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Top 7 College Tips for NFL and NCAA Players

Top 7 College Tips for NFL and NCAA Players
School is just as important as football. You may not see it right now, but you have to remain focused on school, because the average NFL career is only 3 years.


Many college students dream of achieving athletic success while maintaining their academic success. However, only a few can make it. Read this article to discover top 7 college tips for sports students like you and get ready to embark on the student-athlete journey:

Plan your options in advance

Once you are sure to play sports in college, the first thing you need to do is pick out the institute that ideally fits you in terms of sports programs. Colleges are usually divided into three divisions as per the rules of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Division I schools offer the highest level of competition and more elaborate facilities for sports students. With their substantial scholarship funding program, they have the biggest budget. That’s why they offer more sports scholarships than Divisions II and III. Also, they have a rigid set of rules.

Division II schools have an intermediate level with almost same competitiveness and skillset of athletes as that of Division I. However, colleges in Division II lack financial resources to facilitate large athletic programs without placing the financial burden on their students.

Lastly, Division III is the largest division of NCAA but tend to have the smallest athletic budgets. They emphasize more on the benefits of competition than on organizing sports events and making revenue. They don’t offer any athletic scholarships.

You need to decide which Division you want to play for. You also need to determine your athlete level and skills and identify different registration rules and eligibility criteria for different divisions before you choose a college.

Moreover, some teachers assign statistical projects to sports students so that they can analyze and track their performance numerically via some statistical software. You can search various statistic projects examples to get a grip on your assigned task. It is yet one of the other essential college tips you need to consider.

Avoid lack of sleep

Piles of assignments, lengthy classes, and lots of extracurricular activities coupled with your 20-hour sports practices per week – all are accounting for your lack of sleep. Sleep is the first thing students compromise when they have too many things to do at a time. However, beware about sleep deprivation and try your best to avoid it. Manage your schedule wisely and devote your free hours to naps. This way, you can cope with your sleeping issues.

Your team is more than a team – it’s your family

After spending lots of hours practicing with your teammates and meeting them twice a day, your team goes beyond being only a sports team. It becomes just like your family. Get to know your team members, interact with them friendly and enjoy your moments with them. After all, your friends are the ones who make your life colorful and entertaining. Plus, you celebrate every sport victory your team achieves together. College friendships are, therefore, said to last long.

Ask for help when needed

Among many tips for college students, this one plays an important role. Students, sometimes, take all the burden of their studies and sports activities on themselves. It can lead to burn-out and even more problems. Don’t forget to share your worries and ask for help from someone who is only too happy to help you. You can consult your professors if anything regarding your course is troubling you. Besides, the athletic department of your college can also provide great assistance and support to sport students. You can talk about your unmanageable schedules and sports hours with them. If you are facing difficulties in completing your assignments or perhaps writing resumes for internships you may want to apply shorty, you can take help from professional services. Many students search college writing tips, resume rewrite service and paper writing advice on the internet to address problems related to their studies. And, there’s no harm in doing that. You will find some of the reliable services that can help you with your college education.  

Don’t skip your meals

Don’t skip your meals

health in check. Then, do follow it strictly. Remember that your healthy and nutritious diet is vital to keep you active and energetic throughout your sports and academic career. Moreover, treat yourself with ice-cream or something delightful on the day you have achieved or exceeded your target.

Your professors can help you as your coaches do

Don’t bottle up your feelings when it comes to open discussions with your professors. Ask them for help, suggestions, and advice on how you can handle your work and athletic schedule in a better way. You will find them probably more understanding than you thought when you speak frankly and open up with them. Like a good relationship you have with your coach, you should also develop a direct and candid rapport with your professors. Once they recognize your athletic commitments along with your academic concerns, they will be happy to lend you as much support as possible. You may get surprised to know how much they are eager to help you both on and off fields if you tell them your issues clearly on time.

Treat your School as Your First Priority

Treat your School as Your First Priority

Final tip, but the most important one; never let anything harm your academic success, be it your die-hard passion for sports. If you stop dedicating your time to your studies, you will face the risk of getting a low GPA. And, to tell you the truth, this won’t look good on your overall degree program. Improve your schedule by dividing equal hours to your studies and sports sessions. Instead of burning the midnight oil, stay ahead of your tasks and sports duties. Learn time management techniques and explore college writing tips since you will come across many writing projects throughout your college term. However, if you are worried about your assignments and lack some essential essay writing tips, don’t hesitate in consulting some efficient coursework writing service. They will help you out in managing your assignments and that way, you can keep a good track on your grade scores in semesters.  


You can develop a successful athletic career along with academic achievement if you plan and work smartly. Enjoy the perks of both since both are important for your future. Follow your dreams with all your heart and soul. We wish you all the success in your sport-cum-college success endeavor!

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