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Week 10 QB Index: Big Ben at the top spot

Ben Roethlisberger upset alert Fantasy Football
Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is a big time player and has been playing lights out in 2020. He is our top QB in week 10.

By: NFLHeads

  1. Ben Roethlisberger

DAMN Roethlisberger looked good, throwing all over the Bengals for 333 yards, 4 touchdowns,  and no picks. I still do not trust the Steelers as a Super Bowl team given that Patrick Mahomes is a human being who exists on our planet, but this is definitely a gigantic step in the right direction for anyone who would like to make that claim.

  1. Tom Brady

As weird as it is to say, Brady has been the most up and down quarterback of 2020, and today was an up day against the Panthers, tossing for 341 yards, three touchdowns, and no picks. I would like to see him do this more consistently, but this was a good look for Tommy Boy. 

  1. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray sure is happy to have a receiver like Hopkins on his team, but many people don’t realise that a lot of QB’s would not be able to escape the rush like Murray could and chuck the ball 50 yards down the field. Murray is now a MVP candidate and he will only get better.

  1. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers still looked plenty good against the Jaguars, but he nearly let Jake Luton win the game, which would have been the biggest upset of the whole 2020 season. Rodgers has shown his dominant form plenty of times this year, which makes me think he will repeat that in weeks to come.

  1. Matthew Stafford

Stafford is one of the most underrated QB’s in the league. He would be a superstar if he was another team, but he is showing that he can lead a team with the talent of the Lions. He has one of the strongest arms and he knows how to throw a football, while also being one of the most durable QB’s.

  1. Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater had no chance against a Buccaneers team that had a white hot Tom Brady, and to me Bridgewater has accomplished a lot under the circumstances. Look for Bridgewater to progress even further in the future.

  1. Josh Allen

Josh Allen had a tremendous game against the Cardinals. While the Bills lost, Allen’s performance was a win for the Bills. He is continuing to improve his game, and with the WR corp that he has, Allen will on get better and he will continue rising in the MVP conversation.

  1. Cam Newton

Super Cam had arrived for this game. Playing against the Ravens defense is difficult, but Newton made it look like child’s play. This is the type of performance that the Patriots needed, and I believe that he can lead the Patriots to the playoffs.

  1. Tua Tagovailoa

All Dolphin fans are really happy that Fitzpatrick got benched, because it’s Tua Time. Tua is 3-0 in his first 3 starts and he is starting to ball out. Now I don’t know if Tua has any magical powers, but ever since he started against the Rams, the Dolphins defense has been top notch. I am looking forward to seeing Tua get better.

  1. Jared Goff

I am convinced that this season is Goff’s comeback season. He is proving that he is the Franchise QB for the Rams, and that he can win. Going up against the Seahawks is difficult, but Goff is showing glimpses of the Rams Super Bowl Run. I think that if Goff continues to play like this, then the Rams will definitely get into the playoffs.

  1. Justin Herbert

This is probably the first game that I have seen out of Herbert in which he played terribly, which is saying something. Herbert has been putting the Chargers on his back and they continue to fail him, and now when Herbert needs his team to pull him up, they just ignore him.

  1. Phillip Rivers

The Colts played well, but let’s be honest the Titans handed them this game on a silver platter. Rivers did not blow the game, but I would not trust him in a big spot against a good team.

  1. Derek Carr

Carr is not having a stand out year so far, but the rest of the team sure is. When you have a great rushing attack, and your defense is manhandling the opposing team’s offense, the QB doesn’t have to do much.

  1. Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones played much better on Sunday, and looked good in the rushing game as well, scoring a rushing touchdown as well as going 21/28 for 244 yards and no picks in the air. This is not the maximum upside for Jones, and it is something to be excited about.

  1. Alex Smith

So glad to see Alex Smith back on the field. He did pretty good in the game against the Lions, but the only problem was that Smith plays for the Washington National Football Team. If Smith was on another team, he would be great. But we will have to wait and see.

  1. Kirk Cousins

Cousins looked fine for once, but Kirk Cousins had to pull out the onions to beat Tyler Bray by 6 points. I am glad that Cousins can beat a low level third string quarterback, but let’s see if he can ever become a starter that can carry a team on his back.

  1. Ryan Tannehill

What happened to Tannehill?! Ryan Tannehill layed down and let the Colts walk over him, and is not doing a good job utilizing Derrick Henry, AJ Brown, Jonnu Smith, and yes even Corey Davis. We have seen the Titans’ ceiling, and I think everyone will agree their ceiling can be one that shows a top 5 NFL team, but Tannehill has to start playing well again.

  1. Joe Burrow

Burrow had a bad game. That’s what happens when you face the only undefeated team in the league. Burrow still has much to improve on and this loss shows that he is still a rookie, but with more experience, Burrow will be dangerous in this league.

  1. Lamar Jackson

It has returned. The Madden Curse has struck again on Lamar Jackson. He went from playing like an MVP to a regular QB. If Lamar doesn’t get it together and learns to win in big games, his time as a starter will end.

  1. Carson Wentz

Wentz is dull, and no longer does anything to help his team. Carson Wentz’s trademark is being able to carry his team, no matter how damaged, to miraculous wins. Well, a tie against the Bengals early in the season, and a loss to both the Washington Football Team and the Giants is squashing that narrative. 

  1. Deshaun Watson

Well, if I was Deshaun Watson, I would demand a trade. Not only did his team lose, but his offense was just straight garbage. On top of that, you see that D Hop made the game winning catch against the Bills. Watson is not a bad QB, the rest of his team is.

  1. Baker Mayfield

This game was ugly, and so was Baker’s playing, but unlike Watson, Baker’s team is actually good. With Nick Chubb back, Mayfield has the best backfield in the league. All Baker needs to do know is not be dumb.

  1. Jake Luton

Jake Luton did not look any better in his second start, but he still was not awful. It seems so strange that the Jaguars hit on all of their 6th round quarterbacks but cannot seem to draft anyone good in the first round.

  1. Drew Brees

It is truly sad that Brees suffered an injury. He, along with Kamara, were probably the only people on the Saints that were keeping them alive. Saints fans better hope that Brees returns fast, because I don’t see Jameis Winston helping them at all.

  1. Russell Wilson

Wilson looked pretty awful against the Rams defense on Sunday, which is nothing short of a complete shock. Even though the Seahawks have kept all of their games close, this was an embarrassing loss for Wilson, who threw for no touchdowns and two picks.

  1. Jameis Winston

Winston did not have to do anything in relief of Drew Brees, who suffered multiple fractured ribs and a punctured lung, but he will have to step up and be someone if the Saints want to have any shot in the playoff race.

  1. Nick Foles

Foles got benched for Tyler Bray because of ineffective play, which while it did nothing, was a necessary move to motivate Foles to play better in the future. Foles threw for 15/26 passes, 106 yards, no touchdowns, and a pick.

  1. Nick Mullens

Mullens had a bad game. He is not the franchise QB for the 49ers, but with all the injuries that they’ve had, Mullens needs to play well in order to keep the 49ers above water. 

  1. Drew Lock

After having a strong game last week, Lock laid an absolute egg, and then turned around and smashed the egg on his head. He may have thrown for a touchdown and over 200 yards, but he threw four picks. Unacceptable, especially against the Raiders defense.

  1. Tyler Bray

Tyler Bray went 1/5 in passes and threw for 18 yards. Yeah. Bray is now not on an active NFL roster.

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