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Top richest players in the National Football League

Football is one of the largest sports in the world, so it is no surprise that NFL players are some of the richest players in the league. Curating a list of the NFL’s wealthiest football players might not be exact, but some names must be mentioned because of how hard they have strived to be the greatest player of their time. 

The highest-paid player in the NFL is Roger. Roger Staubach’s net worth is estimated to be about US& 600 million and is said to be one of the wealthiest NFL players. Up close, NFL star Tom Brady’s net worth accumulates to about US$ 270 million, making him the second-highest. Another NFL football player is Peyton. Peyton Manning’s net worth reaches a whopping US$ 250 million; then there’s Football quarterback Eli Manning net worth of about US$ 150 million.

Here is a list of the richest NFL players of all time in no particular order:

Tom Brady

Tom has made quite a name for himself, one of the richest NFL athletes and quarterback of Tampa Bay Buccaneers American football. Playing two decades of quality sport is impressive, and it is no wonder how he accumulated his staggering US $270 million wealth. At 43 years, he seems to have everything working for him.

A supermodel wife with a wealth of about $400 million, a model job, and high payout partnerships. He has played in a record of nine super bowls, winning six and looking to win the seventh. This is more than anyone in NFL history.

Not only is he successful on the field, apparently, but he is also a monster at the casino table. On many occasions, the star has been seen in casinos with his friends playing either blackjack, poker, or any gambling games his competitive spirit finds to play, often time carting away several hundred and millions of dollars.

You can also try to play like Tom, but if you don’t have enough money for it, then at CasinoTop you can find many casinos that are available with a minimum deposit of $5. This is a very convenient and affordable format.

Peyton Manning

This retired Indianapolis Colts quarterback played in the national football league for more than eighteen seasons, so accruing a wealth of US$ 200 doesn’t seem ridiculous. At 45 years, he is one of the most successful NFL athletes of all time. He started his career by playing college football at the University of Tennessee until he was first drafted in 1988.

Peyton led his club to the SuperBowl in 2009 against the Orleans saints, after which he took a year break from his club to relax from a terrible neck injury.

He is also one of the best endorsers on record. He sees it as a second career and loves being in advertisements. He has worked with Nike, Buick, DirecTV, Gatorade, and even Papa John’s.

According to his friends, Peyton is equally as good at playing casino games and is usually referred to as a Roulette god because he always seems to have a correct hunch that earns him lots of money in the game.

Eli Manning

Brother to Peyton and an American quarterback himself, Eli Manning, has been playing with the New York Giants for sixteen seasons, a rival of the San Francisco 49ers. He has amassed about $100 million, tying this spot with Russell Wilson. He started his career by playing the sport in college, after which the San Diego Chargers drafted him, then traded to the New York Giants later.

He also tries his hand at gambling and has been seen out with his wife a few times, the most recent being at Horseshoe Tunica Hotel And Casino, shortly after the birth of their daughter. His favorite game is blackjack, and we won’t be a soothsayer to say he is good at it.

Aaron Rodgers

This talented star led the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl title in 2010 and led the sports about five times in terms of the lowest passing percentage. At 37 years, he has amassed a celebrity net worth of $120 million and several other awards in celebration of his many achievements.

Aside from the amount of money people make by betting on him weekly; he also is a very good gambler. Although he spends most of his time playing online slots, rather than attending land-based casinos, his friends have talked about his prowess in this, and apparently, Rodgers is good enough to make a thousand bucks from this.

Drew Brees

At 42 years, Drew Brees net salary for a two-year contract is $50 million, and he is now estimated to be about $120 million. Although currently retired, the athlete is one of the most productive stars to have passed the sport’s history. After a successful college career back in the days, he was selected by the San Diego Chargers, where he strived tirelessly to make a name for himself.

As an ambassador, he signed with an online betting company called PointsBet and helped launch their first online casino. With that being said, he tried his hand at several slot games where he made extra bucks.

Ben Roethlisberger

This is another successful NFL player with many achievements long enough to earn him about a whopping $70 million. He has been playing with the Pittsburgh Steelers since they drafted him in 2004 at Miami University. In 2006, he became the youngest winning gold super bowl quarterbackin history, which happened in his second professional season. His team had initially won the tournament in 1979, winning 31 to 19 against the Los Angeles Rams.

Roger Staubach

Ben is also an avid gambler and is often seen visiting the tables at Tahoe and Pittsburgh. In a statement he once made, he spoke about how he sees gambling as a normal leisure game and encouraged young ones to play moderately.

This is the richest NFL player. Even retired, this 79-year-old athlete still has a staggering wealth of about $600 million, much more than any star in history. During his time, he played for the Dallas Cowboys and was nicknamed the “The Dodger.” He joined this team in 1979, spending eleven seasons and leading them to the SuperBowl five times, winning twice.

Although not his main sport, Roger is sometimes seen at the casino tables, spending his leisure time playing casually with his friends. His favorite games are known to be poker and blackjack.


Compared to other sports stars, NFL athletes hardly get paid as much, but these players have bankrolled their millions and fame into more wealth, thereby earning them top spots in this list.

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