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Betting System Alternatives for the NFL

Salary Cap Carryovers have been announced for all 32 teams
There are tons of ways to make money betting on the NFL, find out which ways can make the most money!

No professional sports league enjoys as much popularity in the U.S as the National Football League {NFL}. Moreover, this is the most profitable sports league in the U.S with reported revenue of $14.48 billion in 2018 from 32 participating teams. With the high odds for gamers in the NFL, it also makes sense that most are trooping to online betting sites to bet on the league. Though convenient, online sports betting comes with several new terms.

One of these terms is a betting system. An online betting system gives a gamer patterns that will boost his/her chances of high earnings by employing the right strategy. Though there exists no particular betting system for the NFL per se, some sports betting systems work exceptionally well for this league.

Below are guidelines on your best betting system options for the NFL.

Martingale System

The martingale betting system began in the 18th century. In this system, you progressively increase your bet each time you lose. If therefore, you bet $100 and lose, your next bet should be $200. While this sounds risky, the gains you will get when you finally win are quite rewarding.

When you win under the martingale betting system, you place a similar wager as the one you won for your next game. As such, if you won after placing a $20 bet, your next bet will be $20. The martingale system boosts your chances of winning in the short term but works best when you have many teams in the league.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere betting system works like the martingale system but splits your wager into different amounts. In this system, you will capitalize on two bets with equal, or almost equal, odds of happening at the same frequency. The wagers you place should amount to the total that you wish to win. For example, if you want to win $100, you can place five bets of $20 or ten of $10.

If you pick the right odds in the short term, the Labouchere system guarantees high profits. Moreover, you can have a set maximum amount to bet so that you do not overspend. The Labouchere betting system can, however, quickly become costly and thus works best for those with a tidy amount to bet.

Kelly Criterion System

The Kelly criterion system is generally the easiest and most accurate for NFL bettors. It employs a mathematical system to help you choose an optimal size for the placement of your bets. The Kelly criterion system has multiple uses besides betting and is also used as a bankroll management system. It primarily manages an investor’s risk.

At its core, the Kelly criterion system features the probabilities of success or failure and the value of a game’s odds. With the system, you end up with a positive or negative number. When positive, this means your odds of winning are high, and you should place your bet here. On the other hand, a negative number means you should consider not placing a bet.

Hedge Betting System

Hedging in NFL betting is more of a generalized strategy than a betting system. Here, you will bet on both teams rather than one to safeguard against loss. Though possible in all NFL games, hedging works best for live games since you can maximize your winnings.

The hedge betting system is easy to understand and allows a gamer to lock in profits on bets that might end in losses. It nonetheless is sometimes used too many times in a few NFL games. Too many bets on one game will lower your wager’s overall profit potential.

The D’Almbert System

The D’Almbert system is based on a notion that everything has an equilibrium in losses and wins, and the NFL is not exempted. Your objective here is to win almost as much as you lose. In the D’Almbert system, you will increase your bet by one unit when you win and decrease it by a unit when you lose. Though this system has a slow rise in stakes, it mitigates your risk.

When you understand the above betting systems, betting on the NFL will be a breeze. Furthermore, you can confidently pick a system that best matches your game and guarantees the highest win.

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