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Progress Through The Pain: The Trevon Gauno Story

Trevon Gauno the former Last Chance U Star has had a rough path, but he is ready to showcase his talents in front of scouts.

Progress Through The Pain: The Trevon Gauno Story By Matt Anzio 

Trevon Gauno is a defensive back from a rough part of Louisiana.

A player that many are familiar with because of the Netflix special “The Last Chance U”. Trevon is an explosive young defensive back, that went through several trials and tribulations. After watching film and doing my research, I spoke to Trevon to fill me in on his time since the show. Let me just say the fight in this underdog is strong, his determination through the pain is a testament to his perseverance. 

Trevon has a family of athletes! His father, brother among others all have the game in their bloodline and play or played the game at a high level.  Trevons little brother Devonraveon Martin is a baller too. He is currently playing college ball at Washington State, while he has another brother that is playing in JUCO.

When people start to discuss whether or not college football players should be paid, you have to look at all stories. Trevon’s story will make you understand why some believe they should pay athletes in college. It honestly does not seem quite fair to say the least. The California JUCO struggle is real. It can make a player and families literally starve to give themselves or loved one an opportunity to create a better life for their family. 

That is the route Trevon selected. He never realized how hard he would be tested. Gauno landed on a team with 30 other defensive backs. It was an uphill battle, add in the fact he was starving to death. There was basically no meal plan at his school. Which in my opinion is a disgrace with all the money these private institutions make. They should be ashamed, but I digress. 

Gauno had a tough battle on the field, and struggle off the field as well. His father was incarcerated and Trevon was battling with veteran defensive backs for playing time. He was overlooked in high school, he was still young and skinny. He had not fully developed.

That’s when bad went to worse. He received a call from Louisiana to learn that his house was broken into. Even worse, Trevon’s Godfather and God Brother were senselessly murdered in the horrific home invasion. The pain was unimaginable, Trevon felt he needed to be closer to home after this horrible event. He believed he could have prevented it and that can weigh heavy on any man. Gauno almost transferred to Blinn College. Blinn is famous for Alum Cam Newton who led Blinn to the JUCO Championship before he transferred to Auburn.  Gauno did not end up with Blinn though, he decided to go with a friend to Cisco College. Not long after making his decision the Head Coach that recruited both him and his friend was fired. He stayed in Texas JUCO but the odds were stacked against him. He would never get to play D1 football.

What happens next would knock down the strongest men around him, but not Gauno. Trevon received another call telling him his Mother had passed away. She meant everything to him and provide him with everything. Obviously, the call crushed the young man but in honor of his Mom, Trevon began to work harder in the gym. He quickly became the champion his Mother raised.

Trevon made the team, and began garnering attention from FBS schools like Auburn, Middle Tennessee, Texas Tech and some other big programs. Entering his Junior year things were looking up, when the Cali JUCO struggle came back to haunt Gauno once again. When he thought his nightmare was over, he was informed that he would not be able to go D1 again, because of issues from when he left Cali. He wound up in Dodge City playing corner and safety had a great year. 

Once again Gauno received interest from some teams like East Mississippi along with other schools wanting his services in his final year.  Eventually, being drawn in by Last Chance U’s Coach Jason Brown to play at Independence University aka (Last Chance U). 

Once again Gauno was promised significant playing time but was buried on a roster. He did manage to fight his way to a role on his team. His never quit mentality and ability to take misfortunes and turn them into inspiration is what will set him apart from other defensive backs in his class. 

Due to politics, and getting on the coaches bad side by telling a couple of younger players to not sign with his team, the coach found out. Grant it, Gauno was not happy with the situation and admits he could have handled it differently. Let’s just say the coach and staff did not forget this.  Making sure he got small infractions for offenses they never enforced in the past. Which eventually led to his suspension, dropping him to the bottom of the depth chart. 

He would eventually come back through hard work and dedication. With two defensive backs injured ahead of him, he finally received his opportunity.

Then with the game on the line Gauno came up with the game winning INT, showing what they missed out on. As if that wasn’t enough, he injured his ankle on that play.  He was not able to get over to the training department for treatment, so he informed the staff.

Not only did they not make arrangements to get him medical attention or even give him ice, they wrote him up for not getting treatment. You honestly cannot make this stuff up. Unfortunately, when a coach doesn’t like you, these are the things that can go on.  

Finally he had enough of the politics and being treated bad, so he put in for and received a transfer to Dodge City. He crushed it at corner and safety almost beating Independence U in a game. He quickly became the top rated DB in Junior College in 2017. 

Once again, the D1 offers began to trickle in. Trevon eventually accepting an offer from D1 Houston, but again Cali JUCO said he needed more credits because of paperwork not getting in, again ruining the chance to play in Houston. Most people would give up by now, but Trevon is not most people.

Although he was not accepted into a D1, he was accepted into D2 Angelo State, playing corner and safety having an outstanding year. Finally transferred to William Penn his Senior year, he never threw in the towel.  

He is working hard and excited to have an opportunity at MFE Elite Pro Days on April 4th in Pittsburgh. Gauno can easily jump a 40 inch Vertical, he can run a 4.4 forty.  I am excited to see it first hand. Played man like a savage, outside covering bigger wide outs.

He is active in pursuing the pigskin, and has excellent hand usage. Makes the most out of every opportunity presented. He is a naturally gifted athlete. He has the size to move outside against many wide outs. These are the types of diamonds in the rough that become decade long stars on defense or special teams. 

I am really happy to report that Trevon’s Father is no longer incarcerated. He is doing very well for himself, working hard, and is playing a huge part in Trevon’s life. Gauno is finishing his credits online, because his degree is important to both himself and his Pops.  He is training hard with his never quit mentality, getting ready for the next chapter. Trevor Gauno is a NFL, CFL talent from a NAIA small school. The story is amazing, believe me the story has just begun. 

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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