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Draft Buzz: These three Prospects could interest the Cleveland Browns

These three 2021 NFL Draft Prospects could help the Browns win right now. Check out this breakdown by NFL Draft Diamonds scout Jon-Michael Salter.

Arguably one of the brightest spots of 2020, NFL Season, has been the AFC North. Between the Browns, Steelers, and Ravens, fighting it out for division supremacy, and the Bengals, Rolling out a shiny new player in number 1 overall, QB Joe Burrow (Despite his injury in week 11), the North looks to be full of life. Maybe among all this excitement, the Cleveland Browns, who are finally playing up to their potential, has been the brightest spot of all. Stacked with talent across the board, and led by a good to great coach in offensive-minded Kevin Stefanski, the Browns, have the look of a potential playoff team. Although they have been solid this year, they do have their holes. Some are more apparent than others. Keeping that in mind, I decided to find a few college prospects, that could help the Browns, roster for years to come.

1) DB Verone McKinley III, Oregon

With the way offenses are built to perform now, having a versatile weapon to defend with can always help. Enter Oregon’s Verone McKinley III. Versatile is putting it lightly, the rising star is capable of playing anywhere on the backend of a defense. We spoke over the weekend, and I asked him about his versatility and his comfort level, playing in multiple sports?

“I feel like if I had to choose, I would probably like to play inside, like in the Nickel, or at the Free. But I feel confident, I can be of help anywhere on the back end. I don’t mind playing on an island, as long as am helping my team win” (stay tuned for the complete interview and article this week) McKinley, has the tools to be a difference-maker, and also posses the mental part of it, to make him a leader at the next level.

2) WR Yo’Heinz Tyler, Ball State

The Browns have a nice core of wide-outs, on their roster, as we speak. But still question marks, that need answering. While those are being answered, adding Tyler would be a great first step. Built to be a true Number 1 WR, Tyler, has strong hands, clean route running ability, and violence when the ball is in his hands. He has the tools, to play both inside and out, while also helping on special teams. Although Cleveland, has some big names in the WR room, adding a talent like the Ball State, prospect, would be a great get, for the young coach.

3) RB Trey Smith, Wyoming

As I said, some holes on this team are bigger than others, and we all know the Browns, have a pair of RBs, that could be starters on any roster. After them it gets shaky, and with the injury bug always around the corner, adding talent to keep a team afloat can always help. Enter, Wyoming Running Back, Trey Smith. The son of Jaguar Great, Jimmy Smith, Trey, has the look of a real steal. He has a sneaky athleticism to him, that bolds well in both the running and passing game. He plays with a chip on his shoulder, and never seems to be outworked. Talking to him earlier this season,

We spoke about what he could bring to an NFL team?

“I feel like with me, they are getting a guy who will never slack. I will not be outworked, and I feel like I can help any team. I can always get better at things, we all can, but I know I have the skill set to be a weapon for a team. I like contact, so I don’t mind blocking, I can get those short yards, and I have good hands.”

I challenge you to put on his tape and watch this kid. If he is there to be taken on day 3 of the draft, it would behoove, Cleveland to take a very long look.


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