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3 Round 2020 XFL Mock Draft, and Notable Remaining Prospects

Expert Mock: Craig Forrestal our expert analyst broke down the XFL and a three round mock draft for the XFL. Check it out

3 Round XFL Mock Draft By Craig Forrestal

Twitter: @that_sports_guy

Vince McMahon is taking aim at launching a true league for players that live on the fringe or bubble of NFL rosters. Many have tried, like McMahon, before and nobody has found success to stay afloat for the long-term or to rival the NFL in popularity. I believe the league can work if the NFL and XFL partner together and almost take an approach similar to the NBA and the G-League, formerly D-League. In this model, every NFL team will have an XFL franchise that will serve as their minor league/developmental team, or multiple NFL teams will share an XFL franchise as a joint minor league/developmental team. All that aside, I am excited because as you will see there are some familiar names in this mock that are fresh out of the NFL and have me giddy about the level and quality of football the XFL is attempting to put forth.

Prior to the XFL Draft, each team will be assigned a “Franchise Quarterback”. I will make my “Franchise Quarterback” allocation predictions before providing a 3 Round Mock Draft through Phase 5. 

Please note:

  • for Phase 5 I selected P/K/LS first and not additional position players
  • There is a list of remaining players once the mock draft has made its last selection; players appear in no particular order
  • I drafted to how I believe the flow of the draft will go. I believe certain positions in the offensive skill section will be undervalued. 
  • I feel that the draft class has good depth at DT, DE, LB, WR and RB.

Here are the XFL Draft Rules:

Phase 1: Skill positions. In a snake draft, each of the eight teams will draft any combination of 10 players who play quarterback, running back, wide receiver, or tight end. (Draft order: DC, HOU, NY, DAL, TB, STL, SEA, LA)

Phase 2: Offensive line. In a snake draft, each of the eight teams will draft any combination of 10 players who play center, guard, or tackle. (Draft order: LA, SEA, STL, TB, DAL, NY, HOU, DC)

Phase 3: Defensive front seven. In a snake draft, each of the eight teams will draft any combination of 10 players who play defensive end, defensive tackle, or linebacker. (Draft order: TB, STL, SEA, LA, DC, HOU, NY, DAL)

Phase 4: Defensive backfield. In a snake draft, each of the eight teams will draft any combination of 10 players who play cornerback or safety. (Draft order: DAL, NY, HOU, DC, LA, SEA, STL, TB)

Phase 5: Open draft. In a snake draft, each of the eight teams will draft 30 players. They can play any position the team wishes; in addition to P/K/LS. (Draft order: STL, NY, SEA, LA, TB, HOU, DC, DAL)

Connor Cook has all the attributes to be great in the NFL
Connor Cook went from a 4th round pick to an XFL QB.

Predicted Franchise Quarterback Allocation:

  1. DC Defenders- Connor Cook
  2. Houston Roughnecks- Tyree Jackson
  3. New York Guardians- Darron Thomas
  4. Dallas Renegades- Austin Allen
  5. Tampa Bay Vipers- Landry Jones
  6. St. Louis Battlehawks- Joe Callahan
  7. Seattle Dragons- BJ Daniels
  8. LA Wildcats- Jake Heaps

Phase 1: Offensive Skill Positions

Phase 1, Round 1

  1. DC Defenders – Matt Jones, RB
  2. Houston Roughnecks –De’Angelo Henderson, RB
  3. New York Guardians – Durron Neal, WR
  4. Dallas Renegades –  David Cobb, RB
  5. Tampa Bay Vipers –  Jalen Rowell, WR
  6. St. Louis Battlehawks – Nelson Spruce, WR
  7. Seattle Dragons – Jonas Gray, RB
  8. LA Wildcats – EJ Bibbs, TE

Phase 1, Round 2

  1. LA Wildcats – Jalen Saunders, WR
  2. Seattle Dragons – Jerrod Heard, WR
  3. St. Louis Battlehawks – Trey Watts, RB
  4. Tampa Bay Vipers – Branden Oliver, RB
  5. Dallas Renegades – Ty Isaac, RB
  6. New York Guardians – Sammie Coates, WR
  7. Houston Roughnecks – Weslye Saunders, TE
  8. DC Defenders – TJ Jones, WR

Phase 1, Round 3

  1. DC Defenders – Alonzo Russell, WR
  2. Houston Roughnecks – Jacoby Ford, WR
  3. New York Guardians – Lance Dunbar, RB
  4. Dallas Renegades – Ryan Broyles, WR
  5. Tampa Bay Vipers – Tre McBride, WR
  6. St. Louis Battlehawks –KJ Maye, WR
  7. Seattle Dragons – Max McCaffrey, WR
  8. LA Wildcats – Terron Ward, RB

Phase 2: Offensive Line

Phase 2, Round 1

  1. LA Wildcats- Storm Norton, OT
  2. Seattle Dragons- Alec Eberle, C
  3. St. Louis Battlehawks- Sean Hickey, OG
  4. Tampa Bay Vipers- Jessamen Dunker, OG
  5. Dallas Renegades- Logan Tuley-Tillman, OT
  6. New York Guardians- Dejon Allen, OG
  7. Houston Roughnecks- Gerhard de Beer, OT
  8. DC Defenders- Korren Kirven, OT

Phase 2, Round 2

  1. DC Defenders- Toby Weatherby, OT
  2. Houston Roughnecks- Avery Young, OT
  3. New York Guardians- Shakir Carr, OG
  4. Dallas Renegades- De’Ondre Wesley, OT
  5. Tampa Bay Vipers- Martez Ivey, OT
  6. St. Louis Battlehawks- Damian Prince, OT
  7. Seattle Dragons- Aaron Monteiro, OT
  8. LA Wildcats- Jamar McGloster, OT

Phase 2, Round 3

  1. LA Wildcats- Bunchy Stallings, OG
  2. Seattle Dragons- Juwann Bushell-Beatty, OT
  3. St. Louis Battlehawks- Maea Teuhema, OT
  4. Tampa Bay Vipers- Tre Jackson, OG
  5. Dallas Renegades- Robert Myers, OG
  6. New York Guardians- Matt McCants, OT
  7. Houston Roughnecks- Damian Mama, OG
  8. DC Defenders- Brandon Washington, OG 

Phase 3: Defensive Line & Linebackers

Phase 3, Round 1

  1. Tampa Bay Vipers- Reggie Northrup, LB
  2. St. Louis Battlehawks- Frank Alexander, DE
  3. Seattle Dragons- Cedric Reed, DE
  4. LA Wildcats- Sealver Siliga, DT
  5. DC Defenders- Jay Hayes, DT
  6. Houston Roughnecks- Will Sutton, DT
  7. New York Guardians- Devin Taylor, DE
  8. Dallas Renegades- Arthur Brown, LB

Phase 3, Round 2

  1. Dallas Renegades- Ronald Ollie, DT
  2. New York Guardians- Yawin Smallwood, LB
  3. Houston Roughnecks- Shawn Oakman, DE
  4. DC Defenders- Tegray Scales, LB
  5. LA Wildcats- Beniquez Brown, LB
  6. Seattle Dragons- Josh Kaddu, LB
  7. St. Louis Battlehawks- Darius Hamilton, DT
  8. Tampa Bay Vipers- Khaseem Greene, LB

Phase 3, Round 3

  1. Tampa Bay Vipers- Azeem Victor, LB
  2. St. Louis Battlehawks- Nyles Morgan, LB
  3. Seattle Dragons- Trenton Thompson, DT
  4. LA Wildcats- Kaelin Burnett, LB
  5. DC Defenders- Jeff Luc, LB
  6. Houston Roughnecks- Davis Tull, LB
  7. New York Guardians- Adrian Hubbard, DE
  8. Dallas Renegades- Youhanna Ghaifan, DT

Phase 4: Defensive Backs

Phase 4, Round 1

  1. Dallas Renegades- JaCorey Shepherd, CB
  2. New York Guardians- Rahim Moore, S
  3. Houston Roughnecks- JahShawn Johnson, S
  4. DC Defenders- Sterling Moore, CB
  5. LA Wildcats- Malik Reaves, CB
  6. Seattle Dragons- Will Hill, S
  7. St. Louis Battlehawks- Donatello Brown, CB
  8. Tampa Bay Vipers- Marqueston Huff, S

Phase 4, Round 2

  1. Tampa Bay Vipers- Trovon Reed, CB
  2. St. Louis Battlehawks- Deatrick Nichols, CB
  3. Seattle Dragons- Derron Smith, S
  4. LA Wildcats- Doran Grant, CB
  5. DC Defenders- Ladarius Gunter, CB
  6. Houston Roughnecks- Lukas Denis, S
  7. New York Guardians- Jude Adjei-Barimah, CB
  8. Dallas Renegades- Matt Elam, S

Phase 4, Round 3

  1. Dallas Renegades- Heath Harding, CB
  2. New York Guardians- Treston DeCoud, CB
  3. Houston Roughnecks- Ray Buchanan Jr., CB
  4. DC Defenders- Montrel Meander, S
  5. LA Wildcats- Max Redfield, S
  6. Seattle Dragons- Dexter McCoil, S
  7. St. Louis Battlehawks- Al-Hajj Shabazz, S
  8. Tampa Bay Vipers- Channing Stribling, CB
Roberto Aguayo has the best foot in the NCAA. He shoulRoberto Aguayo has the best foot in the NCAA. He should be a draft pick d be a draft pick
Former Bucs second round pick Roberto Aguayo!

Phase 5: Open Selection + K/P/LS

Phase 5, Round 1

  1. St. Louis Battlehawks- Brad Wing, P
  2. New York Guardians- Cole Tracy, K
  3. Seattle Dragons- Roberto Aguayo, K
  4. LA Wildcats- Nick Novak, K
  5. Tampa Bay Vipers- Jeff Locke, P
  6. Houston Roughnecks- Josh Schum, P
  7. DC Defenders- Hunter Niswander, P
  8. Dallas Renegades- Ian Berryman, P

Phase 5, Round 2

  1. Dallas Renegades- Ryan DiSalvo, LS
  2. DC Defenders- Scott Daly, LS
  3. Houston Roughnecks- Cole Hedlund, K
  4. Tampa Bay Vipers- Josh Gable, K
  5. LA Wildcats- Jordan Dascalo, P
  6. Seattle Dragons- Nate Boyer, LS
  7. New York Guardians- Seth Hebert, LS
  8. St. Louis Battlehawks- Owen Gilbert, LS

Phase 5, Round 3

  1. St. Louis Battlehawks- Ty Rausa, K
  2. New York Guardians- Joseph Zema, P
  3. Seattle Dragons- Austin Rehkow, P
  4. LA Wildcats- Joe Fortunato, LS
  5. Tampa Bay Vipers- Tanner Carew, LS
  6. Houston Roughnecks- James Fisher, LS
  7. DC Defenders- Andrew Franks, K
  8. Dallas Renegades- Tyler Basch, K
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – FEBRUARY 10: Trent Richardson rushes for a touchdown against the Memphis Express during an Alliance of American Football game at Legion Field on February 10, 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/AAF/Getty Images)

125 Notable Remaining Players:

  1. Jarvion Franklin, RB
  2. Donnell Pumphrey, RB
  3. Raijon Neal, RB
  4. Jacques Patrick, RB
  5. Jhurell Pressley, RB
  6. Devine Redding, RB
  7. Joel Bouagnon, RB
  8. Marshaun Coprich, RB
  9. Dimitri Flowers, RB
  10. Elijah Hood, RB
  11. Trent Richardson, RB
  12. Trey Williams, RB
  13. De’Veon Smith, RB
  14. Aca’Cedric Ware, RB
  15. Ralph Webb, RB
  16. Andre Williams, RB
  17. Rannell Hall, WR
  18. Matt Hazel, WR
  19. Deion Hollimon, WR/QB
  20. Seantavius Jones, WR
  21. Devin Lucien, WR
  22. Kasen Williams, WR
  23. Mekale McKay, WR
  24. Keith Mumphrey, WR
  25. DeAngelo Yancey, WR
  26. Donteea Dye, WR
  27. Jordan Westerkamp, WR
  28. James Quick, WR
  29. L’Damian Washington, WR
  30. Kenzel Doe, WR
  31. Keyarris Garrett, WR
  32. Freddie Martino, WR
  33. Robert Meachem, WR
  34. Carlos Thompson, WR
  35. Kermit Whitfield, WR
  36. Khari Lee, TE
  37. C’Yontai Lewis, TE
  38. Sean Price, TE
  39. Evan Rodriguez, TE
  40. Scott Orndorf, TE
  41. Gerald Christian, TE
  42. Dimitrios Tsesmetzis, TE
  43. Adrien Robinson, TE
  44. Demarcus Ayers, WR
  45. KD Cannon, WR
  46. Flynn Nagel, WR
  47. Tyre McCants, WR
  48. De’Mornay Pierson-El, WR
  49. Fred Ross, WR
  50. Stacy Coley, WR
  51. Quadree Henderson, WR
  52. Malachi Jones, WR
  53. Korey Robertson, WR
  54. Demontre Hurst, CB
  55. Harlan Miller, CB
  56. Raysean Pringle, CB
  57. Jack Tocho, CB
  58. Terrence Alexander, CB
  59. Malik Boynton, CB
  60. Bryce Canady, CB
  61. Jaylen Dunlap, CB
  62. Jordan Bradford, DE
  63. Giorgio Newberry, DE
  64. Ryan Davis, DE
  65. Sam Montgomery, DE
  66. Khairi Clark, DT
  67. Latarius Brady, DT
  68. Courtel Jenkins, DT
  69. Leon Orr, DT
  70. Scott Pagano, DT
  71. Micanor Regis, DT
  72. Kristjan Sokoli, DT
  73. Josh Augusta, DT
  74. Josh Fatu, DT
  75. Martin Ifedi, DT
  76. Duvonta Lampkin, DT
  77. Gelen Robinson, DT
  78. Kellen Soulek, DT
  79. Jarron Jones, DT
  80. Joey Mbu, DT
  81. Nikita Whitlock, DT
  82. Aaron Ripkowski, FB
  83. Terrance Bullitt, LB
  84. Khairi Fortt, LB
  85. Carl Bradford, LB
  86. Terence Garvin, LB
  87. Frank Ginda, LB
  88. Javon Rolland-Jones, LB
  89. Taiwan Jones, LB
  90. Stansly Maponga, LB
  91. Trevin Huff, OG
  92. Alex Balducci, OG
  93. Venzell Boulware, OG
  94. Malcolm Bunche, OG
  95. Taylor Hearn, OG
  96. Nico Siragusa, OG
  97. Chase Farris, OT
  98. Andrew McDonald, OT
  99. Tayo Fabuluje, OT
  100. Vad Lee, QB
  101. Austin Appleby, QB
  102. Garrett Fugate, QB
  103. Devante Kincade, QB
  104. Patrick Towles, QB
  105. Eric Dungey, QB
  106. Matt Linehan, QB
  107. Zach Mettenberger, QB
  108. Keith Price, QB
  109. Vincent Testaverde Jr., QB
  110. Tanner Lee, QB
  111. Darnell Holland, RB
  112. Vontae Jackson, RB
  113. Brionte Dunn, RB
  114. Mike Ford, RB
  115. Ladarius Perkins, RB
  116. Kelvin Taylor, RB
  117. James Butler, RB
  118. Joe Powell, S
  119. SaQwan Edwards, S
  120. Shaquille Wiggins, S
  121. Marcus Ball, S
  122. Van Smith, S
  123. Kenny Robinson Jr., S
  124. Jaleel Wadood, S
  125. Robenson Therezie, S

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at [email protected]

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