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NFL Transactions for September 6th, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015
Arizona CardinalsJimmy LegreePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Arizona CardinalsMarion GricePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Atlanta FalconsD.J. TialaveaPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Atlanta FalconsAdam ReploglePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Atlanta FalconsJerome SmithPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Atlanta FalconsBryce Harrisacquired from waivers from Saints
Baltimore RavensBryn Rennerpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensMicajah ReynoldsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Baltimore RavensKonrad Reulandpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensDe’Ondre Wesleypractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensKaleb Johnsonpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensBrennen Beyerpractice squad addition
Baltimore RavensDeAngelo TysonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Baltimore RavensNick Perrypractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsDeonte ThompsonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Buffalo BillsGabe Ikardacquired from waivers from Titans
Buffalo BillsCierre Woodpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsKevin Reddickpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsCyril Richardsonpractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsJonathan Meekspractice squad addition
Buffalo BillsDezmin Lewispractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersChas Alecxihpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersBrenton Bersinpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersBrian Blechenpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersCarrington Byndompractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersDamiere Byrdpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersAdarius Glantonpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersLou Youngpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersDavid Foucaultpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersRakim Coxpractice squad addition
Carolina PanthersScott Simonsonpractice squad addition
Chicago BearsA.J. CruzPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Chicago BearsPatrick Omamehacquired from waivers from Buccaneers
Chicago BearsHarold Jones-Quarteyacquired from waivers from Cardinals
Chicago BearsSherrod Martincut
Chicago BearsJordan Millscut
Cincinnati BengalsDeShawn Williamspractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsJames Wilder Jr.practice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsTerrell Watsonpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsTrevor Roachpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsMatt Lengelpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsJake Kumerowpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsTrey Hopkinspractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsTroy Hillpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsDan Francepractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsKeith Wenningpractice squad addition
Cincinnati BengalsJayson DiManchePlaced on IR, undisclosed
Cincinnati BengalsOnterio McCalebbTaken off IR, undisclosed
Cincinnati BengalsMarquis FlowersPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Cincinnati BengalsOnterio McCalebbcut
Cleveland BrownsErle Ladsonpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsAndrew McDonaldpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsDarrian Millerpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsHayes Pullard IIIpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsAustin Pasztoracquired from waivers from Jaguars
Cleveland BrownsKendall Jamespractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsShaun Draughnpractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsDe’Ante Saunderspractice squad addition
Cleveland BrownsDarius Jenningspractice squad addition
Dallas CowboysChristine Michaeltraded from Seahawks, for conditional draft pick in 2016
Dallas CowboysRod SweetingPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Dallas CowboysKa’Lial GlaudPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Dallas CowboysLavar Edwardscut
Denver BroncosJames Ferentzacquired from waivers from Texans
Denver BroncosGino Gradkowskicut
Denver BroncosMitchell Henryacquired from waivers from Packers
Denver BroncosMontee Ballcut
Detroit LionsKerry Hyderpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsAndrew Peacockpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsCasey Piercepractice squad addition
Detroit LionsLarry Websterpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsJermelle Cudjosigned
Detroit LionsBraxston Cavepractice squad addition
Detroit LionsGeorge Winnpractice squad addition
Detroit LionsIsaiah Johnsonpractice squad addition
Green Bay PackersJermauria RascoPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Houston TexansLynden TrailPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Houston TexansTony WashingtonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Indianapolis ColtsDaniel Adongopractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsDavid Arkinpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsQuan Braypractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsDuron Carterpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsUlrick Johnpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsDewey McDonaldpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsDaniel Herroncut
Indianapolis ColtsEric Pattersonpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsJeris Pendletonpractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsErik Swoopepractice squad addition
Indianapolis ColtsT.Y. McGillacquired from waivers from Seahawks
Indianapolis ColtsRobert Myersacquired from waivers from Ravens
Indianapolis ColtsAmarlo Herreracut
Indianapolis ColtsJosh McNarypractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsRichard Ashpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsBen Koyackpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsCraig Lostonpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsTony Washingtonpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsNeal Sterlingpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsTodd Thomaspractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsPeyton Thompsonpractice squad addition
Jacksonville JaguarsChris Reedpractice squad addition
Kansas City ChiefsBrian Parkeracquired from waivers from Chargers
Kansas City ChiefsSanders CommingsPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Kansas City ChiefsDezman Mosescut
Miami DolphinsLogan Thomasacquired from waivers from Cardinals
Miami DolphinsCedric Thompsonpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsJake Stoneburnerpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsTim Semischpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsMike Hullpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsDeandre Colemanpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsSam Brennerpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsMcLeod Bethel-Thompsonpractice squad addition
Miami DolphinsChristion JonesPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Miami DolphinsAundrey Walkerpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsDominique Williamspractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsBrandon Wattspractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsBlake Renaudpractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsBrian Peterspractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsDavid Yankeypractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsIsaac Fruechtepractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsIsame Facianepractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsB.J. Dubosepractice squad addition
Minnesota VikingsTyrus ThompsonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Minnesota VikingsAnthony Harrispractice squad addition
New England PatriotsRyan GroyPlaced on IR, undisclosed
New England PatriotsKhyri Thorntonacquired from waivers from Packers
New Orleans SaintsObum Gwachamacquired from waivers from Seahawks
New Orleans SaintsMichael Mautiacquired from waivers from Vikings
New York GiantsMike Harriscut
New York GiantsCorey WashingtonPlaced on IR, undisclosed
New York GiantsLouis Nix IIIacquired from waivers from Texans
New York GiantsAdam Gettispractice squad addition
New York GiantsEmmett Clearypractice squad addition
New York GiantsKenrick Elliscut
New York GiantsBrad Barspractice squad addition
New York GiantsCole Farrandpractice squad addition
New York GiantsC.J. Conwaypractice squad addition
New York GiantsAsa Jacksonacquired from waivers from Ravens
New York GiantsJulian Talleypractice squad addition
New York JetsTaiwan Jonespractice squad addition
New York JetsDeion Barnespractice squad addition
New York JetsJordan Williamspractice squad addition
New York JetsWesley Johnsonpractice squad addition
New York JetsJulian Howsarepractice squad addition
New York JetsWes Saxtonpractice squad addition
New York JetsWalt Powellpractice squad addition
New York JetsChris Owususigned
New York JetsKeon Lynpractice squad addition
New York JetsRonald Martinacquired from waivers from Seahawks
New York JetsRontez Milescut
Oakland RaidersKeenan Lambertacquired from waivers from Seahawks
Oakland RaidersAnthony MorrisPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Oakland RaidersSaQwan Edwardscut
Philadelphia EaglesBrian Mihalikpractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesFreddie Martinopractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesStephen Morrisacquired from waivers from Jaguars
Philadelphia EaglesRandall Evanspractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesMalcolm Bunchepractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesRaheem Mostertpractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesDeontae Skinnerpractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesEd Reynoldspractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesQuron Prattpractice squad addition
Philadelphia EaglesChris Pantalepractice squad addition from Bears
Philadelphia EaglesBrett Boykopractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersShayon Greenpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersEthan Hemerpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersShakim Phillipspractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersJarrod Westpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersHarold Spearspractice squad addition from Packers
Pittsburgh SteelersL.J. Fortpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersAntonio Johnsonpractice squad addition from Saints
Pittsburgh SteelersReese Dismukespractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersJordan Dangerfieldpractice squad addition
Pittsburgh SteelersDominique Brownpractice squad addition from Buccaneers
Pittsburgh SteelersAnthony Chickillocut
Pittsburgh SteelersCaushaud Lyonsacquired from waivers from Buccaneers
Pittsburgh SteelersDoran Grantcut
Pittsburgh SteelersMitchell Van DykPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersKelvin PalmerPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Pittsburgh SteelersDoug Legurskysigned
Pittsburgh SteelersJordan Todmansigned from Panthers
San Diego ChargersDreamius Smithpractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersAdrian Phillipspractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersRyan Muellerpractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersMichael Hueypractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersDamion Squarepractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersGreg Ducrepractice squad addition
San Diego ChargersColton UnderwoodPlaced on IR, undisclosed
San Diego ChargersChi Chi AriguzoPlaced on IR, undisclosed
San Diego ChargersJavontee Herndonpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersKaleb Ramseypractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersJermaine Whiteheadpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersAndrew Tillerpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersDylan Thompsonpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersGarrison Smithpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersMarcus Rushpractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersKendall Gaskinspractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersMarcus Cromartiepractice squad addition
San Francisco 49ersDiAndre Campbellpractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsIsaiah Battlepractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsMalcolm Brownpractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsChristian Bryantpractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsJustice Cunninghampractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsDoug Worthingtonpractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsLouis Trinca-Pasatpractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsZach Laskeypractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsMatt Longacrepractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsTrovon Reedpractice squad addition
St. Louis RamsJacob Hagenpractice squad addition
Tampa Bay BuccaneersPatrick MurrayPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersGarrett GilkeyPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJason Williamscut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRannell Hallcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersReid Fragelcut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKourtnei Brownacquired from waivers from Texans
Tampa Bay BuccaneersCameron Bratecut
Tampa Bay BuccaneersEric Kushacquired from waivers from Chiefs
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJames-Michael Johnsonacquired from waivers from Chiefs
Tampa Bay BuccaneersRyan Griffinacquired from waivers from Saints
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJeremiah Georgeacquired from waivers from Jaguars
Tampa Bay BuccaneersKadeem Edwardscut
Tennessee TitansTevin Westbrookpractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansDavid Fluellenpractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansSteven Johnsonacquired from waivers from Broncos
Tennessee TitansDavid Bassacquired from waivers from Bears
Tennessee TitansRico Richardsonpractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansTre McBridepractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansJosue Matiaspractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansWill Poehlspractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansChase Coffmancut
Tennessee TitansJonathan Massaquoicut
Tennessee TitansJosh Aubreypractice squad addition
Tennessee TitansTerrance Westtraded from Browns, for conditional draft pick in 2016
Tennessee TitansJustin Staplescut
Washington RedskinsJordan CampbellPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Washington RedskinsEvan SpencerPlaced on IR, undisclosed
Washington RedskinsHouston Batespractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsTakoby Cofieldpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsTrey Williamspractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsQuinton Dunbarpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsTerrance Plummerpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsJe’Ron Hammpractice squad addition
Washington RedskinsCorey Crawfordpractice squad addition

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