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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Dustin Rock, DL, Castleton University

Dustin Rock, DL, Castleton University
Dustin Rock the solid pass-rusher from Castleton University recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
  1. What sets you apart from other defensive linemen?

What sets me apart from other defensive linemen is my desire to learn and know why I’m doing what I’m doing. If I’m responsible for a gap I like to know why I have that gap. So knowing what the linebackers behind me are doing and how that relates to my job on any given play.

2. What past or present NFL coach would you want to learn from the most and why?

I’d say Coach Bill Belichick. I love how he doesn’t let himself or his team get distracted by the outside world of football. He makes it all about the game. I feel I could learn a lot from him in a leadership sense. 

3. What should people know about Dustin Rock the person? 

I’m pretty simple. I think my biggest philosophy is never to make anything about something else. I like to be invested in where I am at the moment. If I’m at work that’s what matters. If I’m lifting that’s what matters. I never make anything more important than the task I’m doing at that very moment.

4. What are your favorite things about playing football for Castleton? 

There’s three things to answer this question.  

  1. This is the most important to me, my teammates. I tell them as much as I can that I love them because I truly mean it. Every man on that team is family to me. I’ll protect them at all costs because more than they’ll ever know they make me who I am they motivate me in ways I’ve never been motivated and they have saved my life more than anything on this planet. 
  2. The coaches. My coaches have pushed me in every sense of who I am today, as a student, a captain, and a football player. They see so much potential in me and give me every tool to unlock that potential to the fullest and for that, I’m forever grateful. 
  3. The community. Castleton is a small school in an even smaller state and the support the campus and surrounding community give us is unreal. I love all the fans and community members so much for the support they give us and the atmosphere they create every Saturday in Dave Wolk Stadium. 

5. What is your favorite workout? 

My best workout is probably squat or deadlift but my favorite is the bench press. This is because it’s something I’m always working on getting better at and it humbles me it’s one of the only lifts I’ve been beaten in by teammates so my competitive nature likes to strive to be the best at that lift. 

6. What is a moment that improved you as a football player? 

It’s hard to pinpoint one. But although I’m not sure I have improved or by how much I think everything with Covid-19 has made me work even harder because for the first time in nearly 18 years I went a year without football. I’ll be the first to say I didn’t like it at all but it made me see life without football and made me want to be at my best when I get back on the field. I’ve gone as far as to switch jobs to free up time to get better. Now I just have to apply the hard work to the field. 

7. What made you decide you wanted to be a football player? 

My grandfather coached it for so long and really helped forge my love for this amazing game. He’s always been my biggest critic second only to myself. But he’s one of my biggest influences and has really pushed me to be a better player, leader, and teammate and without him, I never would be where I am now. 

8. What are you still trying to learn as a football player? 

Everything and anything. I can never learn enough about this game. My biggest interest right now is more of a mental aspect. I’ve really been watching interviews and listening to podcasts about athletes at high levels. I always think athletes are humans just like everyone I know so mentally they have to be different to make them so successful in what they do. So I’m really learning about the attitude and mentality I need to be as successful as I can be at this game. 

9. What are your favorite moments from your football life? 

I’m living them right now. It’s always been the little moments. Lifting with my friend Tucker Gaudette all summer and motivating and pushing each other in the gym. Seeing the guys more and more and the anticipation we all have for this season. Those are the moments I really love and will treasure. 

10. What would a team get in a player like you? 

Dedication. I’m dedicated to anything I’m a part of and any team I’m on. I think more than being an amazing player you need someone who’s willing to risk everything and anything for the betterment of the team. With that, I can say there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to make my team better and help us succeed. 

11. What is your favorite coverage and why? 

Man coverage. I think it shows trust from a coach to play man to man. He’s saying I trust my DB’s to cover and the D-Line to apply the pressure. It really just shows how much trust a Defensive Coordinator has in his guys and there’s no better feeling than locking a team down by saying our guys are better. 

12. What are you looking forward to in your upcoming season?

I’m excited to see some hard work pay off. I’m excited to see the close games we’ve had swing our way and just to see how special this team can and will be. We all work so hard and it’s our time. I’m overly excited to see some guys take the next step as players and finally accomplish what we’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

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