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Best CBD Cream, Salve, and Lotions for Athletes

Salve is a kind of gel, balm or spray, that stimulates recovery or safeguard of the skin. People who take part in a lot of physical activity, such as players/athletes, may use salve to cure dry skin or muscle soreness. Several salve products on the market includecannabidiol (CBD). CBD originates from the Cannabis plant. Manufacturers make CBD oil by combining CBD with a carrier oil. This procedure tempers the CBD, crafting a less powerfulproduct. Various companies also add CBD oil directly to their salve products.

What are the prospective benefits of CBD for athletes?

A 2020 analysis of the positive effects of CBD for athletes reveal that CBD may help reduce pain and soreness, a decentinducement for those considering it for post-workout relief. The review also mentions CBD may help in protection against intestinal damage that’s linked to swelling. It also suggests that it helps to boost the recovery of skeletal injuries. Further evidence was found which indicates it helps in relieving anxiety and stress, which can enhance psychological functioning during physical activities. 

Nevertheless, scientists opine that more research is necessary in this regard. Nearly all of the animal research on CBD endorsesits anti-inflammatory impacts, while other studies demonstrate that CBD may offer a strong third-line psychotherapy for those with prolonged, noncancer-related pain. However, research into CBD and pain related to physical exercise is still in progress.Currently there are 50 clinical trials testing CBD on different types of discomfort listed by The National Library of Medicine.

How we chose the top CBD salves for athletes

Based on safety, quality, and transparency, it is imperative to look into specific criteria when choosing the best CBD salve products for athletes. To choose the top salve product, an athlete should always consider whether the product is made by a company that offers evidence of third-party assessment by an ISO 17025-compliant lab. It should also be noted if it is made with U.S.-grown cannabis, includes no further than 0.3% THC. The certificate of analysis (COA) of the product should passe tests for heavy metals, pesticides, and molds. When deciding what which product to choose we should also look into the manufacturing processes, company’s certifications. Product potency should also be considered evaluating overall ingredients and whether the product includes any added components that might help in pain relief.  Indicators of user trust and brand reputation should also be studied for customer reviews and by assessing whether the company has been subjected to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning letter regarding any unsupported health claims. Some of the top CBD salve products are summarized below: 


Since 2017, FAB has been providing customers quality CBD products. Considering that, everybody who works with FAB has a solid past in the health and well-being industries, so they all know what it takes to put forward the very top in quality CBD products.

Transparency is crucial to the brand, hence, all of FAB’s third-party lab results are readily accessible for consumers to find on the brand’s website. FAB’s mission is to use innovation, premium subjoining, and science to allow everyone, regardless of social status or age, to live a preemptive healthy lifestyle.

All FAB’s products are clean and pure as there aren’t any chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides used in the farming and harvesting of the organic hemp that the brand produces in Colorado. Because of this, customers are sure to receive products that are pure, clean, and highly impactful.

On a separate note, FAB is also renowned for its excellent customer service. Everyone who works in FAB’s customer service unit goes out of their way to be particularly attentive to customers’ concerns and needs. There is a variety of confirmed customer reviews confirming to the fact that FAB is a strong brand that delivers both in terms of transparency as well as taking excellent care of its customer base.

The brand’s CBD Body Salve is finished with organic elements containing organic beeswax, organic golden jojoba oil, menthol crystals for freezing, Cinnamomum camphora oil for warming, distilled full-spectrum cannabis flower extract, ginger oil, organic rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and vitamin E.

Quality of Hemp

FAB sources all of its natural hemp from Colorado. Furthermore, the brand makes sure that no pesticides, chemicals, or herbicides are used. When it comes to the farming and harvesting of its hemp, FAB uses only state-of-the-art apparatus and procedures to make sure that the subsequent extracts are as pure as they feasibly can be.

Concentration and Strength 

Their extraction and distillation method not only filters out outstanding plant materials for a genuinely concentrated CBD oil, but it also conserves the plant’s terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to produce an incredibly potent entourage impact.With their broad range of flavors and concentrations, FAB CBD’s products is helpful for everyone’s preferences and needs so you can extract the most from the experience. All of FAB’s products are produced from top-shelf extracts that comes from natural Colorado-grown cannabis. The company’s CBD Body Salve, its most recent product, contains 1000 mg or 3000mg of full-spectrum CBD. The salve includes botanical terpenes, essential oils, and heating and cooling ingredients for both calming and soothing effects. As with the remaining FAB’s products, its CBD Body Salve is also frequently analyzed for purity by an autonomous third-party lab.


Price of FAB’s CBD Body Salve is reasonably priced and produced to the highest quality. The price is right in context with the salves of other reliable brands. Price starts from 59$ and goes as high as 129$. 


CBDistillery CBDol, is a topical intended to help skin and offerrelief. In both fields, it was found that CBDol did its task and did it perfectly. It was found that it helps with musclesinflammation, and blotches like bruises or scratches. That efficiency is attributable to the product’s 500 mg of cannabinoids, a high strength for CBD topicals, and a variety of all-natural, premium ingredients. Although the product is a little pricey, customers pronounce it’s well worth it.

Quality of Hemp

CBDistillery guarantees the hemp they utilize is safe and clean by performing five quality control tests throughout the lifespanof their cannabis plants.

The company then utilizes ethanol or CO2—both of which are safe and clean procedures—to extricate the cannabinoid substance. The solvent utilized alters the product type: ethanol for isolate and CO2 for full spectrum. CO2 extraction method is used for CBDistillery CBDol. Each product is forwarded to a third-party laboratory for analysis. The certificates of analysis (COAs) for each batch confirm the advertised strength and guarantee the products pass heavy metal and pesticide screening.COAs are accessible directly for consumers to see on CBDistillery’s website.

Concentration and Strength 

With the vast majority consisting of CBD, CBDol contains 500 mg of cannabinoids and characterized as full spectrum product. 

As per the COA for this product, CBD constitutes about 467 mg of the topical. CBC and THC constitutes the substantial marginof the remaining CBD content, forcing up the total CBD contentto 508 mg. Considering per ounce of the product, CBDol is one of the most highly concentrated topicals in contrast tocomparable products available on the market. Topicals for pain and skincare normally vary from 100 mg – 250 mg per ounce.


At CBDistillery, CBDol is priced for $60, which places the topical at $0.12 per mg. Topicals typically range from $0.10 – $0.25 per mg, so CBDistillery’s cost per mg fits well on the more cost-efficient aspect of the range. Nevertheless, the other hand, CBDol costs $60 per pound for its small volume. Most of the topicals don’t crack at $40 per pound and generally varyfrom $15 – $35 per pound, but that’s because they typically have bigger product volumes and lower CBD strengths.


CBDfx is a Los Angeles-based company that has rapidly provenitself as a major brand in the market with a stunning range of products. The Muscle Balm includes several elements that are aimed to help relieve muscle pains and soreness. Excluding a few aspects, customers thoroughly enjoy the beneficial effectsCBDfx CBD Muscle Balm.

Quality of Hemp 

CBDfx obtains their hemp from a farm in Kentucky that has been accredited by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Cultivators grow the hemp using natural methods while runningtests throughout the farming process to make sure that the hemp and soil is free of pesticides and heavy metals.The hemp is then carried to a facility that meets FDA food ingredient standards for extraction.

CBDfx uses CO2, which is thought to be the gold standard for extraction, to obtain oil from the whole cannabis plant. After the products are processed, CBDfx does third-party testing for eachbatch of their manufactured goods. The brand utilizes ProVerdeLaboratories and Biocann Laboratories, both of which are ISO-17025 certified.

Concentration and Strength 

Averaging out to 75mg of CBD per ounce, CBDfx CBD Muscle Balm includes 150mg of CBD. As per the certificate of analysis each batch has 148.2 mg. In contrast with other CBD topicals, the Muscle Balm has a below-normal concentration. While the concentration is not suggestive of a product’s effectiveness, it can be concerning to see comparatively minor amounts of CBD.


CBDfx is priced at $39.99 for its Muscle Balm, which comes out to $0.267 per mg and $20 per ounce. The cost per mg is highfor a CBD topical, due to the minimal concentration. Concerning the price per ounce, the Muscle Balm is moderately priced.

Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD is a new participant in the CBD industry. It enteredthe market in 2008. The brand’s key mission is to make surepeople find relief from pain and other disorders safely andnaturally. It is a family-owned business that operates out of Raleigh, NC with an office based in Europe.

The company wants to stand out by concentrating on its quality. On that note, it doesn’t use any flavorings or artificial elements to make their products. It sources its cannabis for CBD products from the local farms in the area. It acquires its hemp from 2 family-run farms in Kentucky and Colorado. Even though, they have limited number of products, all of these comes with greaterpotency than any regular CBD product.

Quality of Hemp

Spruces grow their hemp from farms owned and managed by families within the United States. They mainly source it from two major farms, one in Colorado and the other in Kentucky. These two farms are admired for their organic farming methods. They produce the finest quality and potent hemp strain used in CBD. After the sourcing of the raw materials, Spruce utilizes the moonshine extraction method. It is to make sure that thecustomers can enjoy the best combination of powerful and mellowed THC. The moonshine filtering procedure happensbefore the bottling process so that the benefits moonshine filtering process is embedded in the end product. So, customersdo not have to be concerned about it leaving behind anyunwanted elements resulting in taste.

Concentration and Strength 

Spruce only uses 100% organic ingredients extracted from hemp grown organically and locally. As the CBD oil is full spectrum, the product may well have some cannabinoids along with other element like CBN, CBC and also a hint of THC. Hence, if you are concerned about a drug test or putting up in a state where it is not allowed, it is safer to stay clear from this brand. 

Nonetheless, it should be noted that Spruce product that includes THC has only 0.3% of it as per the standards set by the State Law. So, no matter what Spruce product you are using, it is absolutely permissible in the United States. 


The price of Spruce line of CBD products starts from $0.11 and goes up to $0.13 per mg, which for a high quality, full-spectrum CBD oil is very modestly priced and is comparable to parallelproducts in the market. Spruce also has a subscribe-and-save choice, which saves buyers 15% on monthly purchases as well as free shipment.


Medterra has two concentrations of their cooling creams — a softer 2.5 mg per ml potency, and a stronger 7.5 mg per ml version. Both are prepared with other medicinal herbs like menthol, arnica, rosemary, grapefruit, clary sage, ginger and more to help manage the impacts of the CBD and make the procedure more efficient at fighting inflammation and pain. 

The consistency of the cream can be termed as slippery and smooth giving it exceptional absorptive capability. This cream rapidly absorbs into the skin where it creates a cooling, numbing sensation along with powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This is a brilliant all-around CBD cream that make upfor a great supplement to the camping box, medicine cabinet, or gym bag.

Quality of Hemp 

Medterra uses non-GMO, 100% organic, pesticide-free modernhemp grown in Kentucky. Everything on their shelves is third-party tested for quality. This company is termed as a seed-to-bottle company, which implies they regulate the production of their products from the cultivation all the way up to blending the final elements and extracts together. This provides the companywith strict control over the quality of their manufactured products.  Once Medterra attains USDA accreditation on their hemp they’ll be receiving a official 5-star rating.

Concentration and Strength

This product comes in two concentrations: 2.5 mg per ml and 7.5 mg per ml. Merged with the other analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients in this method, the potency is adequatefor the intended purpose and experience. The lower concentration alternative may not be enough to deliver enough relief for anything but the most insignificant symptoms.


This product comes with a remarkable price. At just $0.10 per mg of CBD in the greater potency bottle, this cream is valuedwell below average in its type — especially for the quality of product. Medterra is renowned for its high-quality and low-cost products like this.

Alternative of CBD for muscle or joint pain 

There are additional ways a person can cut muscle or joint pain related with sport or exercises. Some people prefer these options alongside CBD salves. These include the following :

Massages or Rubdowns: Sports massages or rubdowns, may decrease deferred onset muscle soreness (DOMS)and enhanceflexibility.

Stretching before exercise or physical activity: Begore commencing any physical exercise or sports Stretching can helpback, shoulder and knee pain.

Applying Ice: Numbing the sore tissue and slowing down the pain messages from the brain, Ice act as a local anesthetic. When using ice, always wrap it in a cloth or towel and never put it directly on the skin which may result in blistering. 

Drugs with anti-inflammatory properties: There are someover the counter (OTC) medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that can assist to decreaseinflammation and pain. Nevertheless, this is not considered to be a long-term solution.


People who participate in a lot of exercise, such as athletes, may experience dry skin, blisters, muscle soreness, and chafing. Using salve can protect and heal the skin from these injuries.There is a range of slaves on the market that may ease pain andinflammation. Various athletes go for for CBD salves because they result in rapid relief, often taking effect within 10–20minutes and can last for a few hours. An athlete can consider using CBD salve products in combination with stretching, rubdowns/massages, or ice to help tackle the minor injuries.


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