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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Joseph Milburn, C, Alcorn State

Joseph Milburn
Joseph Milburn the anchor of the Alcorn State Braves offensive line recently sat down with Jimmy Williams of NFL Draft Diamonds.
  • Name: Joseph Milburn
  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 295 lbs
  • Position: C/G
  • College: Alcorn State University
  • Twitter: @King_Joseph_v
  • Instagram: King_Joseph_v

What is your major/minor? Did you participate in any other activities or campus organizations other than football?
I am an Engineering Major here at Alcorn. Aside from football I am a part of the schools Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

What do your teammates say is your best quality?
My teammates would probably say that my best qualities are that I know the game and that I’m there for them. Playing center, it is my responsibility to know what the defense is doing and call the appropriate call to best help our offense. If I mess up, the whole play could be a bust. I have also always thought of myself as someone my teammates can count on so if a teammate needs me I will do what I can to help.

What kind of role do you see yourself in on the team? What scheme and/or position suits your skill set?
Coming into my senior year I’m one the older guys now so the role I see for myself and the role I think my teammates and coaches see me as is a leader. I have to be a good example for the young guys and for the university. As far as schemes go I think I thrive in the Zone scheme world. Outside zone is probably my favorite because I’m athletic enough to reach 2i’s and 3 techniques.

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?
I’ve played a lot of good talent throughout college. The most recent would have to be North Carolina A&T’s Defensive line. They were strong and had a good get off from the snap. 

Which one of your teammates impresses you the most?
The teammate that impresses me the most is LeCharles Pringle. He’s one of those guys that can play all three phases of the game. Just a really talented guy and a great teammate. 

Describe a time in your life when you were able to overcome a struggle.
When I was younger my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It was hard some days to go to school and learn with that on your mind but football really helped. That’s why I love the game so much. I had a great head coach who knew about the situation and talked to me about it when he knew something was off. I would let out my emotions on the field, and it really helped me through it. She’s been cancer free now for awhile, and I’m grateful that I can continue to play the game that’s helped me through a lot.

If you didn’t play football, what other sport would you play?
If I didn’t play football I would’ve probably thrown shot put or played basketball. I threw shot put a little bit in high school, and it was fun. And basketball has always been fun to play whether it’s at the park or in the gym with my teammates. 

What is something that you are most proud of? What would you say is your biggest achievement?
One of my biggest achievements is being able to come to a great university like Alcorn and study for a degree. Also while studying for this degree to be able to say that I am a two-time SWAC Champion with a chance for a third is also a pretty cool accomplishment.

Describe one of the most memorable plays of your collegiate career.
My most memorable plays as a Brave was this year when we played Prairie View. We were down 3 with a few mins to go. And we marched the ball, with what I think was a 16 play drive, all the way for a touchdown to win the game. It was an exciting moment for me, and I will never forget it.

Do you have a favorite athlete or professional team? Is there a player that you model your game after?
My favorite team in the NFL is the Chicago Bears. And the player I try to model my game after is former Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick. 

Who is your favorite music artist? What gets you pumped before a game?
I pretty much listen to everything so I don’t have just one favorite. I’m more a “calm before the storm” guy so before games I’ll just listen to some slow music while I go over my reminders. 

What is your favorite comfort food?
My favorite comfort food is probably Mexican food. I grew up on it and it never seems to disappoint. 

Do you have a favorite movie or actor?
My favorite movie right now is probably any of the John Wick movies. He’s a bad man and no matter how many times you watch them they are still good. 

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies? Any secret talents?
In my spare time out here at Alcorn a few teammates and I either go bowling or just hangout on campus and play cards or cornhole, something competitive to pass the time when we’re not playing football. We also play video games together like Madden or Call of Duty. I don’t think I have any secret talents though. I’m a pretty outgoing guy so people know what I’m capable of.

Who or what motivates you the most?
What motivates me the most is probably my family and my love for the game. My family has been cheering me on since little league. I could not have done anything without their love and support. I also genuinely love the game of football. My brothers and I working hard everyday to achieve our goals is a special thing to be a part of. 

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