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2021 NFL Draft Prospect: Ayden Eberhardt, WR, University of Wyoming

Ayden Eberhardt Wyoming
Ayden Eberhardt is the jack-of-all-trades for the University of Wyoming. He can play WR, and quarterback, he recently sat down with Draft Diamonds
  • Name: Ayden Eberhardt
  • Height: 6’2
  • Weight: 203
  • College: University of Wyoming
  • Twitter: @AydenEberhardt

What is the best restaurant in your hometown city?

• The best restaurant in my hometown city is Born in a Barn. They’ve got the best peanut butter and jelly wings out there. 

When breaking down your film what will stick out?

• When breaking down my film you will see that I play through the whistle on every down whether I’m playing on any of the special teams, wide receiver, and or wildcat. I have a nose for the ball when it comes to making tackles. I also make plays when the ball is in my hands. I’m not afraid to go up for any ball. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win the football game. 

If you won the lotto, what is the first thing you would do with the money?

• If I won the lotto the first thing I would do is take care of my parents in any sort of way or fashion. They have done everything for me and have supported my dreams and goals. I truly won’t ever be able to thank them enough. 

What has been your biggest failure?

• My biggest failure has been losing my high school state championship game. I don’t really think about it anymore but at that moment it meant so much to me and was heartbreaking to lose. My biggest failure turned into my biggest motivation.

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

• My teammates say my best quality is my work-ethic. If I want something I will do whatever it takes to work to get it. I believe that this comes from coming into college as a walk-on and working for any and every opportunity. 

Who is the hardest working teammate on your team?

• The hardest working teammate that I have is Garret Crall. He is a defensive lineman. He was also a walk-on when we came to Wyoming. 

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

• My nickname as a little kid was peanut because I was so small. It is safe to say that I have outgrown that nickname. 

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What is your degree in, if you do not make it as a football player, what is your dream job?

• I have a degree in finance and I’m working on a degree in communications. If I don’t make it as a football player, my dream job would be to coach. 

What is your coolest life moment?

• My coolest life moment would be running out of the tunnel and onto the field for the first time. Hearing all of the fans screaming and all of the chaos was awesome and something that you can’t replicate. 

What song would you sing at Karaoke night?

• I would sing Africa by Toto. It is a classic and makes you wanna move whenever it is playing. 

If you could pick any actor to play you in a movie, who are you picking?

• I would choose Jake Gyllenhaal. 

Who is your favorite football team?

• Of course, the Wyoming Cowboys are my favorite college team. My favorite football team growing up was the Denver Broncos. 

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

• My warning label would say, “Warning: very competitive.” I don’t like to lose. I also love to prove people wrong when they tell me I can’t do something. I believe that I play the game with a mentality to do whatever it takes to win. Whether it is blocking, tackling, or scoring, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win the football game. 

What is your biggest fear?

• My biggest fear is snakes. Literally any snake. SNAKES!!! I can’t stand them. 

Who is the most underrated player in the NFL?

• The most underrated player in the NFL is Josh Allen. He hasn’t gotten as much respect as what he deserves. I think people will continue to come around and figure out that he can really play. 

Take us through game day, How do you prepare?

• Gameday is unlike any other day. We stay at a hotel even if we are playing a home game. I wake up and walk down to breakfast. We have about thirty minutes of “chapel.” Then I will head over to walk through for special teams and offense. After that, we have a team meal. We sit with our position coaches and go over our tips and reminders for the game. Then for about thirty minutes, I go up to the room and look over our call sheet one last time. I’ll take a shower and then we walk to the stadium from the hotel. I always see my fans, family, and friends and give them high fives. I also have a family from Laramie that I have gotten to know so I high five all of them. From there I tape up and start warming up. I listen to something that will loosen me up, usually some Michael Jackson. After that, I go back in and eat some fruit snacks and drink some pickle juice. Then, we go out and warm up as a team. We come back in and have team prayer and then we run out of the tunnel. By this point, I’m amped and the adrenaline is rushing. We go out for kickoff or kickoff return to get the game started. 

Do you have any hobbies?

• I love anything outdoors. I love to fish and hike. 

If you had to compare yourself to someone in the NFL, who would that be?

• I would compare myself to Adam Thielen. I think he has great hands and makes big-time plays. He also runs crisp routes. He finds ways to make plays. I’m a fan of how he carries himself both on and off the field. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and explain why?

• I would say that my parents have had the biggest influence on my life. They have always supported me in sports and in life in general. They have always dropped whatever they’re doing to help me out. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without them. I also wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They also have been able to push me to become the best that I can in anything that I do.

What motivates you to work hard?

I hate losing more than I love winning. I think the overall want to win is what drives me more than anything, as well as people who doubt me. I love proving doubters wrong, and supporters right.

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