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Could the Houston Texans be the driving force behind the Deshaun Watson allegations?

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Could the Houston Texans owner be the driving force behind the entire Deshaun Watson situation? It sure sounds interesting.

I know this is a long shot, but trust me I am not the only one thinking this. I was sitting here and thought it was awfully strange that after Deshaun Watson publicly went out and said he wanted a trade for the Texans, his world came crashing down with sexual assault allegations.

Watson has value and the Houston Texans know that. Several teams have shown interest in Watson, but it is very strange that more and more cases are coming out about Watson reportedly sexually assaulting masseuses. Well, let me explain why I feel there is something else driving these allegations.

Tony Buzbee is the high powered attorney from Houston that is drawing up the cases on Deshaun Watson. You maybe asking yourself who is Tony Buzbee. Well, Buzbee is a former marine, that has run for public office multiple times. But many may remember him when he took out ten billboards in the Houston Area, trying to keep Johnny Manziel in Texas.

In 2014 Buzbee put 10 billboards up around Houston with the message, “Keep Johnny football in Texas!” trying to get the Texans to draft Manziel, the former Texas A&M star and Heisman Trophy winner. “… I put up 10 billboards up around Houston asking my neighbor Mr. McNair [former Texans owner Bob McNair] to draft the greatest college football player ever,” Buzbee wrote in the caption. “Obviously, it didn’t happen.”

That statement right there makes me pause. Now you are probably saying that is just a coincidence. That maybe true, but remember this is the Texans. Their owner made the news for a wild statement during the entire Colin Kaepernick saga.

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison,” he said, referring to his fellow NFL team owners who are mostly unified against what they call disrespect to the American flag.

Do you remember that quote? When you think about this drama, you have to consider everything. The Texans had no problem what so ever with Watson when he was happily playing for them. The minute he went against the grain and demanded to be a part of the head coaching search, and GM search now all the sudden he is a sexual assailant. I am not saying he isn’t and that the allegations should be investigated, but as for someone on the outside looking in it looks awfully suspicious.

Tony Buzbee has a relationship with the owner, and the owner obviously has an issue with people going against the grain as he did with Kaepernick. When you add all that up, and then try to picture what a team would be willing to give up to land Watson with an allegation like this over him, it is almost like the owner is saying the same quote again.

“We can’t have the inmates running the prison”

When you think about it, they do not want Deshaun Watson to leave, but it upsets them that they do not have the upper hand in this situation. You do not want Watson dictating what he can or cannot do, that is just like the saying above. Inmates can run the prison anytime they want, but when they do take control, the Warden immediately takes action, by any means necessary to regain control.

Does that sound familiar? I mean who would want a player that has 12 active sexual allegation charges on him? Especially if they can convince a jury to find him guilty. Something is fishy, I am not sure if this is just really bad timing for Watson, or if there is a driving force behind the scenes.

Update: Two more lawsuits were filed today bringing the total to 9, and get this, attorney Tony Buzbee says a total of 12 will be filed……

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