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Week 11 NFL QB Index, Mahomes tops the charts

Russell Wilson MVP fantasy studs
Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has been lights out in 2020. Can he keep it going through week 12?

By: NFLHeads

  1. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes has shown us that he is the top MVP candidate and that the Chiefs are probably the best team in the AFC. I know that the Chiefs won by 4 points, but Patrick Mahomes showed us that he can lead his team to victory in high scoring games. I think that the only way to beat Mahomes and the Chiefs is to score more points than them, which is going to be very hard.

  1. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is back in the MVP race. Wilson fell off the past few games, but he has regained his momentum and he is going to finish strong. Russ showed that he can lead the offense in overcoming their terrible defense and get wins, but once the defense gets back to the way it used to, the Seahawks will be a dangerous team to face.

  1. Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben is here! The Steelers are the best team in the league, and Ben had a very big part in their success. His knowledge, confidence, and ability to throw the ball shows us why Ben is a very successful QB in this league. If he continues to play like this, the Steelers will be going 16-0 and will go to the Super Bowl.

  1. Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson carried the Texans, again, and to a victory. I can’t believe that Watson is still here in Houston, and if I was him, I would convince the head coach to get some weapons, or demand a trade. There are people who hate on Watson, but it’s the rest of the team that makes him look bad.

  1. Justin Herbert

Now that Joe Burrow is out for the season (hopefully he gets better), Justin Herbert is now the top candidate for ROY and OROY. Herbert might even be in the MVP conversation, but the rest of the Chargers organization has other plans. Herbert will continue to grow and will eventually win MVP.

  1. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray had a slight off day, but he was still great against the Seahawks. He is still in the MVP race, but he had a slight detour. Murray has been spectacular the whole season, and I believe that he will get up after this bump.

  1. Philip Rivers

Rivers and Co. somehow were somehow able to hold off Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. The Colts showed that their #1 defense can make plays when needed, and that Philip Rivers still has something left in the tank. Rivers is leading the Colts to the top of the AFC South and the Colts will be a tough opponent in the playoffs.

  1. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers played well against the Colts, and he would be higher, but MVS fumbled the ball in a crucial situation, which led to the Colts winning. Aaron Rodgers is an MVP candidate and he will lead the Packers deep into the playoffs, but if the rest of the team doesn’t stand up, Rodgers won’t be able to carry the Packers to victory.

  1. Derek Carr

Derek Carr is balling this season for the Raiders. His defense needs to step up in order to give Carr the respect he deserves. Carr has struggled in the past, but he is feeling himself this season, and I believe he will lead the Raiders to the playoffs.

  1. Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton was a spark for the Cowboys after this game. After Dak went down, the Cowboys went into a QB carousel, which was wack. Now that Dalton is back, he gives the Cowboys some hope in taking the lead in the NFC East race.

  1. Taysom Hill

People were clowning Taysom Hill in starting instead of Jameis Winston, but Taysom instead showed that he can lead the Saints after Drew Brees retires. Hill is much more mobile than Brees, which adds another dimension to the Saints offense. Hill will prove to be a big plus for the Saints.

  1. Ryan Tannehill

Tannehill was going down after starting the season off strong, but it seems that he does well against the Ravens. Tannehill has gotten back up from his slump, but he will have to do more work in order to get the top spot in the AFC South, but I believe that he will get it done.

  1. Kirk Cousins

Cousins had a lot of confidence coming into this game. After winning his first Monday Night Football game, Cousins seemed to bring that same attitude into the game against the Cowboys, but sadly, his team didn’t step up for him. If he keeps playing like this, the Vikings will be a top contender in the playoffs.

  1. Jared Goff

Goff showed the world on MNF that he can win against big teams. The Bucs are not an easy team to beat, but when the offense and the defense are playing spectacular, you can beat anyone. Goff stepped up in a big way, and he will continue to grow on this victory.

  1. Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco didn’t do that well against the Chargers, but you can’t really blame him for the Jets being a garbage team. He is a place holder and will continue to be that place holder until the Jets can draft Trevor Lawrence, then Flacco will be benched.

  1. Cam Newton

Cam Newton probably just messed up the Patriots chances of making the playoffs. Cam better start getting better because 1 more week like this and he is going straight to the bench.

  1. Joe Burrow

Why does this have to happen? Burrow was on the verge of being ROY, but the Bengals O-Line decided to be the Bengals O-Line and mess Burrow up. The Bengals have no chance without Burrow, and they better fix that O-Line of theirs or they’re not going to have a QB. 

  1. Tom Brady

I don’t understand how this is happening. Tom Brady has so many weapons at his disposal, but he doesn’t use them properly. It seems that Brady does better when he has very few, good weapons than he does with a lot of them. Brady needs to step it up for the rest of the season, or the Bucs are not going to make it far in the playoffs.

  1. Lamar Jackson

As stated in previous articles, Lamar Jackson has been hit with the Madden Curse. He needs to step it up if he wants to give the Ravens a chance to make it deep in the playoffs. If not, then Lamar will not be successful in this league.

  1. PJ Walker

The XFL top candidate for MVP had his first start in the NFL, and it was a pretty good one. He showed us that the skills he had in the XFL were not fluky, and he can lead this team to victory.

  1. Baker Mayfield

Again, another win for the Browns because of their defense. When will the time come where the Browns win because of the offense? That will happen as soon as Baker Mayfield decides to play good, which doesn’t seem to happen. His defense won’t be able to save him always, so Mayfield better bring his a game for the rest of the season.

  1. Carson Wentz

Wentz had a terrible game, again. He made costly mistakes which gave the Browns points, and he doesn’t seem to learn from them. Thankfully he plays in the NFC East, but if he doesn’t play better soon, he might get benched for Jalen Hurts.

  1. Tua Tagovailoa

Tua said the NFL was too easy for him. Boy was he wrong. The Broncos gave him a dose of reality and forced Tua to be benched in the 4th quarter for Fitzpatrick. 

  1. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan had a harsh day in New Orleans. Not only was the ball not able to move much, Ryan was getting sacked left and right. What’s better? The defense couldn’t stop Taysom Hill. Ryan needs help because he was getting destroyed out there.

  1. Matthew Stafford

Stafford had a terrible game against the Panthers. Most of the time, I would say that Stafford played great and that he needs more help, but Stafford played bad this game.I would consider this an off day for Stafford, but he needs to bring it for the remainder of the season.

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick doesn’t deserve to be this low, but he wasn’t able to get a win for the Dolphins. He wasn’t that bad; he was able to move the ball more than Tua could the entire game, and Fitzpatrick doesn’t get enough credit for his playing.

  1. Drew Lock

Just like with Baker, Drew Lock did not help the Broncos win. It was the defense that saved him. Lock is on the hot seat and he needs to step it up, or he will not be the starter much longer.

  1. Ryan Finley

I didn’t expect Ryan Finley to play this season, but with Joe Burrow injured, it looks like Finley will be the starter for the rest of the season.

  1. Jake Luton

I am pretty sure that everyone expected this for Jake Lutton. Facing one of the best defenses in the league and the only undefeated team is not easy. I expect Luton to learn from this and bounce back.

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