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The Best Marvel-Inspired NFL Helmets

There is nothing better than mixing Marvel and the NFL. Check put these amazing looking Marvel designed NFL helmets.

NFL teams are known perhaps as much for their branding and persona as they are for their players and tactics, certainly in terms of global appeal.

Ask any sports fan around the globe who plays quarterback for Miami, and likely only a small portion will be able to tell you who it is. Ask them what the Miami franchise is called, and even in countries such as the UK, with few dedicated NFL fans, you will get the right answer. The same goes for a host of our teams, who adopt imagery that defines them the world over.

Artist Justin Kozisek has taken those popular brands and adapted them to appeal to a whole new audience. 247 Sports reveals he has designed a whole array of helmets for NFL teams that use their location but mixed with popular Marvel characters instead. The Marvel Universe has exploded in popularity in recent years, with films such as Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far FromHome. Now, fans of the films and the NFL can see which character their favorite team has got.

We have some personal favorites from Kozisek’srange, which we have picked for you below.

Kansas City Spideys

Spider-Man is a character identifiable by many long before the cinematic universe took over the big screen. Aside from Captain America, his is the story that most appeals to people outside of the current films, and adaptations across a different range of media have seen him become what could be termed a household name. Indeed, Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the launch titles on the PlayStation 5, making him the poster-hero for a generation. His branding works brilliantly on an NFL helmet and is a great fit for the beaten Super Bowl LV finalists.

Tennessee Thors

Tennessee Titans become Tennessee Thors in a change that makes perfect sense. Thor is a titan within the Marvel Universe and a figure with plenty of movies all of his own. He might fit nicely on the helmet of the fictional NFL team, but he has also sprung up across a range of different media, including video games. Much like Spider-Man, he has become something of a symbol for Marvel, featuring not only in their big-budget games, but also across mobile devices, too. Foxy Games has several titles dedicated to the hammer-wielding God, including Thor’s Vengeance and Thor’s Lightning. He has also had console releases, featuring in titles such as Thor: God of Thunder, which has helped cement his place as a figure from pop culture, not just a comic book hero.

Cleveland Things

Cleveland Browns were beaten by the Chiefs in the AFC playoffs 17-22 but that was still something of a success for Kevin Stefanski’s men. In terms of a Marvel rebrand, they get a rather odd name, but with a great helmet design. The Things cracked skin makes for a striking helmet that would not be out of place in the NFL right now, and whilst his imagery is not quite as popular as the other two we have picked, it does make for a great concept. We are not sure about the name though: Cleveland Things sounds more like the name of a Stephen King novel than it does an NFL team!

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