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Hidden Gems: 2020 NFL Draft Sleepers, O-Line Blockers and Beasts

Matt Anzio has been reviewing film and found some sleepers. These players are what Matt considers Hidden Gems in the 2020 NFL Draft!

Hidden Gems by Matt Anzio

  • OL Robert Samual Jr
  • Alabama A&M 
  • Height 6’ 3 ½   
  • Weight : 300 lbs  
  • Twitter @RobertSamualjr1 

 Pass Blocking :

Hard to believe they are sleeping on this HBCU O line Prospect. 

Playing Tackle for the Bulldogs he is a natural against pass rush holding a wide base, staying low keeping the defender in front of him. Knee bender that has nice flow opens hips, feet move smooth, hand placement is spot on with the power to move defenders out the way.Blocking in Offense with a quarterback that had  over 3000 yards with two Wide outs with 1000 yds each to boot. Samual understands leverage and has outstanding balance making light work out of most pass rushers. Plays with intensity grinding through the whistle.

Run Blocking  : 

Against the run using that strength to open lanes  creating a path for multiple backs to have success. Blocking for two 1000 yard rushers , from the right tackle position straight mauler out in space attacks his opponent with a monster lean muscle athleticism technique.Knockout punch placement between the shoulder pads. 


Robert Samual Jr has extensive experience playing Offensive tackle but will be moved inside at the next level. Part of the best O line in the SWAC Conference.  Believe that interior work will come very naturally for the big man as he has experience both inside and out, the outside experience will add another dimension to his game.High character tons of passion for ball, a guy that will put in the time on the field and in the film room. 

  • OL Jackson Scott Brown 
  • Northern Iowa University
  • Height: 6’ 3 ½       
  • Weight : 312 lbs
  • @bigsteve_77 

Pass Blocking “ 

Hands like vice grips country strong locks onto defenders controls them like a puppet master. Can hold a wide base plant his legs in the ground to create time for his signal caller. Knee bend fluid hips, another athletic sleeper interior star.  Good maneuverability whether straight ahead or laterally down blocking moves well with a massive lean relentless push while keeping his stability. 

Run Blocking : 

Mauler of a run blocker , vicious gets out looks for work pummeling the competition. Gets out in space on the attack like a rabid mutated animal, hand fighting  punishing push to create plenty of room to run.These big guys are getting more athletic every year and Scott Brown No exception moving on stunts, combo blocks, getting out in space into the linebackers running them down like a road paver. Gritty nose to the grindstone lunch pail O line Prospect that comes at a bargain. 


A Walter Camp All American,Phil Steele All American, MVFC First Team All Conference, started 48 of his 50 collegiate games.

 What else do you need to know? Played top competition in the FCS even FBS as a core leader on a Playoff Panther squadron. Looks like a priority free agent many teams in the West and MidWest already know that Scott Brown is a legit force with experience playing right and left guard positions.  These players from up in farm country develop into quality starters along the line for many years in the Pro’s. 

  • OT Tyler Wetterings
  • Emory and Henry 
  • Height : 6’7     
  • Weight : 298 lbs
  • @wetterringsty 

Pass Block : 

Big Force Of A Left Tackle Sleeper to Watch Rise. 

In pass protection looks like an ideal fit at left tackle or either tackle position. Uses his big frame to box out defenders, control them with his arms in space. He Keeps his shoulders squared and knees bent in pass protection.  Surprisingly agile with steady feet flowing dropping back or merging forward the big man can move backwards almost as well as forward. 

Run Block :  

On run blocks he drives his legs using his enormous arms to throw defenders to the wind making enough room in the C gap to throw a dinner party. Moving laterally or full steam ahead he makes large holes for nacks the scamper through.  Not a guy you want him finding work against if you’re a 6 foot 225 pound linebacker, could be like that scene in Rocky 2 with Hulk Hogan vs Rocky.

Summary : 

He was just dominant in school, seemed almost unfair in many circumstances like it should. All we can ask is these guys beat what’s in front of them, when they dominate we need to take notice. Wetterings is a dominant Left tackle with the size, strength and agility to add some depth to a position of need. Think he is versatile enough to move inside but see no reason for it.  He also has experience long snapping, on Punts looks very accurate snapping the ball as well. Did not have his proday would love to see him at MFE Elite Pro Day Event. 

  • OG/OC Marquise Childs
  • Delaware Valley 
  • Height: 5’ 10    
  • Weight: 290 lbs
  • Twitter:  @Quisee_64 

Run  Blocking : 

Might Not Be Ideal Size For NFL But Has The Skill Set Size tenacity  Other Leagues Desire.

Athletic run blocker that can get out in space whether straight line or on a stunt battle to the second level with a nasty. Streak. Quick stout with beastly punch to knock linebackers to next Sunday.  Childs uses a bunch in motion, he moves like a runaway Freight train. Looks for work, good lean, handwork strength sturdy, stable , reliable , blocking for his backs and some QB runs as well. 

Pass  Blocking :

Doesn’t Just Hold The Line But Moves it Against Pass Rush.

Childs played  right guard on the film I watched, he looks like an ideal fit in that position. Good low stance in pass protection and not easy to move and he uses his low center of gravity advantage.Good instincts recongnition on blitz pickup against pass rushers. Childs  definitely plays like a road gater Guard but I’d like to see him snap the ball.

Summary : 

 Could be a center prospect in my opinion with his athleticism, toughness and intelligence to play center or either guard position.  Playing both guard positions in college he uses his height to his advantage staying low moving quickly exploding up at the right time getting all his force behind his blocks. Good toughness scrappy furocity hand fighting body moving really be a nice fit on some of the Midwest or Columus Arena teams. 

  • OT Alex Taylor 
  • South Carolina State 
  • Height : 6’8    
  • Weight : 308 lbs 
  • Hands : 11 ¼ 

Appalachian state transfer that became a full time starter at SC state. 

Where he helped  the Bulldogs O – line / team  to a 8-4 record this past year. 

Absolute massive individual yet in outstanding athletic shape, the new breed is here and Taylor is undoubtedly in that realm.  He is moving up from when I first conceived this but still think he can move up draft boards even more with O- Tackle being a huge need. As more go to XFL CFL, think a player like Taylor could be a huge pickup late day2 or 3 at this point. 

Pass Block : 

Against the pass controlled a large area can hold a deep pocket. Keeps good technique while in pass protection planting his leg like it’s a cement block with a nice steady kickfoot to get him around in a jiffy.  Drives players with his massive arm length and power. Taylor is extremely corriniated for an almost 7 foot athlete, these bigger athletes are not the stereotype big uglies your grandpa watched. Started on the left side too, which we know shows he was SC States bread and butter on that line, will be missed on the blind side. 

Run Blocking : 

Expect a player like Taylor to be All Pass protection with little run block skills, that is not the case with this big OT prospect. Can downblock work his way to the next level, also has experience stunting and clearing a path in the B gap, he looks good in space and inside. Taylor stays low exploding into the block extending his large hands and arms up, blasting defenders out the way. Ideally perfect outside helping any outside runs, tosses or sweeps. 

Summary :

Not a real sleeper as he was a Senior Bowl and Combine Invite his Combine numbers : Forty : 5.09   Reps : 21 Vert : 25” Broad: 116”  

Three Cone : 7.77   Short Shuttle : 4.79He is still a  semi sleeper although he is moving up originally a day 3 projection or undrafted Free agent, could hear his name called day 2 possibly. 

Extensive experience playing Left tackle, also time playing Right Tackle.

Big athletic strong player that could develop into something special. Has all the attributes with a good team/ OL coach could be a develpomental gem. 

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at [email protected]

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