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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Deionte Knight, DL, University of Western Ontario

Deionte Knight the physical pass rusher from the University of Western Ontario recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
Deionte Knight the physical pass rusher from the University of Western Ontario recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
  • Name: Deionte Knight
  • Position: DL
  • College: University of Western Ontario
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight: 270 lbs
  • Instagram: @d_knight_

What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

I believe I fell in love with football because football is the ultimate team game. It takes all guys in the locker room to come together as a group and burn the ships together in order to accomplish the ultimate goal. I believe that what made me want to become a football player is the comradery you built with your teammates and develop life long friendships.

How do you plan on preparing for the draft?

I have been developing a routine for awhile now in terms of looking after my body so right now I am focused on getting athletic as possible so that I can contribute to special teams too.

What do you think are the keys to success on the football field?

I believe the biggest thing to success is passion for the game, your love of the game will take you as far as you want to go and the nature of football is that this game does not love you back unfortunately and people get hurt because it is a violent game, but I love it. The second key I believe to success on the field is working on your craft as a football player, the off-season especially I believe is critical to look at your personal weaknesses and correct them. There are so many resources out there on the internet to study from that are completely free like YouTube videos on pass rush specialists showing which drills are effective at becoming a better pass rusher. The third key is staying healthy the best ability is availability.

If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

I would have loved to hang out with DeMarcus Ware, he was a unbelievable pass rusher and his approach to perfecting the craft of pass rushing is something I really appreciate and admire. I watch slot of the all time greats in my tape study and Ware is among the very best to do it. For CFL it would definitely be Willie Jefferson, his athleticism and use of his length is what makes him the best defensive player in the CFL and a future hall of famer.

What sets you apart from other defensive linemen?

What sets me apart from other defensive lineman is my ability to play multiple positions on the defensive line. I have had the great opportunity under Coach Gleason at Western out in positions where I am required to pass rush and run stop in a variety fronts where I have to play quick, 3 tech, rush, and nose in pass rush situations. It is a lot of fun playing in different fronts and helping my team win games.

What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

I bring focus and intensity to the football field, I do not take reps off in practice and I love the nature of competing. Football is a beautiful game because you will lose reps, but it’s all about how you pick your self up from the ground and attack the next rep with competitive passion.

What are you looking to achieve as a football player going forward?

Going forward I am going to remain hungry and eager to learn, the pros is a huge step up from college football so understanding my assignments and alignments in my playbook will be critical. I hope wherever I get a opportunity to compete, I get the chance to give immediate impact I believe that should be the goal of any rookie coming into the league is to be ready to learn, stay humble, and work hard everyday and nothing is given.

What do you love about the game of football?

I love football because of the lessons it brings, football taught me how to be a man and that I am forever grateful for. I am blessed to be able to have the chance at playing in the pros and I hope I can make my family proud.

What are your favorite moments from your football life?

Winning the Vanier Cup was the highlight of my career, sharing moments like that with my teammates at Western was amazing. Soaking it all in was surreal that we were National Champions. Winning the Metras was sweet too but not as sweet as drinking out of that trophy.

What would a team get in a player like you?

They would get the hardest working Canadian, I feel like I can contribute immediately to any team right now right away on special teams or defence.

How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

I have a great background support system, my family has supported my football journey my whole life so I know I have them to lean back on.

What should we know about Deionte Knight the person?

That I love my family and I love the game of football.

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