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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Adonis Davis, OLB/DE, Florida Institute of Technology

2017 Accolades & Statistics

  • 2017 GSC First Team All-Conference Defense.
  • 59 Total Tackles – 19.5 TFL – 7.5 Sacks – 2 FF.

What is your name?

  •  Adonis Davis.

Where do you play College Football?

  • Florida Institute of Technology.

What position do you play?

  • Outside Linebacker/Defensive End.

What is your height/weight?

  • 6’3″ 260lbs.

Did you play any other sports growing up? If so, what were they?

  • Played baseball from 3rd grade all the way until my 8th grade year. Then 10th & 11th grade I played Rugby during Spring.

Who is the toughest player you have competed against in College?

  • Playing in a great conference it’s hard to just give credit to one when it’s a challenge week in week out. But to narrow it down I’d go with Desmond Harrison of West Georgia & Brandon Kemp of Valdosta State.

Are you listening to music before a game? If so, what?

  • Usually toward game time I’m in my Meek Mill mode, but in the morning,  I start off in a Biggie & Tupac mood or something classic.

Do you have any superstitions before a game? If so, what are they?

  • No superstitions, just make sure I have a conversation with God.

Who is your role model & why?

  • My role model is my Grandfather Jim, I’ve seen him make sacrifices for the family that may go unnoticed, but I understood and truly admired.

While in College, what has been your favorite & least favorite class?

  • My favorite college class came this past Spring semester and I took Applied Calculus & built a good relationship with the teacher which led to me being good with the material. Least favorite probably go with Civilization 1 & 2.

Outside of Football, what has been your favorite experience while in College?

  • Florida Tech is a very diverse school when it comes to the student body so having classes with international student and learning different cultures from across the world has been a pleasure.

Growing up, who was your favorite NFL Team & NFL player, & why?

  • Favorite team was the Baltimore Ravens mainly because they had my favorite player in Ray Lewis. Reason I liked them some much was because the was all about defense and they defense had a smack you in the mouth style of play with Ed Reed.

If you could be in any movie of your choice, what would it be & what character would you play? 

  • I’ll probably go with The Wolf of Wall Street from the business perspective and I’ll play Jordan Belfort.

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who are they? 

  1. Muhammad Ali.
  2. Tupac.
  3. LeBron James.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose & why?

  • Muhammad Ali, because he loved his sport, but he knew he was more then just a boxer and wanted to let the people know that also and did it proudly.

Who is your favorite superhero & why?

  • Superman, although he is the most powerful he picks and chooses when to use his abilities to their full nature for each opponent.

What is your definition of hard work?

  • Someone doing the unnoticeable free willingly repeatedly without looking for credit, just works.

What is the most unexpected lesson you learned while in College?

  • Taking the JuCo route left me off the field for 2 seasons which I never expected when I left to go to school but it taught me the business side of football and at the end of the day only you can decide your future, so I continued to work.

What is something you wish you could go back & tell yourself as a High School Freshman?

  • Grades and hard work will take you further then just talent alone.

Why do you wear #48?

  • Was a 4-year starter and my freshman year I was the last person to pick my number on varsity so I had to choose between 46 and 48. After that point my coached always told me after the game the other coach asked who is that 48 over there and I liked that, not a flashy number so I make it what it is by my play.

What is the best part of your hometown, Columbus, OH?

  • Easton Town Center, nice mall real chill spot.

Who do you choose, Jordan or LeBron?

  • King James.

Are you a PS4 or Xbox One guy? What games are you playing right now?

  • Xbox One – NBA 2k18, Madden 18, C.O.D & Fortnite.

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete?

  • Being apart of youth camps seeing kids faces light up being around us athletes, bring back memories when I used to be in their shoes.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

  1. Re-modify the education system.
  2. Receive my MBA.
  3. Open my first Gr48 World resort.

What is your hidden talent?

  • Filming & Photography.

If there is a book written about Adonis Davis, what is the title?

  • “Born to Lose, but Built to WIN.”

What are three things on your “Bucket List?”

  1. Visit Africa.
  2. Buy my mother a home.
  3. Pay off my student loans.

Are you binge watching anything on Netflix or Hulu right now?

  • No.

If you had one free hour each day, how would you choose to use it?

  • Deep tissue massage.

If you could sack any NFL QB, past or present, who would it be & why?

  • Mike Vick just because of his ability to escape the pocket and make a guy miss in the backfield.

What are the goals for 2018, both individually & for the Florida Tech football team?

  • Last year I set personal goals for the first time and my team didn’t do so good so this year, I just want to do the dirty work for my team and show them I want it more than anything. Far as the team we’re getting ready to rewrite the history books and show who we are as a program and be waking up December 16th as champions.

If you could give NFL scouts three words to describe the type of man they are getting in Adonis Davis, what would they be?

  1.  Fearless.
  2. Tough.
  3. Smart.
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