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Top 7 NFL Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Steelers Bills screwed by NFL
The NFL has been exciting already in 2020. Betting on the NFL however can be tough at times. When betting you should try to avoid these seven mistakes.

Having a flutter on the football can be very lucrative – unfortunately, most of the time it’s the bookies making bank. Statistics show that sportsbook providers make their biggest hauls on NFL betting, and not only because it’s America’s most popular betting market.

Amateur gamblers make up the majority of the NFL betting cohort, and of course people tend to make the same mistakes. There are some errors that are very easily avoided, however, and if you follow just a few simple guidelines you could find your NFL betting luck changing. After reading this article, you will be ready to find a no wagering casino Canada at and confidently place a bet with the sportsbook. 

A small disclaimer, of course; nothing is guaranteed in sports betting. But steer clear of these seven pitfalls and you could be in with a much better chance.

1. Betting with your heart

Sports betting should be done with a cool, analytical head. The passion that we feel for our own team is not a good mix with sports betting. In fact, it is best to avoid betting on your own team altogether. Some fans will place a small bet against their team to soften the blow if they lose, but really it’s better to just enjoy the game as a spectator and leave the betting to other games.

2. Too many parlay bets

Looking at the potential returns, it may be tempting to place a complicated combination bet. There is a reason that the payout is so big for a small stake – it’s because the chances of winning on a combo of two or more outcomes is very small indeed. Even if you do win, the bookmakers collect a bigger cut from parlays, so you could be losing up to a third of your winnings.

3. Going with the crowd

The public tend to bet based on the most recent performances of NFL teams, rather than taking a broader view. A disappointing outing for a team will cause the lines to shift the following week, even if they have been solid in the season up until then. This is the time to take advantage of some good value bet offers, rather than following what most other people are doing.

4. Focusing on moneyline favourites

Of course everyone wants to bet on a winner, but that is not where the value usually lies. Moneyline favourites are not rewarding bets, even if you do win. Look for other ways to place a wager on an NFL game, such as scoring players, total points or number of touchdowns. In many cases, it may well be worth a wager on the underdog, like when the spread is no more than four points. Don’tdiscount over/under bets, either.

5. Overlooking smaller games

Sportsbooks spend more money, effort and employee hours on the high-profile games. This means that more expertise goes into odds setting than in the smaller games. If you’re interested enough, this can give you a chance to catch some aspects that have been overlooked, such as individual player form, injuries and weather conditions.

6. Sticking with one sportsbook

It can be a little tedious, but checking out the NFL odds at a few different sportsbook providers can help you find the best options. Over the course of a full season, this could give you an edge and help you find some great deals. 

7. Falling for the gambler’s fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy makes even less sense with sports than it does with games of chance in a casino. A team can never be ‘due’ for a certain result, especially when it would be out of keeping with their previous form. Judge every game on its own individual merits, and evaluate your bet based on the game in front of you. 

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