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NFL Betting on a Low Budget: How to Make Your Money Last

The NFL season will be upon us soon enough. We’ve already watched the NFL Combine. Soon the draft will be upon us. Then mini-camps will be here and before you know it, the preseason will be here. 

Betting on the NFL will skyrocket, Don’t miss out.

Football season is a bit more fun when you have a little skin in the game. We’ve all done the weekly office pools where we put in a few bucks and see who can pick the most winners. Those are fun and sometimes you get a nice payday during the season. Keep playing those pools. They aren’t expensive and give you a reason to follow all the games.

But if you want to go a bit further and do some online betting, here are some tips for you.1. Search multiple sites and find the ones who have the lowest minimum deposits. There should be some with deposits as low as $50.2. Search for a site with a low minimum and also a nice sign up bonus. You should be able to find some with as much as 50% to sign up.3. Look at the reviews and see which ones are the easiest to get your money out if you do happen to win.

Once you’ve deposited your money it’s now time to place some wagers. Be careful in Week One. Week One is a crapshoot. Many players will have changed teams and coaches. Don’t just go by last season. For instance, the Patriots are likely going to have a new quarterback after 20 seasons of being able to count on Tom Brady. Brady was a free agent and will be playing with the Buccaneers.

Be careful about betting on Brady’s team as well. Yes, they have a shiny new toy, but they have one with a lot of miles on his arm. Brady looked to be slipping a bit last season. If age was a factor, and he is going to be 43 this season, that will only get worse.

Week one is a good time to place a prop bet on something you are very confident will happen. For example, you may want to put $40 on the Chiefs to win in Week One. Why? Typically, the reigning Super Bowl Champs get a prime-time game at home on the first Thursday Night of the season. The champs almost always win this game. But an even more sure-fire prop bet would be to put $40 on Patrick Mahomes to throw at least one touchdown pass. You won’t win a lot of money on this bet, but it will tie up a lot of your money, so you won’t be able to lose it on other bets. To really maximize your chances of betting success, it always pays to look for ways to increase your gambling budget using your brain and not your wallet.

A strategy I’ve always liked in the early season is to pick some teams who finished well last year and pick them early in the season. Two teams who come to mind are the Miami Dolphins and the Atlanta Falcons. Both teams started miserably last year and were out of playoff contention before trick or treating. Both however, caught fir late is the season and were knocking off playoff bound teams such as New Orleans, New England, San Francisco, Philadelphia and others who might have gotten there had they not lost to these two such asthe Jets, Bucs and Colts.

Miami has the fifth pick in the draft, which could land them Tua Tagaviloa or Justin Herbert. This will either give them a nice new rookie quarterback to go with an improved team, or give veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick some extra motivation to keep his starting job. 

These might be two teams to place some early season bets. 

After you’ve seen a few games played, another of our favorite strategies to to pick next season’s Bengals. Who looks so bed they likely will lose 13 to 14 times. If that team is the Jaguars or the Panthers or the Lions, then bet against those Cats (pun intended) every week. That’s a good strategy in winning a “survivor pool” so it is a good strategy in making you money survive late into the next season. Hopefully you’ll still have some left for the Super Bowl.

Notice trends after a few weeks such as a team that is great at home but awful on the road. You’ll know how to bet on them based on location. Or maybe you notice there is a team that does well coming off a loss, but not so much following a win. Check that team to see what happened last week. 

Over/Under bets can be helpful if you know there is a team with a great offense but not much of a defense. You bet the over and you should come out on top. 

Also. Check your injury reports. People who play Fantasy Football rely heavily on the injury reports. You should too. When you see J. J. Watt is out or doubtful, you may not want to place a bet on the Texans that week.

Daily Fantasy Sports can be fun and low budget as well. You can go to Draft Kings for example and make a $25 deposit and play some $2 fantasy football each week. You get a “salary cap” for that week and draft the players you want. You can go head to head with one other bettor or join a league with multiple players. 

Your most important tip of all: go into the season with the goal being to have fun, make your money last as long as possible, and don’t put more money into it than you can afford to lose. If you happen to make a profit, you’ll be in the minority.  

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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