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Chicago Bears need to start Justin Fields | He is the best QB from the draft

Daniel Kelly is an aspiring NFL General Manager and he has stated Justin Fields will be the best quarterback in the draft. Should the Bears start him?

Every so often a phenomenal player comes into the NFL and makes phenomenal plays. Guys like Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick…and now Justin Fields come to mind.

Against Tennessee Saturday night, Fields made the play of the NFL preseason and he confirmed for me why I ranked him as my QB1 on my draft board.

Back on March 10 I wrote, “I knew in the first two minutes of watching his game film in week one of the 2020 season, Fields was by far and away dramatically better and more pro-ready quarterback than Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson.”

Here is my pre-draft scouting report on Fields. 

Scouting is not rocket science. It is just a matter of having the passion for It, grinding the film and doing the work.

You see, I did not listen to all the non-sense about Fields, and how he would not be any good “just like no other Ohio State QB was ever good in the NFL.”

No, I watched the game film instead. The film doesn’t lie. 

What I saw of Fields at Ohio State, was a bright, energetic, athletic, confident and very smart looking young QB. What really struck me was his ability to make quick and crisp decisions with the football, as well as his legitimate ability to make plays with his feet, whether that was rolling out or when he scrambled for yardage. His ball placement was also special. 

That is exactly what we all saw against the Titans. Easy math. Easy money. 

As media darlings, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson have not made any big plays for their respective teams this preseason, Fields showed why he and not the two of them shows promise to have the most dynamic NFL career out of this year’s draft class. 

People love to say, “It’s only preseason,” but football is football and what we saw tonight is in Justin Fields, the only question that remains unanswered is can he make plays like that consistently – – and if he can – – that will spell greatness for him. 

I believe he will, because consistently was another big draw for me to him. 

Meanwhile what is in Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, two of the National media darlings? What have they shown is inside of them this preseason?

Lawrence has not been able to put together a drive and Wilson has looked conservative and efficient. Neither has come close to showing us what Fields just showed us. 

Last night’s play made me smile because I also said in that same scouting report that is time and date sealed, “It would not shock me to see the team who drafts him get into the playoffs his rookie season.”

Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy has named Andy Dalton as the starter, but it is only going to take a bad throw or two by Dalton for the Bears’ fan base to start calling for Fields. 

Daniel Kelly is a former NFL scout with the New York Jets. He was hired on the regime which featured Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Scott Pioli, Mike Tannenbaum, and Dick Haley. He currently writes for Sports Illustrated Detroit Lions and he is a contributing evaluator for Draft Diamonds. For more information about him visit his website at He can be followed on Twitter @danielkellybook and his Facebook page is WHATEVER IT TAKES NFL TALK. 

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