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Playoff Watchability Rankings | Who will be the best team to watch?

Derrick Henry Titans Fantasy Rankings
Derrick Henry is one of the best running backs in the NFL, and he has been an absolute animal this year.

By: NFLHeads

    The watchability rankings are brought about by an interest in viewing good sport, and some teams (Bears, Jets, Jaguars) are teams that are just plain unwatchable. If you are deciding what game you want to watch on Saturday or Sunday I advise you to take a glimpse at these rankings, and that will give you a good idea of what game to watch.

  1. Tennessee Titans

The Titans have one of the most incredible offensive talents in the NFL in Derrick Henry, and his incredible value is in tandem with the exciting nature of his play. Certain plays stick out that are more memorable than almost any other, for instance everybody remembers the play where Derrick Henry stiff armed the living s*** out of a Bills defender. In addition to Henry, Tannehill is a very good watch, especially with AJ Brown being such an exciting receiver to watch.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs

This is an obvious lock for at least the second spot, Mahomes looks exciting as ever and Clyde Edwards-Helaire has a burst that is seldom matched by any running back, and certainly unmatched by any rookie running back. Kansas City has also improved defensively which would make both sides of the ball very fun to watch.

  1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills have transitioned into being a team mostly fueled by its defense to a team that is led by the incredible development of Josh Allen’s passing attack. In addition, Allen has built a rapport with Stefon Diggs, and the chemistry between the two players is extremely fun to watch. Actually if Devin Singletary was as exciting to watch as he was last year, I probably would have slotted the Bills in either first or second place on this list.

  1. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay features a quarterback that has to be at least a finalist in the MVP race, and if not for Derrick Henry and Patrick Mahomes he would far and away be the consensus pick for the award. What Rodgers lacks in mobility in the same way Allen and Mahomes have, his throws are nothing less than mind boggling. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams make a nice eye candy tandem.

  1. New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is pretty unexciting, but the man playing second fiddle is a great watch (that’d be Taysom Hill), and he was featured very heavily in his last playoff game. Alvin Kamara gives them an edge, as he is the only player in the NFL that even reaches Derrick Henry’s level of excitement. The defense has a lot of solid pieces, maybe not the most fun watch but they get the job done well.

  1. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens actually have one of the more exciting quarterbacks in the NFL in Lamar Jackson, and a few fun running backs in Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins. Other than that, there is nothing I find particularly fun. The receiver drops are always an eye sore, and the defense tends to always choke in big spots. The Ravens have yet to prove they can be exciting in big games, and I see no reason why this year will be different.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady is a stone in the pocket which really hurts the Bucs value on this list, but Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Ronald Jones all make pretty fun watches. Unfortunately the offense just isn’t all that fun of a watch, but the defense far and away exceeds any other non Steelers team on this list. There are stars like Lavonte David and Devin Smith, but there are also unsung heroes like Jordan Whitehead, Jamal Dean, and Antoine Winfield, all of whom make the defense a very fun watch.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

Don’t get me wrong Russ is amazing, but at some point watching him put an entire Seahawks offense on his back gets a little old while in the midst of limited surrounding talent and a defense that would probably struggle against the average middle school football team. At the same time, Russ is still a fun watch and moves the Hawks up a little on the list.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have the most dominant defense in the playoffs, however the Steelers offense is extremely lacking in burst, given that the only good receiver this year has been Chase Claypool, and Ben Roethlisberger is a statue in the pocket. Good defense can be appreciated, but a fun offense is much more exciting, earning the Steelers the tenth spot on this list.

  1. Los Angeles Rams

This is sort of dependent on whether the Rams will have Goff or John Wolford, but even Goff is not the most exciting watch. Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods may be an extremely exciting watch, and Aaron Donald is certainly nothing less than the most captivating defensive player in the league, but that’s honestly just about it.

  1. Cleveland Browns

Now we get to the portion of the list that might be a tad controversial, what needs to be considered here is that while the Browns have premier talent oozing out of their ears, their playoff experience is so limited that the Browns will likely have an extremely tough time fully utilizing their talent. Besides that, Baker is on and off purely in terms of excitement.

  1. Indianapolis Colts

Philip Rivers is likely playing his final year in the NFL, and the offense he is operating while efficient, is dull as dirt. The Colts are like a version of the Steelers, a boring offensive watch and a dominant defensive performance. The Colts would not be my first choice to watch on a Saturday or a Sunday.

  1. Washington Football Team

This no name NFC East team by all rights should be dead last in watchability, but Chase Young is just too fun, and honest to God no matter how boring Alex Smith is, given his amazing comeback story I find him just as exciting to watch as Mahomes, Allen, or Wilson. However, not having Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson really hurts their watchability.

  1. Chicago Bears

I hate watching the Bears. The only exciting thing about the team is David Montgomery, and he is impossible to enjoy because every time you look up after a Montgomery run, Mitch Trubisky is making some boneheaded mistake and making life a real pain in the butt for fans. I would not watch the Bears’ Wild Card game if you are not looking to watch all six of the Wild Card matchups. 

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