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Do you finally agree with Colin Kaepernick’s stance?

Colin Kaepernick was right
I know people do not want to admit it, but Colin Kaepernick was right. I respect what he did, and I am an officer myself.

Joe Lockhart was a former executive in the National Football League when Colin Kaepernick knelt during a football game. It became a global issue, and many other sports athletes began kneeling too. Some were even punished like Kaepernick himself. Many will say it was not the right platform, but the former executive of the NFL is saying it was the right platform and he himself made a mistake.

“I was wrong,” he wrote. “I think the teams were wrong for not signing him. Watching what’s going on in Minnesota, I understand how badly wrong we were.”

Remember the NFL did many things to go against Kaepernick. They even stopped a commercial supporting Kaepernick from PETA. So you cannot say they did not know they were wrong.

It takes a lot for someone to admit when they are wrong.

Shoot the NFL basically admitted guilt when the lost a law suit to Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid received a little less than $10 million total to settle their collusion grievances against the NFL, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

I too suffered quite a bit of backlash from my take on Colin Kaepernick. I was a huge supporter of him kneeling. As a law enforcement officer myself, I pride myself on doing the right thing and trying to help people. There are bad apples in every line of work, but unfortunately my opinion, much like Kaepernick’s cost me.

My website almost had to shut down because advertising companies began to pull their ads from my site. We almost had to shut down because no one wanted to be part of our site for our takes. Our advertisers demanded we remove our ads. Our website is intended to help others, and I was forced to remove all the revenue my site was making and almost had to shut down. I felt I did the right thing by talking about it, I felt I did the right thing by standing up.

I mean Kaepernick had a very valid point. I know some did not like the way he did it, being he knelt during the National Anthem, but please look at the bigger picture here. There is a huge problem in our society. We are lacking compassion in our country. Right now, we have officers and protesters being killed because we do not know how to fix a problem that has been going on for decades. There are four officers who killed a man in Minnesota and only one is in jail. You know damn well if that was me or your we would have been arrested on the spot. But, because a man is in uniform we give him the benefit of the doubt?

Colin Kaepernick took a quiet and peaceful approach to police brutality and was crushed for it. Not only was he crushed he was never allowed to get a job in the sport he loved. He made a sacrifice for Justice. He was basically black-balled by the NFL, and we know this now because the NFL’s executive said it in an article on CNN.

Kaepernick has been the best option for years, but is not signed. I do not get the hate, but he was not wrong.

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Today, Companies like Disney, Nike, Adidas, and many, many more are stepping up to the table and saying #BlackLivesMatter they are also saying that police brutality needs to end. Let’s not look at the looting and the rioting, but look at the message they want changed. An unarmed man lost his life because of four officers who took the law into their own hands. This is why Kaepernick knelt.

Yesterday, all around the country, police officers from New Jersey to Miami and all the way to Minnesota stood in agreement with the protesters. They did not fight them, but rather admitted there was a problem. Some kneeled, some marched and many hugged protesters. This is what we all have to do at this time. We have to admit there is a problem, and stop blaming other things. There is a problem, and unfortunately, people, and companies who had nothing to do with the incidents are suffering. I please ask that you take a second and think why Kaepernick did what he did, and ask yourself the question. Was he wrong?

If you still feel he was wrong, you maybe part of the problem, and not the solution. If I offended you, and you want to unfollow me, or stop advertising on my site, that is fine, but know this too. Jesus loves you, I am not mad at you, I love you.

We do have a problem though, and guess what, Colin Kaepernick was right!

#BlackLivesMatter #EndPoliceBrutality #PeacefulProtestsArePowerful #HurtPeopleHurtPeople #GodBlessAmerica #TeamDiamond #RIPGeorgeFloyd #ThankYouGoodCops #BecomeUnited

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