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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Titus Wall, S, Missouri State University

Titus Wall Missouri State
Titus Wall is a hard-hitting safety from Missouri State University. He recently sat down with Draft Diamonds writer Jimmy Williams.
  • Name: Titus Wall
  • Height: 6’0”
  • Weight: 212 lbs
  • Position: Safety
  • College: Missouri State University
  • Twitter: @_TitusWall

Tell us about your university/college. Did you participate in any other activities or campus organizations other than football?

At Missouri State, I was presented with the opportunity to study abroad in the Dominican Republic. The whole experience itself was incredible! Along with many lessons learned.

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

My drive and my work ethic. Those are two traits that are instilled in me and I take a lot of pride in hard work, no matter what it is. I like to be a leader figure for guys on the team, especially the young guys who come in with a lot of questions about the defense and or the team.

What kind of role do you see yourself in on the team? What scheme and/or position suits your skill set?

I’m in a role that whatever position that I’m in, I will do what it takes to help the team. I don’t like to limit myself to just one specific skill set or scheme. I am a sideline to sideline safety that can cover ground and come down and play in the box as well. 

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?

James Robinson, RB from Illinois State. He’s one of the most if not the most patient back that I’ve played against.

Which one of your teammates impresses you the most?

Zack Sanders and Lorenzo Thomas. They came to Missouri State at the same time as me and we always compete with each other no matter what.

Describe a time in your life when you were able to overcome a struggle.

There are struggles and adversities that I face often, when they occur, I look at it as a way to build character.

If you didn’t play football, what other sport would you play?

Baseball has always been a sport that has been interesting to me, although I’ve only played Tee Ball when I was younger, I still find aspects of the game interesting. I also ran track in high school with a best of 22.70 in the 200m.

What is something that you are most proud of? What would you say is your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement was earning a full scholarship so that my mom wouldn’t have to pay for my education.

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Describe one of the most memorable plays of your collegiate career.

Opening kickoff vs North Dakota State my sophomore year. I defeated a double team block and made a great tackle in open space. There was a lot of energy after that play.

Do you have a favorite athlete or professional team? Is there a player that you model your game after?

I like how Jamal Adams plays the game. He’s a complete safety and he can be moved around on the field in various positions.

Who is your favorite music artist? What gets you pumped before a game?

Lil Baby is that artist that I won’t skip on aux.

What is your favorite comfort food?

Chicken, Shrimp, and sausage Alfredo. Can never go wrong with it.

Do you have a favorite movie or actor?

Will Smith is one of my favorites. He’s one of the most versatile actors in my opinion.

What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies? Any secret talents?

I’m starting to play the cello again. I used to play in high school, so I am in the process of getting back to how I was.

Who or what motivates you the most?

Self motivation. I push myself harder and harder each day because I want to become a great football player.

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