about him early in the draft process. Do you remember? He had character concerns, his uncle is rich and owns Jet Blue, parents are a pain, he is not a leader, a selfish (know-it-all)? I mean you do not remember that piece?

Oh, wait, maybe Trevor Lawrence is repped by CAA, because he has been thrown under the bus lately too. Nope, sorry he is repped by MGC Sports out of Columbia, South Carolina. I mean the young man said “I don’t need football to make me feel worthy as a person”. He was crushed by the media. Because he feels off the field he can still be someone even without the game? I mean media annihilated him. Isn’t it funny that the media crushes every quarterback except two?

Maybe, it is an NFL team putting out the slander. Maybe it is a team like the Patriots (Sorry, I had to use them I’m a Bills fan). I mean you know they have done some crooked stuff in the past, maybe they would put out some bad juju on a player to get them to fall. I highly doubt it, but this has to stop. I want to say this is a smokescreen, but who knows anymore. I will say this, if the Niners pass on Justin Fields they are making a major mistake.

Right after I published this article look what came out…..

I hope Justin Fields goes on to TEAR IT UP in the NFL. He was rated as my number 2 quarterback from the beginning and he will continue to be my number 2. Justin my words of advice to you are simple, SCREW THE HATERS BRO, if the 49ers do not want you, and another team passes on you, beat their ass every time you play them. That is the mindset. Go out there any beat their ass for passing on you. Let them keep speaking bad about you, because they are clueless.

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