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Put some respect on these names. Three QB’s that deserve more love

Put Respect on these QB's name
Jon-Michael Salter wants us fans to put some respect on these young quarterbacks names!

We see it year in and year out. The media seem to fall in love with a certain player or players. For some reason, the love shown for these media darling’s, seem to be everywhere, and for the most part, it is deserved. But then there are the other guys. The guys that deserve just as much attention but just can’t seem to get the respect they deserve. This is something I never understood. Could it be the draft status of a certain guy? Or could it be something else? whatever it is I am personally tired of it. So with that, I decided to start a new series where I will pick 3 players every week, be it at the quarterback position, like this week. Or another spot on the field, I have decided to plunge inside and find the players who are performing, and not getting any real love.

1) Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

It is only two weeks into the 2020 season, and despite it being so early, you have to give it up to the young guy. Allen has been a complete monster over these first two weeks, and for some reason, the media doesn’t seem to love him for it. In two weeks, Allen has thrown for 729 yards, 6 Touchdowns, and yet to throw a pick this season. Best of all, he is undefeated as of now. Leading his Bills to back-to-back division wins. Since being drafted, Allen has proven time and time again he has the athleticism to hurt opposing defenses, and the arm strength to toss it a mile. But this year he has taken another step towards being the franchise guy this team truly deserves. His football IQ has been on full display this season, picking apart defenses, and leading his team the right way. It has been years (Since Jim Kelly) since Buffalo, has had a true gun-slinger, and franchise star. I believe it is time to truly give this man his love.

2) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks.

I know I know, Russell Wilson, has been around for a while, the media considers him one of the best QBs in the game. Well, he deserves more, season after season, Wilson has been the bright spot, that has kept his team, fighting for tops in the NFC West. As well as the top of the NFC. This year hasn’t been any different. I understand the love affair for the young and fancy new toy, Patrick Mahomes, but it is Wilson and not Mahomes, which is by far the best QB in the league. This season has been a real eye-opener. I have watched Wilson since his rookie year, and he never ceases to amaze me. But this season there is something new about Wilson. In two games Wilson has thrown for 610 yards, a whopping 9 TD’s, and 1 pick. Mind you that one pick was a dropped pass, that turned into a pick-6. Not his fault. His QB rating has been spectacular up until now, averaging 140.0 ratings, and killing defenses while doing so. It isn’t easy manhandling a Bill Belichick, defense, but that’s what he did in week 2. I know it is early, but it is about time, Wilson starts getting his due. Maybe we can start by giving him his first MVP vote? Like it or not, the best quarterback in the NFL (Wilson), deserves some real respect.

3) Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers.

I have been banging the table for Justin Herbert, since the first time we all thought he was coming out in the draft. I started pounding even harder this year during the draft. As I have always believed he was the clear QB1 in the draft and should have gone first. I also believe it should have been a no-brainer to let him start from day-1. Despite it not happening the kid finally got his shot, and well well, look at what he can do. Facing the defending super bowl champions, Herbert was a stud in week 2. Numbers-wise, he sported and nice 94.4 passer rating in his first start, including throwing for 311 yards and a touchdown. It wasn’t just the numbers that stood out to me. It was his poise, playing in his first game, taking on the media’s favorite player, Patrick Mahomes, and never blinking. He took apart that Kansas City defense and solidified himself as a legit NFL QB. Despite losing, which wasn’t his fault (Bad coaching decision) Herbert proved he can play with the best of them, and from here on out, deserves some real respect.

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