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Something smells fishy about the Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar armed robbery case

Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar arrested in florida
Both Quinton Dunbar and Deandre Baker are facing some serious charges in Florida for armed robbery. Both are wanted men right now, but they better get an attorney because this case is really bad and all over the place.

I have been in law enforcement for 16 years, and there are some crazy details about the so-called armed robbery in Miramar, Florida. I wanted to break it down, and show the discrepancies for what I discovered. I am not saying the two players are guilty or innocent, I am saying the report is pretty strange.

First thing, before this robbery Quinton Dunbar and Deandre Baker reportedly met one of the witnesses in Miami when they lost about 70,000 dollars. It does not say how they lost it, or if they gambled it away, or were robbed, his statement says he knew them and met them the other day when they lost the money.

This reportedly happened two days prior to the armed robbery in Miramar. The date of the crime was May 13, 2020 at approximately 11:00 pm. The police were not called until 12:20 on May 14th. That is 1 hour and 20 minutes later. This is the first biggest flaw in the case for me. If someone robbed you at gunpoint, would you wait 1 hour and 20 minutes before you called the police? If I was robbed at gunpoint and someone just took expensive watches and money, I would call the police immediately. That did not happen, which could allow the men to create a story and stick with it. Just saying….


Next up, Baker and Dunbar were reportedly at the scene for a while. The party started around 8:00 pm, where numerous individuals were at the party. Dunbar and Baker were reportedly playing cards inside. An argument reportedly ensued and at that point, Baker reportedly flipped the table like a movie scene, and busted out a semi automatic weapon. This happened around 11ish, according to the report. So these men have been sitting there playing cards for hours, then all the sudden an argument happens and Deandre Baker goes Bad Boyz for Life. I mean it could happen, but sounds kind of interesting.

Then, Baker started demanding money from the people at the table. They reportedly robbed one man for a watch worth 25,000 and about 7k dollars. They then reportedly stole another 800 dollars in cash and a 18,000 dollar watch. Another reportedly was robbed for 4,000 dollars and a 17,000 dollar watch. The third person said they robbed him for his knock off watch 600 dollars and 600 dollars in cash. The last man knew the boys and claimed they didn’t rob him or touch him. They did not touch him.

So we have to keep going because these are important in my opinion. Two of the men claim that Quinton Dunbar did not have a weapon, but one man claims a man in a red mask, Dunbar and Baker all had weapons. No one reportedly knew this man in a red mask. Baker reportedly told the man in the red mask to shoot the person who walked in the door, but he didn’t.

So I have questions, would you let a man come to your house and play cards with a red mask on and not know who he is for hours? There are too many questions for me.

It gets better though, the men reportedly escaped with all the watches and cash out the patio, and they jumped in their cars, which were reportedly pre-positioned in a manner that would facilitate an expedited departure from the residence. The players were driving a Lambo, a Mercedes Benz and a BMW. They all got in their car and left in different cars.

So these reports are all over the place, because one man says that Baker was with a guy names “Shy” and they were the ones who reportedly flipped the table and began pointing weapons. Was “Shy” Quinton Dunbar? It couldn’t have been because if that was the case, two others said Dunbar did not have a weapon. Another strange thing is the man wearing the red mask was either SHY or a fourth person in the crime, right?

Are there three or four robbers?

The man that was robbed at gunpoint by the man wearing a red mask states that two other men including Baker all had weapons and were pointing guns at him, but Dunbar did not have a gun. So there were four men according to this witness. Yet, three men got away in separate vehicles.

According to the report, only one of the men that Deandre Baker reportedly got into a skirmish with were named. The other remained unknown, why wasn’t he spoke to?

I think this sounds suspect. Maybe there was an argument that broke out. Maybe there was gambling, and there was money that was lost in gambling. But this sounds like someone getting beat bad in gambling and getting upset. It makes you wonder if they were sitting around the table after getting beat by the pros at the gambling table and them sitting there coming up with a plan to get them in trouble after losing their expensive watches and money.

We are missing a large part of this story. I want to know what happens because there are some huge holes. If you interview five people and five people have similar stories on some things and different stories on minor details, they either forgot the details or they were adding to the story.

Right now everything is circumstantial in my opinion, but for conspiracy to commit a crime it only takes two people to corroborate a story. I find it ironic that the men’s watches were all WAY MORE THAN the amount of money they were using to gamble.

I am not sure what happened that night, but this sounds worse than the Gareon Conley case a few years ago. Someone is not telling the truth, and those are some very serious allegations. Just saying, I hope they lawyer up and get a good attorney.

Maybe it did happen and they were so scared for their lives they forgot what happened, but you do not forget serious things like this. You remember every little detail. If I was to guess, I would say something is not right here.

So let’s do a quick breakdown of the problems:

  1. Dunbar and Baker reportedly lost 70k dollars two nights before gambling, but did not say how. Were they robbed? Did they gamble it away? Who knows?
  2. The home owner did not call the police for an 1 hour and 20 minutes after getting robbed at gunpoint
  3. One man claimed Quinton Dunbar had a gun when multiple others said he didn’t.
  4. A man named Shy was with Deandre and Quinton gambling, and he reportedly had a gun. But the man wearing a red mask is the one that took the most from the victims.
  5. A man in a red mask was part of the armed robbery crew because he jumped into a get away car, but was this “Shy” or was this another man?
  6. Four men were reportedly at the scene robbing them yet three men jumped into three different cars, so one of the gunmen reportedly stayed behind.
  7. The watch value stolen was 61,100 dollars in watch total value and in cash value they stole. The cash value was 12,400 dollars. That would make up for the 70,000 dollars they lost two nights before in Miami.
  8. They pre-positioned their vehicles to get away quickly.
  9. The man who knew them since they were children was not harmed, and they did not rob him at all, which sounds true.

I am not sure what to believe at this point, but I do feel there are many problems with this story. Right now a lot of hearsay. So until there is evidence, I cannot see how this stands. If there are videos of them running away with watches, or showing them flip a table and point guns, it is one persons word against another’s. Those usually do not stand up in court.


Quinton Dunbar’s defense lawyer, Michael Grieco, said on Friday that the five witnesses — the same ones cops interviewed in obtaining the arrest warrants — attested that Dunbar was in no way involved. He said he presented the affidavits to the Broward State Attorney’s Office, but prosecutors are still requiring Dunbar turn himself in to be jailed.

“All of the affidavits indicate my client is innocent,” Greico said.

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