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Basics of Football Betting for Beginners

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Learn how to make money by betting on the NFL.

NFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the USA and people want to earn money by betting on their favorite sports using the right odds and tips. If you are new to the game or at football betting then you should learn some strategies. The unusual game structure at first and the strong tactical nature of this sport ensure that you will have to adapt the usual sports betting strategy. Here, we are going to guide you through them.

Basics: Offense and Yards

FYI, this game is played on a field of 120 yards in length. 10 yards are allocated to the respective end zones in which a touchdown is made. In between, there are 100 yards. A team (in possession of the ball) stands on the court with the offense. The defense tries to prevent the opponents from gaining space.

For a space gain of 10 yards, each team has exactly four attempts. Within this, the route must be overcome by run or pass. If it works, there are another four attempts. If the ball is caught or if the attempt fails, the right to attack changes. One of the most important players is the quarterback, who has the task of building and controlling offensive moves.

A Lot of Special Bets

Some types of bets that you can incorporate into your football strategy are familiar from other sports. In football, you will find many new special bets. The cause is the peculiarities of the game. So, you can bet on the number of touchdowns achieved and the field goals. Another special bet focuses on the team that can achieve the longest field goal in the game. With these different options, you can build NFL betting strategies that you don’t have in other sports.

One of the very interesting NFL tips is the score race. Here, you bet on the team that first reaches a certain number of points. By the way, if there is a draw after the end of the regular season, the winner will be determined in extra time. You also have to keep an eye on the different rules for overtime. Online gambling platforms could be your best choice for betting on NFL as you will get perks like no deposit bonus codes as well as essential betting odds and tips.

Handicap and Over/Under

In this game, the differences in performance between the teams are usually not quite as extreme as in other sports. This is especially true for the NFL. If a team turns out to be a favorite, the handicap betting strategy is an interesting option. Here you also give the favorite team a small gap in football.

A look at the table shows that the teams can certainly catch up. The over/under bet also works well in the NFL. Games with more than 40 points are not uncommon. Therefore, this strategy should definitely be part of your portfolio. One of the basic requirements is that you do your homework i.e. analyze the teams very carefully.


NFL is already popular in America but people from other countries can also bet on the game at online sportsbooks. So first, you have to be familiar with the game and then make a research on the game events when you will want to place bets. Many of the special bets will only be found in this game. After a certain training period, you can develop an individual betting strategy from it and thus successfully tap on the NFL.

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