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2020 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Rankings

Wide Receiver RANKINGS by James Watkins, Jr. presented by NFL Draft Diamonds


The following is a roadmap and formula how to build a Super Bowl caliber NFL team by identifying the most talented College Football players at each position in the NFL Draft.  You need to effectively utilize the Draft to evaluate and determine the best and most talented Draft choices available for your NFL Team.  You need to become astute at identifying talented College Football players, and ensuring that your College Football Scouting personnel actually view College Football prospects during live games.  Your College Scouts also need to compile and analyze the NFL Combine player Measurables and Position Drill Workout evaluations in order to formulate and finalize your Draft Board to make the best, most talented Draft selections for your NFL team. 

Incorporate the Measurables/Skills Set requirements into your NFL Draft process to establish the Athletic and Position Skill Sets required for success at each Football position, and utilize theCombine measurables Draft standards for (40 Speed, Bench Press, Broad/Vertical Jumps) to make the best Draft choices for success at each Football position.
WIDE RECEIVER RANKINGSDraft Measurables & Skill Set Requiremenrts:  To be drafted, Optimal Wide Receiver Measurables are:  40 Speed range: 4.36-4.48. Hght/Wght:  6’/190.  Bench: 14 Reps. BJ: 9′ 6″.  Skill Set:  Possess sure soft hands with minimal drops.  Run complete Route tree, including Double-Move Post Pattern, Corner Pattern, Out & Up, and Vertical Stop & Go routes.  Snag-Pluck ball with arm/hands extended.  No cradle or body catches.  Have wide catch radius.  Make contested catches.  Good separation from coverage.  Fast release at line to prevent Press-Man effectiveness.  Adequate blocking skills.  Be effective running routes in all 3 levels.  Fast and sharp in & out of breaks–no excess/wasted steps.

Henry Ruggs, lll, 5′ 11″/188, Alabama, Combine:  4.27/40, BJ/10′ 11″, VJ/42″.  Season Stats: 40 Rec., 746 yds., 18.7YPC.   I’ve rated Ruggs as my #1 Ranked Wide Receiver in this year’s NFL draft class.  Ruggs has soft, strong and sure hands displayed by having dropped only 1 ball all last season.  He’s an explosive, fluid athlete who has great body control, elite 4.27 speed, and surprising strength.  Ruggs has a huge catch radius with his ability to move to the ball while catching the ball with extended arms and hands.  He will become an NFL vertical threat.  He excelled in College at slants and crossing patterns to support Alabama’s passing scheme, actually impairing his development at running NFL type Vertical patterns.  Initially, he will excel at slants and crosses in the NFL until he masters the complete NFL Vertical routes.  Ruggs did experience some difficulty performing against the more physical SEC Corners.  He will need to develop an explosive and physical release to eliminate NFL presses and jams so he can move quickly into his breaks.  In the NFL, he will also need to eliminate excess steps at getting open.  He should become an NFL Pro Bowl Wide Receiver who will become a deep vertical threat with the chance to score anytime he touches the ball.

Jerry Jeudy, 6′ 1″/193, Alabama, Combine4.45/40, BJ/10′, VJ/35″.  Season Stats: 77 Rec., 1,163 Yds., 15.1 YPC.  Jeudy won the Biletnikoff Award as Nation’s best College Football Receiver in 2018.  Jeudy is a precise route runner with good speed and hands.  He’s not as sure-handed as Ruggs, but a better route runner.  Catches the ball at all three levels.  His routes are crisp and run with purpose.  He runs very well with ball in his hands after the catch.  Should become an NFL Pro Bowl player in time.  Uses body to shield defender from ball during contested catches.  He will need to sure up his hands and improve his productivity against NFL stronger and more physical Corners.  He needs to remain focused to eliminate unnecessary drops while improving his ball tracking skills.  Should be quicker running underneath routes.  Jeudy should become an instant NFL #1 receiver with upside to become one of NFL top Receivers.


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Justin Jefferson, 6′ 1″/202, LSU,Combine:4.43/40, BJ/10′ 6″, VJ/37.5″.  Season Stats: 111 Recp., 1,540 Yds., 13.9 YPC., 18 Tds.  Jefferson has good hands.  Jefferson tracks ball well while using his body to shield defenders from the ball.  He has good body control to make difficult  catches.  He’s good against zone coverage, and excels on inside routes.  Has wide catch radius.  Very good athlete who tested faster in 40 than many scouts expected which helped raise his draft status and round selection.  Very dependable Receiver in extending drives with good hands to grab sudden throws coming out of his break.  Highly productive in College with the right passing scheme and best Collegiate Quarterback.  Needs to become better route runner at NFL level.  Has experienced some difficulty separating from tight man coverage.  Bigger, stronger Corners have impeded his productivity and ability to separate and progress downfield.  Needs to develop better separation technique and become more physical to shake Press/Man coverage in NFL to become more effective with outside vertical routes.

CeeDee Lamb, 6′ 2″/198, Oklahoma, Combine4.50/40, Bench/11 Reps., BJ/10′ 4″, VJ/34.5″.  Season Stats: 62 Rec., 1,327 yds., 21.4 YPC., 14 Tds.  Lamb was a Biletnikoff Finalist and a 1st Team AP WR All America in 2019 Season.  Lamb separates using his quickness.  He has very good ball skills and is elusive with ball in his hands.  He changes his route speeds to confuse defenders and gain more separation.  He’s adept at back shoulders throws and comeback catches.  He extends arms and hands to catch ball away from body.  Very good at breaking arm tackles with ball in his hands.  Lamb has a thin frame which could cause problems for him against stronger, more physical NFL Corners.  He will need to become more precise and sharp running his routes to get open against man coverage in the NFL. During his Pro Day Receiving workouts for NFL Scouts, he stumbled and lost balance a few times while running his routes.  He also took too many unnecessary steps displaying how he gets open running his routes.  He appeared to lack focus and concentration during his Pro Day workout.  Lamb will have to clean up his route-running skills and attention to detail to become a top-level #1 starting Receiver in the NFL.  I have Lamb projected as a #1 Slot Receiver in the NFL, predicated on his poor 4.50/40 speed at the Combine, and underdeveloped route-running skills displayed during his Pro Day.

Denzel Mims6′ 3″/207Baylor,Combine4.38/40, Bench/16 Reps, VJ/38.5, BJ/10′ 11″.  Season Stats:  66 Recp., 1,020 Yds., 15.5 YPC, 12 Tds.  Mims has great size, speed and strength.  He has very good hands and body control.  He extends his hands and arms to catch ball away from his body, allowing him to have a large catch radius.  Catches ball well in traffic, locates and adjusts to ball using great body control.  Uses body to shield ball from defenders.  Reaches back to grab back-hip throws.  Had very good performance at Combine which upgraded his Draft position status.  Has speed to become vertical threat in NFL.  Needs to become more physical at top of routes, and release faster to separate from physical press Corners.  Needs to burst faster in and out of breaks.  Will become better Pro Receiver as he refines his route-running, and learns to run the complete NFL Route tree.  Has the upside to develop into a better NFL Receiver than College.

Jalen Reagor, 5′ 11″/206, TCU, Combine:  4.47/40, Bench/17 Reps., BJ/11′ 6″, VJ/42″.  Season Stats:   Reagor is an outstanding athlete and very good Football player.  He has very good speed coupled with strength & power as demonstrated by his impressive Combine performance.  Reagor plays and runs much faster than his Combine 4.47 speed.  His game film shows a much faster athlete.  After my research, I found that theTCU College Football Coaches clocked Reagor @ 4.29 in the 40.  It was probably a hand held clocking at TCU, and generally hand timings are faster than electronically Combine times.  I know Reagor is faster than his Combine 4.47/40.  I estimate by his film that he runs a true 4.35-4.38 range forty.  He has the upside to become a vertical threat in the NFL if utilized by an NFL team as a vertical weapon.  Reagor is a fluid athlete who can separate and accelerate in an instant.  He had limited exposure to the NFL route tree in College.  In the NFL, Reagor will have to break his habit of pushing off against defenders when running vertical routes.  Physical, strong Press NFL Corners may present problems for him releasing, and moving swiftly into his breaks.  He needs to consistently extend his arms and hands and pluck the ball out away from his body. Reagor could become a #2 NFL Receiver who develops into a Vertical deep threat using his outstanding explosiveness and speed.              

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