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Types Of Bets You Can Place on the NFL

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There are many ways to bet on the NFL and we want to focus on several ways you can make big money!

Baseball is considered as much American as much as apple pie. When it, however, comes to the most popular sport in America, football remains unbeaten. Since its start in 1972, the National Football League {NFL} occupies the top spot in American spectator sports and culminates with the Super Bowl.

Though primarily confined to America in the past, it is now becoming popular in Europe due to more than 1.5 Americans who have migrated there. The profits being seen on the NFL are enough to get your heart racing since they mean higher odds of winning. Even so, winning on the NFL requires knowing the best bets to pick from the broad array available.

Below are guidelines on different NFL bet types to ease your pick.

Spread Betting

Like most high-scoring games, the point spread controls wagering on the NFL. The spread is also called a line in sports betting. It is a side bet type that equalizes your chances of winning a wager by giving a range value for the game’s outcome.

The line offered for your game will have a – or + symbol indicating whether the team is an underdog or favorite, respectively. If, for example, the team you choose has a -4.0 point favorite, this means you can win your bet if this team wins the game by more than 4 points.

Moneyline Wager

When you are interested in a straight bet confident that you can win a game outright, the Moneyline wager is your best choice. This wager is placed on the underdog or favorite to win outright. As such, you pick the outright winner of the game with a Moneyline wager.

Placing a bet on the favorite team, nonetheless, means risking more money. Placing one on the underdog pays out at higher rates than on the favorite. This is because you have higher chances of the favorite rather than the underdog winning.


This is also called the totals wager and is among the easiest to understand. Here, a lines maker will set the number for the aggregate points that will be scored in a game. You will then place a bet on a lower or higher number than the one set. The over/under wager is your best choice on sites like when elements like the weather and division games inform your pick.


Parlays are wagers that combine totals, Moneyline, and spread bets to increase the amount you win. In a parlay, you will be a winner when you get all individual plays right. A teaser works in much the same way as the parlay, but in it, you place the points in your favor to boost the odds of the bet coming to fruition.

If, for instance, your bet’s proposed line is -13 and you choose a 6-point teaser, then your line is -7. While the teaser has lower risks than a parlay, you still should get individual plays right to win. Moreover, the winnings in a teaser are lower than those of a parlay.

Futures Bet

In these, you place bets on future games. As concerns the NFL, the most popular game for future bets is the Super Bowl. You can also bet on a team to win the divisions or conference stages. In the futures bet section, you might see the odds of the 49ers placed at +900 or 9/1 to win it all, meaning your bet will pay 9 to 1 if the 49ers win.

Props Bet

Props, in this instance, is a short-form for proposition bets. These are bets on the performance of a player or an occurrence at some point in the game. The prop can be anything, including whether the coin flip in a Super Bowl will be tails or heads.

When you consider the above bets in terms of probability, the over/under and spread bets are your best options when minimizing risk. When researching the best team to bet on, consider the injury report, weather, team report, and team statistics.

Like with all bets, you will not always win. It would be best if you aimed to win more than you will lose in stakes. This is by getting the right price for your bets then picking odds that are higher than this price. You can calculate these using mathematical formulae like the Kelly Criterion.

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