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Draft Buzz: Catching up with LA Tech, OT/OG Donavaughn Campbell

Donovaughn Campbell Louisiana Tech Interview
Former LSU offensive lineman Donavaughn Campbell is a big boy who has been dominating opposing defensive lineman in 2020.

By: Jon-Michel Salter

When looking to build a team, most coaches would say, we need to find our quarterback, and we need protect him. Needless to say, finding the perfect front five to block and set the tone, for your football team, should rank up their, as one of the most important things to check off. With that said, you need solid offensive linemen, men with a nasty edge to them, with great size, and athleticism to build around. This intro leads me to versatile offensive linemen, Donavaughn Campbell. Built like an athletic wall, at 6’5 330 LBs, with violent hands, and a real nasty streak. I sat down with the former LSU and current Louisiana Tech star, and asked him about the change from his national championship team, to a “smaller” school, life outside of football, and the future.

“The move from LSU to La Tech, wasn’t a hard one for me really. While I love my brothers I played with, we did some great things, winning the national championship, beating Alabama. But moving schools wasn’t that big of a deal, I wanted to show what I could do. Put more on tape, and show my versatility and who I was as a player. The only difference between LSU and here (La Tech), is really the facilities, it isn’t that different. I chose a great school to come too, and I think it will all work out for the best.”

Continuing on I asked him, what set him apart as a football player?

“Man, on the field I am the nastiest player you will see. I will go in to a game and set the tone, by knocking some heads. I know what I can do, and I think I am showing it every week, on the field. I don’t feel comfortable still, I want to make that clear, I don’t care how good I look, I will always look to be better. I want to be the best version of myself. Those things, and then you add to that I am a father, I have been with my daughters mother for 6 years, so I think I am a more responsible player. A more responsible person really. I do what I do for my kid, I am not some kid just playing a game, I go in the locker room and I want to be a leader. I think that sets me apart from a ton of players, I have the skill on the field, I have the mentality that nasty mentality, and I’m an ascending player, every week, I m getting better.”

Ascending player is right. I spoke to a scout from the NFC West, and asked him his thoughts on the Louisiana product?

“Campbell, can play. I like the kid really. I like that he is so versatile, I believe he can play 4 out of 5 positions on the line. All but center, so that is always a good thing, really. As far as where I think he projects at the next level, I can see him being a 10 year starter at left or right guard, I can also see him being a right tackle somewhere. He has a violent punch, at the point of contact, he has a violent streak to him in general. But then you talk to the kid, and anyone who knows him, will say the same things. He is a good guy, he is a big teddy bear outside of the game, and I think you have to like that. A good guy outside and in the locker room, but once he puts the pads on, he is looking to knock someone’s head off. So while I can’t say we have him ranked at what grade or whatever, I can say we know who he is, which I am sure everyone does, and we really like what we see.”

I asked Campbell about the pressures, of being the Left tackle, being a national champion, and looking towards the NFL?

“Honestly, as far as the NFL, I am not thinking about that right now. I have the season to think about. As far as being the left tackle, being the blind side protector, I think of it the same way I do when I play guard. I control what I can control, my emotions, my actions, I can only control that. I try not to make mistakes, and I fight hard when I am on the field. I am ready when I am in the film room, and I use it all on the field. So I don’t feel any extra pressure, being on the blind side. As far as coming here after winning a title, I don’t see it as I should feel pressure. We won in LSU, and that was great, but I am happy to be here, playing here. I love it here, and that is my focus, having the ring is cool, and I love it, but I am trying to win here. Only focus on what I can control, and I think that is the best way to be.”

Campbell, has the look of a legit starting offensive linemen at the next level. When ever that is, he will be a great addition for an NFL team. Campbell has great athleticism, to help him get out in front of a runner, he has a strong punch when pass blocking, he has a nasty mind set when facing a good defense, and definitely has the “it” factor a lot of us look for. I’m personally excited to see what his future holds, and where he ends up. I ask you too put on the tape, and watch what the future of the NFL looks like!

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