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Draft Buzz Interview: Catching up with Ball State WR Antwan Davis

Ball State WR Antwan Davis recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds scout Jon-Michael Salter. Check out this exclusive Draft Buzz Interview.

The draft buzz on Ball State, wide receiver Antwan Davis, is starting to crank up. Davis is a sure-handed wideout with great route-running ability. Despite the stats, Davis has been a prospect that scouts have kept an eye on. Davis has a great football IQ and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Add that to his sure hands and willingness to block, and you have a solid wide receiver prospect. I had the opportunity to sit with the Indiana native and pick his brain. I asked him about his playing style, the pressures of playing division one football, and what he brings to a locker room?

But before we sat together, I reached out to my scouting source and asked him his thoughts on the Ball State leader?

“For me, you have to look at his film. You have to watch all the tape you can on him. You won’t be blown away by his stats. So if you are a guy that cares about those things then he isn’t the player for you. But as far as his tape I like the guy. He has good hands and can move well thru traffic. Davis has the ability that you want in your wideouts and players in general. I think is still raw and needs development, which will come. He isn’t big, I think he is 5’11, but he is solid. He runs well with the ball in his hands, and he can catch everything you throw at him. He is a project worth taking on. He reminds me a bit of Jason Avant, who played in Philadelphia. He didn’t jump off the film, but he was such a solid player. The NFL is always looking for a guy like that. I think Davis can be that guy. He is a solid possession guy that can play special teams and make the big third-down catch. He is dependable and a leader on and off the field. That is huge for me.” 

Davis is known as a leader in the locker room and a dependable guy on the field. I asked Davis about his playing style is, as well as, what he thinks he brings to a locker room?

“I think I’m a guy that will always work his butt off. If you give me a task, I will get it done. I’m a guy that my team can lean on, both on and off the field. I take pride in being that kind of player for my team. I have great coaches and great guys around me, so I know I can depend on them. I always want to be a guy they can depend on, as far as my presence in a locker room. I am the same guy always. So my approach to the locker room is the same on the field and how I play. I am constantly looking for that balance or working on that balance. These things matter and can roll over to the playing field. I want my guys to trust me to be a leader and a guy they can come too. I want to be the same guy when I go to the NFL, god willing.” 

Moving forward, Davis spoke on the pressures of playing division one football?

“I don’t want to sound like a broken record you can’t get too high or too low, with all of it. I get that it is a business, and you need to be making plays, but if you keep your mind on all the outside noise, you will fall apart. I will never let that stop me from doing what I do. I will keep my focus on my team and my assignment. I don’t listen to outside noise, and I don’t think you can. I want to be great at what I do and everything I do. Focusing on what the critics say will take away from my growth. As far as the pressures of playing in division one, you can’t let it get to you. I feel like if you choose to play at this level, you are made for it. I certainly am.” 

While Antwan Davis is not the biggest guy on the field and may not have the stats, he is a great player. The draft buzz on him is starting to crank up. Davis is a sure-handed athlete with great ability and the potential to be amazing! Forget the stats, and watch the film. Decide for yourself. All Davis needs is a chance, and he will change you into a believer.

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