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2020 CFL Draft Evaluation: West Division Breakdown and Grades

CFL Fans Only owner Brandon Patterson recently broke down the 2020 CFL Draft and we are presenting it on NFL Draft Diamonds. What teams had the best draft in 2020? Brandon will break down each team in the West Division.

Jordan Williams was the first player selected in the 2020 CFL Draft. 

BC Lions #BCLions
Highest graded round: #7 (A-).
Best graded/value pick = RB Kayden Johnson, York (round 7).
Worst graded round = #2 (D-).
Risky pick: QB Nathan Rourke, Ohio (round 2).
Overall draft grade: C+

Draft class:

RD1 LB Jordan Williams, East Carolina.
RD2 QB Nathan Rourke, Ohio.
RD3 DL Courtney Hammond, Western Oregon.
RD5 OL Matt Guevremont, Indiana of PA.
RD5 WR Cordell Hastings, Acadia.
RD7 RB Kayden Johnson, York.
RD8 LB Damian Jamison, York.

Round grades:

RD1 = B+
RD2 = D-
RD3 = C+
RD4 = N/A
RD5 = C-
RD6 = N/A
RD7 = A-
RD8 = C-


Decent depth draft by BC. Some wildcards taken included Hammond & Guevremont. Rourke pick is risky. Can he be the Canadian QB to break through? Good value with WR Hastings. Best pick was RB Johnson.

Chris Gangarrosa is a mauling offensive lineman who was a value pick to the Eskimos in the 6th round. 

Edmonton Eskimos #Eskimos
Highest graded round: #6 (A).
Best graded/value pick = OL Chris Gangerosa, Wagner (round 6).
Worst graded round = #2 (F).
Risky pick: DE Alain Pae, Ottawa
Overall draft grade: C+

Draft class:

RD1 OL Tomas Jack-Kurdyla, Buffalo.
RD2 DE Alain Pae, Ottawa.
RD3 LB Malik Tyne, Towson.
RD4 DB Oludotun Aketepe, Guelph.
RD5 K Dante Brown, Fort Hays State.
RD6 OL Chris Gangarrosa, Wagner.
RD7 OL Nicolas Summach, Saskatchewan.
RD7 DE Rossi Sandjong, York.
RD8 RB Mitch Raper, Carelton.

Round grades:

RD1 = B+
RD2 = F
RD3 = C-
RD4 = C
RD5 = B
RD6 = A
RD7 = B-
RD8 = C-


Eskimos did great at drafting OL in this draft. The Esks stole Gangerossa & got great value with Summach. Jack-Kurdyla should be a starter. Drafting Dante Brown was smart. Second best kicker in the draft, great value. The rest of the picks were special teams/depth with Pae being the worst pick in this draft, in my opinion.

Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund had a great showcase at the CGS Showcase in Texas, and he was a steal for Calgary.

Calgary Stampeders #Stampeders
Highest graded round: #1 (A-).
Best graded/value pick = DE Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, Southern Louisiana (round 1).
Worst graded round = #8 (C-).
Risky pick: WR Tyson Middlemost, McMaster.
Overall draft grade: B

Round grades:

RD1 = A-
RD2 = B
RD3 = B+
RD4 = C+
RD5 = N/A
RD6 = B+
RD7 = C+
RD8 = C-

Draft class:

RD1 DE Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund, Southern Louisiana.
RD2 REC Trivel Pinto, UBC.
RD3 REC Rysen John, Simon Fraser.
RD3 OC Jonathan Zamora, ST. FX.
RD4 LB Kurtis Gray, Waterloo.
RD4 WR Tyson Middlemost, McMaster.
RD5 DT Andrew Seinet-Spaulding, McGill.
RD6 K Keiran Burnham, St.FX.
RD7 CB Michael Asibuo, Concordia.


Stamps turned their backup QB into a starting Canadian DE & a higher 2nd rounder to grab a very good receiving prospect. Huge win. Stamps bulked up their receiving core & got the best Center in the draft. DT Seinet-Spaulding was great value as well. Only pick questioned is WR Tyson Middlemost.

Kian Scaffer-Baker is a solid player with tons of upside. He is a 6030, 205 pound wide out with great hands. 

Saskatchewan Roughriders #Riders
Highest graded round: #1 (B+).
Best graded/value pick = REC Kian Scaffer-Baker, Guelph (round 4).
Worst graded round = #8 (D-).
Risky pick: DT Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma.
Overall draft grade: C+

Round grades:

RD1 = B+
RD2 = N/A
RD3 = N/A
RD4 = B
RD5 = C-
RD6 = B
RD7 = B+
RD8 = D-

Draft class:

RD1 OL Mattland Riley, Saskatchewan.
RD4 REC Kian Schafer-Baker, Guelph.
RD4 LB Junior Allen, Guelph.
RD5 DB Vincent Dethier, McGill.
RD6 FB Jonathan Femi-Cole, Western.
RD7 OL Jesse Lawson, Carelton.
RD8 DT Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma.


Home town prospect taken in round 1. Great pick. Schafer-Baker was a steal. OL Lawson was a great value pick. Wasted a pick on Gallimore.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers #Bombers
Highest graded round: #5 (A-).
Best graded/value pick = K Marc Liegghio, Western (round 5).
Worst graded round = #7 (C-).
Risky pick: LB Tanner Cadallader, Wilfried Laurier.
Overall draft grade: B-

Round grades:

RD1 = N/A
RD2 = B+
RD3 = N/A
RD4 = B-
RD5 = A-
RD6 = C
RD7 = C-
RD8 = C+

Draft class:

RD2 DB Noah Hallett, McMaster.
RD4 WR Brendan O’Leary-Orange, Nevada.
RD5 K Marc Liegghio, Western.
RD5 DE Nicolas Dheilly, Saskatchewan.
RD6 LB Kyle Rodger, Ottawa.
RD7 LB Tanner Cadwallader, Wilfred Laurier.
RD8 DB Bleska Kambamba, Western.


Bombers, like Calgary, continue to dominate these drafts. Not many high picks but GREAT value. Getting a top DB prospect, the top Kicker & several very good pieces in Dheilly, O’Leary-Orange & Kambamba. Smart drafting pays off.

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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