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Imagine if all the 5 star athletes committed to HBCU schools?

HBCU football
Imagine if all black athletes decided to commit to HBCU schools over FBS powerhouse schools, the culture would change immediately.

Several former college football players were posting this question on social media and man does it make a ton of senses. Alden Darby a former Arizona State defensive back and NFL player recently posted that 5 star athletes should commit to HBCU schools and help put the schools on the map, and I wanted to take a second to show how serious this movement could be.

Yesterday, a Clemson football assistant admitted he used the “N-word” in a practice multiple times when speaking to African American players. He even issued an apology but how do major colleges continue to land the star athletes?

As you know I love the HBCU, I love HBCU Football, I love the bands, I love the culture and right now is a time that Black Athletes especially the 5 star recruits could change the game forever. Think of this, let me dream for a minute.

Most HBCU colleges operated out of the red, meaning they are not making a ton of money. They rarely get airtime on television, they barely get scouts to come in to their facilities, unless they have a top 100 guy. They even had to start a combine last year for HBCU players, by the NFL because everyone knows they are overlooked. Getting film on HBCU colleges is hard for scouts, and at the end of the day the facilities in many places could use a major refacing. So how can you bring more money to the HBCU’s?

Well, Alden Darby has a SUPER HUGE POINT. I know it is crazy, but let’s break it down. Most high school athletes are going to Oregon and Alabama because of Television time. They are going there because of the uniforms. They are going there because it is a huge school, but if you are considered the best in the Nation you can change everything for the people around you. Let’s dive deeper.

According to 247 Sports, almost 3/4’s of the top 100 players are black athletes. Could you imagine if those players went to a division like the MEAC. Then the next year, they went to the MEAC again? And the third year they went to the MEAC again? I know there is more than one division for HBCU schools, I am just trying to show an example.

By the third year of black athletes committing to HBCU schools over Oregon’s and Alabama’s, you are going to have huge changes coming in college football.

The MEAC would be on television every weekend. The MEAC would have first rounders drafted, they would have top tier recruits wanting to play at an HBCU school. They would have the best uniforms in the country.

The stadiums would be packed, the merchandise sales would rise, the school would bring in better teachers, and better education for not just the athletes but for everyone. The atmosphere would change for the better. The schools would go from operating in the red, to operating in BRIGHT Green.

Companies would come out the woodwork to sponsor the schools. Companies would invest in the Black communities and schools because they would have no choice. College Football would no longer run through the SEC. It would run through the MEAC. These colleges are making millions off of black athletes, but have staff members throwing out racial slurs?

I am sorry, but if you want to see something crazy, send the talent to the HBCU colleges. Remember this, before many of these major universities allowed blacks in their school, the NFL was made up of a ton of players from the HBCU. Players like Buck Buchanan, Elvin Bethea, and many more came from HBCU schools.

A matter of fact, 29 Hall of Famers played in the HBCU. Look at this list of studs!

LEM BARNEYJackson State
ELVIN BETHEANorth Carolina A&T
MEL BLOUNTSouthern University
WILLIE BROWNGrambling State
BUCK BUCHANANGrambling State
HARRY CARSONSouth Carolina State
WILLIE DAVISGrambling State
RICHARD DENTTennessee State
LEN FORDMorgan State
DEACON JONESMississippi Valley State
LARRY LITTLEBethune Cookman
JERRY RICEMississippi Valley State
ART SHELLUniversity of Maryland Eastern Shore
AENEAS WILLIAMSSouthern University

Did you know that over the past 11 years, only thirty HBCU players have been drafted to the NFL? That is not good enough, especially when there are around 100 HBCU colleges and universities with a football program.

Now imagine if the the 5 star recruits were able to put their foot down and change the culture? Imagine building the HBCU’s? It would put so much money back into the school, the education, and the culture. The HBCU football industry would be the most watched because it would turn the entire country upside down.

It would no longer be about the SEC, or the Power 5’s it would be about the HBCU’s. I know I am pipe dreaming like Alden, but let me explain something. If this ever happened it would change so much, because the schools would be independent and allow black athletes to help get the school noticed the way it should.

There would no longer be special programs to just help the HBCU’s. There would be special treatment to the HBCU’s because of how powerful it would be. I hope I can see this in my lifetime, because it would fire me up. I love HBCU football, and I am passionate about it.

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at [email protected]

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