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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Austin Bohn, P, Ottawa University (AZ)

Austin Bohn NFL Draft Prospect
Austin Bohn the big legged punter from Ottawa University in Arizona recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
  • Name: Austin Bohn
  • Position: P
  • College: Ottawa University Arizona 
  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight:195 lbs.
  • Twitter:@austinbohn14
  • Instagram: @austin_bohner

1.What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

Almost every Saturday since I can remember, my dad and I would go watch the University of Colorado play football. The excitement and energy in that crowd every Saturday was electric. Thousands and thousands of fans would support these young men week in and week out, win or lose. I always wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be a part of a team where people would come out and root for us every weekend. Growing up, I was told that I wouldn’t go far in sports due to the surgeries I had received as a young child to correct my clubbed feet. My doctors, friends, coaches, and teammates told me that there wouldn’t be a chance for me to play in high school, college, or beyond. That has always been a driving force for me. I love the game of football, but I am always going to try to prove to myself and others that I am not limited by my condition, in fact, I think it gives me an advantage.

2. What sets you apart from other punters?

I believe what sets me apart from other punters is my ability to adapt quickly. I am capable of hitting the long ball if a returner is playing up, a ball with great hang time to ensure no return, and a consistent pooch punt (Australian and traditional) that can be downed inside the 10-yard line. Kicking in different conditions is not a problem for me either. Rain, wind, snow, and heat are all elements that I am comfortable kicking in. This is only in my true fourth year of punting and I am continuing to develop and learn more about punting. I’m also able to change my punting steps to one-step, two-step, or three-step based on how quickly I need to get the punt off. I have also been hardwired to punt directionally to ensure the returner has limited space to move. I believe that I am nowhere close to reaching my full potential, and given a chance, I know I could help a team win some games as I continue to develop as a punter.

3. What are your favorite things about playing football for Ottawa(AZ)?

My favorite things about Ottawa University of Arizona are the culture and the fans. The coaching staff and players at Ottawa have created an environment where we challenge each other mentally and physically in order to come together as a family and be a dominating team on the field. The culture within the school is unique too. We have a large diversity within the school, but we are together as one. Because the school is small, we all support each other. Every sport that isn’t playing will go out to watch the other sports play because we want to create something special for future students. The fans that attend our games are amazing as well. The football program is only three years old. While most of the fans are parents of the players, we have season ticket holders that live near the school who previously had no affiliation with the school. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that we have supporters out there that have come to watch the beginning of a special school and program.

4. If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

If there’s one football player I could hang out with for a day it would be John Elway. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He knows what it takes to be a leader and win football games, and he knows the business side of football as a general manager of the Broncos. I would ask him things like what does he look for in a player? What value does a punter hold in the eyes of a teammate or general manger and what does it feel like to win a Super Bowl and what was that team like?

5. What is your favorite workout?

My favorite lifting workouts would have to be squats, RDL, bench press, and power cleans, and I also like to do yoga and pilates to keep my legs loose while applying mass.

6. What do you think are the keys to success on the football field?

I believe the first key to success on the football field is trust. Each player has a job to do, and they must be able to trust each other to do that job. A quarterback trusts that his line is going to hold up and that the receivers will run the right routes just, as the receivers expect the quarterback to get the ball out with the right timing and placement. My punt coverage team trusts me to get the ball in the right spot just as I trust them to give me time to get the ball off and to cover the punt. This also goes for coaches. Each player trusts their coach that they have given them the proper coaching throughout the week to be better than the player lined up across from them. In addition, the coaches must also trust each other that they have done their jobs. Another key to success on the field is the willingness by each player to refuse to lose. Although he did not play football, Michael Jordan was one of those people. His continuous effort and drive lifted his teammates to a level of competitiveness that could not be stopped. Effort and drive are contagious, and it spreads like wildfire. 

7. What are your favorite moments from your football life?

One of my favorite football memories was from two years ago when we clinched the Sooner Athletic Conference on the road in Texas in just our second year of existence. The anticipation before that game was intense because we knew what was on the line. It was a back-and-forth battle, but we came out on top. The emotions felt before, during, and after that game were incredible. We had achieved a goal that we had been striving for all season, but we knew that there was still more work to be done. It was the first postseason I had been to since I played peewee football. 

8. How do you prepare for games?

Most of the time my games are at night. During the day I will try to eat meals with carbs such as pasta, watch college football, and stretch for a while. Watching football helps me get into a game-like mentality. Watching other punters also helps me think about the game and what I would do in their scenario. When I get to the field before a game I tend to listen to music and focus in on the task at hand. After our pregame meal I will walk around the field once, go inside and put on my pants and socks, stretch while I listen to my final songs on the playlist, suit up and go warm up ninety minutes before the game. After that, it’s time to take care of business. 

9. What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

I believe I bring a supportive energy to the team. While I will always celebrate something good with the team, I will also pick up my teammates that have made a mistake so that they can get back out on the field and help us win a football game. I would not describe myself as a vocal leader, but I believe I bring a sense of comfort to the team when my coverage team and I are on the field because we will get the job done at all costs.

10. What would a team get in a player like you?

 A team would get a player who is consistent, loyal, driven, and willing to do anything for the team. I know I have what it takes to help a team win football games. It has been a long journey for me to get where I am today. The fact that I am even able to do this interview is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. But I refuse to stop now. I want to play on Sundays in front of 70,000 fans and be a part of a team with some of the greatest athletes in the world. 

11. What are you looking forward to in your upcoming season?

This season I am looking forward to having one last full season with my brothers on the field. My coach took a chance on me three years ago when he brought me to Ottawa, and I could not be more grateful. Forming a relationship with my teammates and coaches has been the experience of a lifetime. I am excited to enjoy every moment of this season while giving it all I have on the field. This could be my last season of football ever, or it could just be the beginning of something more. I’m excited to feel the rush and adrenaline of playing again. I can’t wait to be in front of a full crowd again and making a deep playoff run with my team. I’m also incredibly excited for senior night and being able to run out to my mom, dad, sister, stepdad, and fiancé. 

12. What should we know about Austin Bohn the person?

I am a very caring person. Every relationship I form is special and unique in its own way. If football does not work out in the future, I want to go to medical school and be an orthopedic surgeon. I hope that someday I can help someone in the same way my doctors and surgeons helped me achieve some of my dreams. 

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