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What’s going to Happen with Rob Gronkowski?

Will Rob Gronkowski follow Tom Brady?
Will Rob Gronkowski follow Tom Brady?

There has been a lot of talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and more importantly, a couple of their star players. After losing 27-30 to the Rams, there seems to be a lot of talk on whether or not a couple of their players will stick around for another season. 

While there is no doubt that Tom Brady has earned his retirement, word on the streets has it that Gronk may go ahead and call it quits himself. I mean, Gronk has already retired once hasn’t he? Then he managed to get himself traded to Tampa so he could play with Brady again. They even managed to win a Super Bowl down in Florida together. 

$1Mil Incentive.

Brady and Gronk have been a great pair over the years. Not only have they won 4 Super Bowls Together, Brady really has Gronk’s back! A few weeks ago, Gronk needed another catch to get a $1Mil incentive. Of course, after telling this to Brady and joking if he doesn’t get it, “he will have to go get a real job”, Brady made it happen! 

Will Gronkowski Retire?

Will Rob Gronkowski really retire? At this point in time, he doesn’t even know himself. What he has said is that he would like to let his mind clear and his body heal before he makes his decision. However, he has also said that if he is forced to decide now, then no, he will not return. With or without Brady, Gronk could be a big part of the Bucs offense should he return for another season. 

21/22 Stats. 

Gronk finished the season with 55 receptions for 6 touchdowns and 802 total yards, averaging 14.6 yards per catch. While this may not be the best season of his career, it’s not bad. Gronk has been around for 11 seasons and there isn’t much he hasn’t seen or done. 

So Close to 10,000 Yards and 100 Touchdowns

While most of his career was spent in New England, he has managed to gain almost 10K yards (9286)  in his NFL career. He also has 92 touchdowns during his career! If he can last one more season, he may be able to hit 10K total yards and 100 touchdowns, especially if someone can convince Brady to stay in Tampa. Not saying he specifically needs, Brady, but Brady definitely has it back and would make sure he hit those two amazing milestones if given the chance.  

What does the future hold? 

It’s far too early to tell but we all know Gronk loves to have fun. Whether he is partying with friends or dancing in a club, he definitely knows how to have a good time. If him and Brady do retire, could we see more Tommy and Gronky? Could they have their own reality TV series? I know I would surely watch it if they did. 

While he hasn’t dismissed the chance of coming back, even if Brady retires, the odds of Gronk returning for a 12th season are looking less and less by the day. If I was a betting man, I’d say it’s probably 50/50 at the moment. While he has nothing left to prove, as mentioned he could hit some pretty big milestones if he does return which could cement him as being one of the best tight ends of all-time in the NFL! If he does return, expect to see some betting lines on if he can hit the 10K tards and 100 TD marks! 

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Watch the Super Bowl with Gronk!

Say what? Yes, you heard it correctly! Gronk has teamed up with Groupon to offer what could be one of the best deals ever! They are offering one lucky winner the chance to fly themselves and up to 15 guests to be flown to Boston to watch the big game at Gronkshouse

I mean, if we are just giving out flights and a chance to essentially party with Gronk himself during one of the biggest sporting events in the world, SIGN ME UP! This is going to be the chance of a lifetime and is not to be missed. Alongside watching the game, there will be a number of other activities going on throughout the day so you will be sure to have loads of fun! Sounds like an absolutely amazing time if you ask me! 

Right now, it sounds like Gronk is looking to chill out a bit and have some fun! While I would love to see him back in the NFL for another season, I also wouldn’t blame him for calling an end to his career. He has had an amazing career and definitely deserves to enjoy his life however he sees fit! 

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