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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Tyler Drob, OL, West Chester University

Tyler Drob of West Chester is a big boy with a mauling attitude. (Photo courtesy of West Chester)
  • Tyler Drob
  • West Chester University
  • Twitter: @TDrob65

2018 Accolades

  • 2018 Associated Press All American Offensive First Team.
  • 2018 Division 2 All Super Region One Offensive First Team.
  • 2018 PSAC Football Eastern Division All-Conference Offensive First Team.
  • 2018 Gene Upshaw Finalist for Best Lineman in Division 2.

What is your name?

  • Tyler Drob.

Where do you play College Football?

  • West Chester University.

What position do you play?

  • Offensive Guard/Center.

What is your height/weight?

  • 6’2”295lbs.

Did you play any other sports growing up? If so, what were they?

  • I played basketball and baseball all the way up until my sophomore year of high school.

Who is the toughest player you have competed against in College?

  • It is hard to decide on one player. I have played against many good defensive players throughout my career.

Are you listening to music before a game? If so, what?

  • Yes, and I am probably listening to some Meek Mill or whatever is playing in the locker room.

Do you have any superstitions before a game? If so, what are they?

  • I try to keep the same routine every gameday to get mentally and physically ready.

Who is your role model & why?

  • My role model is my mom. She is the hardest worker I know and has instilled that work ethic in me.

While in College, what has been your favorite & least favorite class?

  • My favorite class was Sports Analytics, while my least favorite class would have to be Abstract Algebra.

What made you choose West Chester University?

  • The education, the campus, and the team success. It was the perfect fit for me even over some small D1AA schools.

Outside of Football, what has been your favorite experience while in College?

  • All the friendships I have been able to build throughout my time at West Chester.

Growing up, who was your favorite NFL Team & NFL player, & why?

  • The Eagles have always been my favorite team. Brian Dawkins is my favorite player because of the passion he played with every game.

If you could be in any movie of your choice, what would it be & what character would you play?

  • Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. He fights through adversity and comes back stronger.

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who are they?

  1. LeBron James – My Favorite Athlete.
  2. Lane Johnson – My Favorite NFL Lineman.
  3. Brian Dawkins – My Favorite Athlete growing up.

Who is your favorite superhero & why?

  • Batman. I have always liked the Dark Knight movies.

What is your definition of hard work?

  • My definition of hard work is pushing yourself to your limit’s day in and day out even when you do not want to. Hard Work is something that requires dedication every day.

What is the most unexpected lesson you learned while in College?

  • I was forced to take a medical redshirt for my original senior season. This taught me to fight through adversity and that everything happens for a reason.

What is something you wish you could go back & tell yourself as a High School Freshman?

  • Don’t be afraid to be different and separate yourself from everyone else.

Why do you wear #65?

  • It is the number I chose my freshman year of High School and I have stuck with it.

What is the best part of your hometown, Cherry Hill, NJ?

  • The location. It is 15 minutes from Philadelphia and 45 minutes from the shore.

Who do you choose: Jordan, LeBron, Steph or Kobe? Why?

  • LeBron. He has always been my favorite basketball player and he has the most complete game of them all. He makes everyone around him better.

Are you a PS4 or Xbox One guy? What games are you playing right now?

  • Xbox One. If I am playing then it is Madden 19, 2k19, or Fortnite.

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete?

  • Winning the conference championship this season and going 10-0 in the regular season.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

  1. For my family to stay healthy forever.
  2. Play in the NFL.
  3. More wishes.

What is your hidden talent?

  • Mental Math.

If there is a book written about Tyler Drob, what is the title?

  • “Dedicated On And Off The Field.”

What are three things on your “Bucket List?”

  1. Play in the NFL.
  2. Coach College Football.
  3. Travel around the world.

Are you binge watching anything right now?

  • Ozark. Everyone needs to watch that show.

If you had one free hour each day, how would you choose to use it?

  • Go to the gym and get a workout in.

If you could pancake block any NFL D-Lineman, past or present, who would it be & why?

  • It would be awesome to pancake Aaron Donald since I believe he is the best Defensive Lineman in the NFL.

What are three words to give NFL scouts that define Tyler Drob?

  1. Athletic.
  2. Smart.
  3. Dedicated.

What is your inspiration?

  • To become the best version of myself and leave no opportunity behind.

What current/former NFL player do you compare yourself to?

  • If I had to compare myself to one player, it would be Jason Kelce. I love the way he plays the game and how he uses his athleticism to his advantage. He is never the biggest lineman on the field, but he dominates every week.

If you wanted a copy of my highlight video to include in the interview, here it is. *

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