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What is going on with Colin Kaepernick? Sounds interesting….

Colin Kaepernick will not stand for the National Anthem

We all know why Colin Kaepernick is not on a football team.  It obviously is not playing ability, because that is just a BS claim.  The former Nevada gunslinger is 28-30 as a starter, and let’s face it, a couple years ago he was one of the best players in the NFL.  Now all the sudden he takes a knee during the National Anthem and he sucks. I am sorry, I look at tape, I understand that Kaepernick rubbed people the wrong way; but should he be punished for it?

I do not understand how an NFL team can draft a player who knocked out a female cold and apologized, yet everyone will look past that.  God forbid you stand up for a problem that has been going on for DECADES.  Let’s be honest here, Colin Kaepernick stood up for young black men and woman that were being killed by law enforcement.  Were all the law enforcement officer’s in the right?  No! Were all the kids in the right? NO!

That is not the problem, the problem is African Americans have been pushed and pushed for many years. If you cannot see that, you obviously are part of the problem.  I said it, They cannot fire me, I own this site.  This story wreaks of bad smell, and now this story makes me wonder if his advisers are even on his side.

Kaepernick’s adviser, Harry Edwards, told USA Today‘s Jarrett Bell that three teams have inquired about his quarterback.

“They’ve asked, ‘Can he play? Does he want to play?’” Edwards said. “The last question I can’t answer. The first question, absolutely. If Kaep makes up his mind, he wouldn’t only go in and make a team, he’d put pressure on somebody to start.”

Well Colin’s girlfriend quickly shot that down saying wouldn’t Colin know about the interest?

What supposed “three” teams?If this was really from his “adviser” Colin would of known about it

— NESSA (@nessnitty) May 12, 2017

She is absolutely right, if the adviser is actually working for you.  I would love to represent Colin Kaepernick. People can get mad all they want about his stance. Could it have been done in a different manner, YES. Did it upset some that had loved ones die for that flag, YES. But did it make America talk about the issues?  YES!!!

He used his platform to get the issue out there.  He has been trying to put his money where his mouth is, by assisting around the county with young African Americans.  People can get mad all they want but this story wreaks of garbage.  The NFL is wrong for this.  They are trying to ban a player for sticking up for his rights.  Will Colin Kaepernick ever play in the NFL again?  I am not sure, but if he doesn’t the NFL is wrong. The NFL is trying to put up this big image that Colin Kaepernick made them look bad for not standing for the flag, but why don’t we talk about the NFL teams that charged the MILITARY MILLIONS to have them attend the games during the National Anthem?  You see, the sword has two sides.  This story pisses me off, so I am going to stop talking about it. I wish I was a GM, he would be on my team.  I would take him, because he is 20 times the quarterback than most back-ups in this league.  Stop looking at his background and his stance, look at film. That is why so many teams suck in this league. 

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