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NFL Draft

2020 FCS Bowl Scouting Notes: Who shined in Daytona Beach?

2019 FCS  Bowl Diamonds 

2020 Draft Prospects by Matt Anzio

Blue Team ( National) 

These are some  prospects that caught my attention at the FCS Bowl early December 2019 in Daytona Florida .Apologize on my delay but some things are out of our control. Better late than never, these are all 2020 draft prospects so its relevant. 

 Thank you to Emory Hunt of Football game plan. Com , Jeff Barnes from Cover 2  for their coverage online both  great follows.   Can’t forget  the FCS Bowl  for another outstanding event. 

 All thoughts are my own or  at least I hope so. 

Jersey Numbers are Game Numbers Not School Numbers. 

QB Gavin Defillipo

  • Stetson University # 10 
  • 5’10 ½     205 lbs
  •  Hand : 8 ¾      
  • Arm : 30 ⅛ 
  • Wingspan: 72 ⅛  
  • @gavin_defillipo 

The QB From Wagner might Have The Prototypical Size, Believe Defillipo Showed More Accuracy & Mobility. 

Think out of the 3 QB’s on hand for the Blue team Defillipo  had the best all around showing. Showing off his precision accuracy during the two practices, then throwing the first touchdown score for the National team in the game. Evades pass rush with quickness elusiveness, being able to make throws on the move.  A Strong arm to hit the deep pass,recognizing safety positioning , how to read & take advantage of over or under coverages. Can put some zip on his fast ball, but also placing the ball in spots only his guys can reach. 

A two year team captain for the Hatters  that is a leader on & off the field. He has been a starter since he came to Stetson as a Sophomore.

 Coming from a football family, who’s great  uncle Lou  played O line  for the N.Y. Football Giants  his cousin coached for the Jacksonville Jags. Completing 59.9 % of his passes in his 6 year college career , in 2019 was 142 of 237 for 1,513 yards with 16 TD’s & 7 INT’s, Defillipo also rushed for 234 yards & 4 more TD’s. 

OL Erick Browne  # 70

  • Merrimack 
  • Height 6’ 4    
  • Weight : 305 lbs 
  • Hand : 9 ¼ ”    
  • Arm “ 33 4/8
  • Wingspan : 80 ¼ ”  

My Top O line Prospect Through Both Practices and in the Game.  

A prospect that had the honor of featuring earlier this year, in my 

 “Hidden Gems”series O- line Vol 1, 2020 NFL draft.  Because it was easy to recognize his ability along the line paired with a confident yet humble attitude. Coming highly recommended from his former teammate coaches scouts basically anyone who sees Browne get down. 

Played at both right & left tackle positions in different halfs. Smooth quick footed with a good pad level technique of staying one step ahead of the defender. He shined in practice as well, clearly one of the top players on the National team. Could get moved inside to a guard position in the NFL, still with his 80 plu, Leader of an O line unit that only relinquished 17 sacks all year.

80 inch wingspan O- tackle as a 2nd  position  is not out of the question. Holding his own against some serious pass rush, they tested him with speed, power & size. 

Team Captain- Was a NE10 All Conference 3rd Team – 2019,  NE10 All Conference 2nd Team -2018, NE10 All Rookie Team – 2016 . 

Has played every single position in his collegiate career, showing his utility & versatility that he can bring to a Pro organization. Has the athletic ability to swing inside or out beat both power along with speed rushers. Browne is a favorite of coaches & teammates alike a quality guy to have on the ball field and  in the locker room. 

OL Josh Fields 

  • Elizabeth City University  #77  
  • Height : 6’4 ½
  • Weight : 330 lbs 
  •  Hand : 10 ⅜”
  •  Arm : 33 ⅜”      
  •  Wingspan : 81 ⅜”
  • Twitter :  @_JMF76  

Fields Looked Good At The Right Guard Position.

Has good enough  size to develop into an O Tackle, which he played in practice briefly in  the game. Thought he really shined as a RG in game action but with some minor / handwork  and footwork critiques coaching could be a right tackle prospect to consider.  

Great measurements,  strong  big heavy hands, keeps a wide base quick feet, with over an 81” wingspan.  He can always speed up & clean up the footwork was impressed with his lean ,hand placement overall balance strength all looked good.

 Upside is high with fields, given the right coach, team situation could strive, eagerness coachable O line Prospect.  High character player that enjoys the game, easy to work with as a coach or teammate.  Part of a Elizabeth City team that had an average of 347.9  yards per  game in 2017. This year’s team was more run heavy and Fields was part of a rush attack that had 2,641  yards  gained with 31 TD’saveragin 5.4 yards per carry all around.  

Hard worker gets out in the run game , looking for work, engaging into the second level.  Helped tow a strong line for the National team, that had several prospects of interest. A unit that seemed to gel from the jump of practice 1, Fields has a ton of upside with versatility can help a team at RG, add depth along a line as a RT as needed.

OT/OL   Osaro Eromosele        

  • University Of New Haven  #74
  •  Height : 6’3
  • Weight: 288  lbs 
  •  Hand: 9” 
  •  Arm: 34
  • Wingspan : 80 ⅞” 
  • Twitter @osothagawd  

Another One Of About 4- 5  Players That Caught My Eye Along The National Team O- Line. 

Was a NE10  All Conference  2nd Team at Left Tackle in 2018, where he started all 11 games at LT. Part of an outstanding O line that helped pave the way for 4,827 yards of total offense. 

All week long thought he was a prospect that showed that he can hold his ground against both speed & power rushers. Has a good looking stance balance, width, could clean up the feet at times. In general stays low wide, excellent hand placement, punch, quick kick foot & a very strong anchor. 

Looked real good in the second half of game play, holding a deep pocket allowing his QB time to make the play. Watching him clear some lanes  at the left tackle position for his backs creating sufficient space for them to run. 

Most likely because of his 6 foot 3 frame will be moved inside to a Guard position, taking into consideration his time at tackle make him perfect for stunts, swinging outside if needed. 

Liked him more and more as the week progressed then when game time came, thought he elevated his game even higher. Shows natural talent with coachability, should be on several scouts radars this spring Draft season. 

OL/C/OG  Matt Burrell 

  • Sam Houston State 
  •  Height : 6’3
  • Weight: 292 lbs 
  • Hand : 9 ¾”         
  •  Arm : 31 ¾””
  • Wingspan : 76 ⅞” 
  • Twitter :  @MattBurrell51

Burrell Looks like he can play many positions along the O line including Left Guard and  Center. 

Looks like he came out the womb bocking, so natural moving it’s like putting on socks for Burrell. Gets out of his stance in a hurry, while maintaining his balance with a low center of gravity. Burrell likes to get out in front of his opponents with his quick feet then using his rapid handwork to drive defenders out of the way like a paper weight. 

Playing left guard he looked like a legit fit, at the same time he has the perfect athleticism, toughness and mindset needed to lead an O line as a Center. With so many quality O line prospects on hand, Burrell was one of the best of  all 3 days. 

In 2018 as a Junior Burrell played in 8 games, making 6 starts playing both Tackle & Guard positions. In 2019  started all 12 of the Bearcats  games at OT, C and both Guard positions, it shows the confidence they have in Burrell. 

Another legit Guard/ Center prospect that got the call to the Tropical Bowl from a great several days at the FCS bowl event in early Dec.  

People think football players make too much money, but never understand the amount of money it takes just to showcase your talents, even after you had an incredible  career. Just couldn’t financially afford another bowl game in the Tropical invite  but the fact he was invited among some unbelievable OL talent is a tribute to his abilities as a blocker and as a player/person as a whole. 

TE/ LB Marcellos Allison

  • Howard University  #28 
  • Height : 6’ 4
  • Weight :  230 lbs 
  • Hand 9
  • 32 ¼ 
  • 77 ⅜ 
  • Twitter : MJ_Allison 

Had Arguably One Of The Best Jump Ball’s Of All 3 Days, In The Game. 

Was making some major league catches throughout the FCS event, also showing he can be a valuable effective member of a special teams unit with his ability to block with the necessary speed to get down the field on kick coverages, the size to lay down the block and/or tackle. 

Need tight ends in this draft class, that could be his ticket into the NFL. With his athleticism , he is  like a big wide out  with the way he can quickly cut in & out of routes, create separation.  Strong physical pass catcher that can use his big frame to jock for position, strong hands good concentration. 

As a linebacker Allison adds that size that every Defensive coordinator on earth looks for in a pass rusher while having the skills needed to elude blockers locating the back & dropping him like a bad habit on New Year’s day. 

WR/KR Jacory Nichols

  • Harding 
  • Height : 5’ 4
  • Weight : 145 lbs  
  • Hand : 7 ⅛ 
  • Arm : 27 ¼
  • Wingspan : 65 ⅝ 

Had an Eye Popping Return In The 2nd Half, Displaying His Speed & Elusiveness. Flashed all week in the pass game and returning kicks Nichols has a second maybe even third gear. Despite the fact the NFL rarely will give smaller players a shot even Sproles was 5 foot 6. Yes, that is true but height isn’t the issue, the right strength and conditioning  the dynamic Nichols could be a return star, also adding a dynamic playmaker for a creative offensive coordinator.  Ideally for NFL could use him at say 5’5 175lbs, barring he can still move with the same fire with added bulk or lean muscle. 

In the second half, it looked like they had him dead to rights in their own territory, when he cut the other direction snapping ancels, eluding several tackles & clutter for a huge return.  

An exciting player that can run, catch & return kicks, adding value in so many areas of the game. Difficult for defenders to locate then tackle a never quit underdog mentality that will give you 100 % every single down. 

We see it year after year, smaller backs or wide outs making big plays on Offense or ST to help their teams win. The ideal  roster covers all bases, having answers for whatever their opponent throws at them. Countering a blitz with his speed in the run or catching it underneath in zone coverage to get the maximum amount of yardage. 

Nichols is a game changer that defies the odds can be a high performer at the next level. Should test extremely well at his pro day or any combines, 

WR Kyle Anthony

  • Howard University 
  • Height : 6’ 2
  • Weight : 205 lbs 
  • Hand 9 ⅛      
  • Arm : 32 ⅝ 
  • Wingspan : 75 ¾ 

Anthony Catches The Attention With His Athletic & Physical Attributes. 

Big long striding, long arms that can box defender out like a Basketball  Point Guard. Make the snag in tight coverage or go up to win the 50/50 battle a majority of the time. Passes the eye test as a true Pro prospect to consider as we close in on April’s draft. 

Not insane production in the game but did see him make a few nice plays, also was open several times & looked good blocking. Take in to account practice along  with researching stats & film. All the intangibles including body control, route running technician, reliable hands, strength speed & the talent to stretch out make the tough grabs. 

He is a leader, a four year starter the type of player that coaches enjoy working with on the practice or on the   game field. 

RB Johnathan Hawkins

  • Campbell     #0 
  • Height 5’10
  • Weight   209lbs 
  •  Hand : 9 ⅛ 
  • Arm : 30 ½”
  • Wingspan :  72 ¾ ” 
  • Twitter : @Jhawk_Ambition   

Catching Almost Everything That I Seen In Practice. 

Running long wheel routes breaking away from coverage making the sure catch.  Toting the rock Hawkins shows speed & power with very impressive vision to navigate his way through the front seven. 

Powerful back with outstanding agility that can pull away from coverage in the pass game. While hitting the hole with a fury with minimal wasted movement the toughness to fight for the extra yard or two.

Made some plays his time in Texas working on some passing 1 on 1 drills looked fast enough to pull away from DB’s that weighed a lot less than himself. Built like an Old school back, big but definitely not fat.  Short area quickness, excellent vision keeps working. 

In College for the Campbell Camels Hawkins, 2019 – 125 runs for 547 yards 6 TD’s while catching the ball 14 times for 92 yds and another score. From 2015-18 he played in 38 games 149 rushes for 632 yds with 2 TD’s with 2016 being his best year until his senior campaign. 

Really like his style has a frame to easily bulk up 20 pounds without losing a step. He can run, catch, block, he could be a utility back or even a feature back in the right situation, anything is possible. Reminds me a little of Ryan Matthews not quite as fast but looks more durable which was Matthews achilles heel ( All Puns Intended). Not doubt though that Ryan Matthews had a ton of skill, especially reminds me of him when he is making plays in the pass game or open field. 

RB/KR    Darshon McCullough            #24    

  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Height : 5’ 8
  • Weight : 190 lbs 
  •  Arm : 30 ¼”     
  • Wingspan : 71 ⅛” 
  • Twitter : @Darshon_M

Smaller Dynamic Explosive compact Back With Reliable Hands Kick Return Ability.  

Fun to watch player that can make opposing defenses or special teams look ridiculous at times. Leaving clouds of dust & players reaching for ghosts. A player to utilize all over the ball field. Especially love his pass catching talents his ability to make something from nothing. His return skills with the vision to find the lanes, get a nice chunk ,always being a grand slam  threat to go the distance. 

Despite any size discrepancies McCullough gets the job done with his elusive agility surprising strength for his size. Reliable soft hands perfect to be a threat in the pass game or on returns. Can make defenders miss while also being able to break tackles plow ahead for the extra yards. 

Invited to the Tropical Bowl, Lord willing will get into that soon,he is definitely on scouts radars. Would not be surprised in the least, if he lands on a 90 man Spring training roster. 

DE/ OLB   Tevaughn Grant       #33 

  • Wagner 
  • Height : 6’0
  • Weight : 250 lbs
  •  Hand 9 2/8” 
  •  Arm : 32
  • Wingspan : 74 ⅝” 

Let’s Give Some Props To Wagner For Having Several Defensive Studs In Attendance. 

Had a vicious sack in the 2nd half completely wrapping up the QB like a pig in a blanket. Grant  was outstanding along with D line McCleod & # 45 Inside linebacker  Santoni Graham &  DB Danial Drew reeking havoc all over the place. Grant is a savage off the edge with a good low stance that he explodes out of. Gets behind the line  to hunt QB’s while having the ability to track down backs like a bloodthirsty ravenous beast. 

A handful for blockers , always working the legs, Superior  handwork getting off blocks has superb short area quickness. A push like a plow truck with a motor that don’t quit, making plays constantly against much bigger O tackles & Guards.   

Grant is a guy that should be on many scouts notepads, looking at his maneuverability think he is an ideal fit in a 34 scheme. Odd fronts can use his versatility whether standing or hand in the dirt. Grant looks like a real playmaker to watch leading into draft season. Another 15 pounds he could fill a 43 defensive end role without question. Film, stats & my eyes don’t lie, Grant is a force of nature on the ball field.  

DL Julian McCleod 

  • Wagner College  #55 
  • Height : 6’ 2
  • Weight : 285lbs
  • Hand 9”     
  • Arm: 31 6/8 
  • Wingspan : 75 ⅝” 

Behind the line on a regular basis, from multiple positions along the Defensive line, whether interior or a true D end/ Edge rushing star. In practice  or in the game, didn’t matter McCleod shows up & is hard to contain 

Has the agility to be used in multiple regular biltz or shut packages. Strong push with rapid moving Violent  hands getting off blocks with authority athletic ability. 

A player that has been an integral part of the Wagner D the last 3seasons. 

As part of an outstanding defense with all sorts of Pro talent, McCleod is a defensive weapon that can strive inside & out.

Highly active hand fighter with constant moving feet that plays through the whistle. Intense player that doesn’t get held up against the run while moving big 300 pound bodies to disrupt the quarterback against the pass. Even short area coverage,he shows his athletic prowess for a true 285 pound D lineman beast.   

DB Kam Prewitt

  • Campbell University     # 26 
  • Height : 5’ 11
  • Weight : 180 lbs 
  • Hand 9” 
  •  Arm 31 6/8”
  • Wingspan : 74 ⅜”   
  •  @Dreadhead_CEO 

Fan Of The Way, Prewitt Positions Himself Against The Run & Pass.

Thought he had a nice showing both in practice & during the actual game. He proved he can hang with some wide outs with Jet packs on their backs can stick to his opponents like wall paper paste.  

Was the Defensive Player Of the Week in the Big South 0n 9/30, All Conference 2nd Team. Had 36 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 INT, 1 FF & 3 PBU on the year as a Junior in 2018. Played in 11 games , also returned 9 punts for an average of 7.4 yds per return. Trying to find stats for defensive prospects in the FCS is hard, will add all stats to his draft profile. Definitely a defensive back among a ton of talent at the position, has enough size, speed instincts to make the 90 man Spring Training Camp 2020 Roster. 

Being a little over an inch from 6 foot he has over a 74 “ wingspan, which is more on the scale of a player above the 6 foot mark. Most players his size have at most a 71 to 72” wingspan, combined with his vertical ability makes him an option for teams inside or out.  Excellent in man coverage  a player coached by Carolina Panther Great Mike Minter. That influence in the way he flies around and hits is a sure sign of that. 

Another impressive DB promoted up to the Tropical Bowl roster because he is a straight baller a man to man Master and looked good in zone coverage as well. 

CB / DB Maxwell Howell 

  • Portland State   # 1 
  • Height : 6’ 0 ½  
  • Weight 185 lbs
  •  Hand : 8 ⅛”
  •  Arm : 30 ⅓ “
  • Wingspan : 74 ⅛ ” 
  • Twitter : @lockdown_savy 

Defensive MVP Of The FCS Bowl!

Practice & The Game Howel Was Flying Around Like He Was A Chicken With His Head Cut Off dipped in buttermilk & cornmeal  at a deep frying contest.

With all seriousness can honestly say, he was the CB that caught my attention most often. 

Matched up against some of the best the American team had to offer, he held his own combusting at the point of attack. Stopping pass catchers right in there path with his lights out tackling ability. When it comes to pass defense Howell can anticipate WR’s location or box them out of real estate on the sidelines. 

The combo of size, speed, intensity just flat out football instincts & mastery where on full display.  Can be a force on the outside with make up speed, no quit attitude to run with some of the top pass catchers. 

Letting up very minimal gains in the pass game limiting yds after the catch with his explosion at the point of attack. Type of physical DB that teams are in search of, especially with his size. There might be a boatload of secondary talent with nice size this draft. Not many have the fluidity toughness quick closing speed football IQ Howell demonstrates at the position. 

DB/ CB Sheldon Watson Jr 

  • Carleton University # 6
  •  Height : 6’0
  • Weight : 190 lbs
  •  Hand : 8 ⅛” 
  •  Arms : 31”
  •  Wingspan : 73 ½”  
  • Twitter :  @Shed_jR 

Wasn’t Going To Add Another DB From The National But Watson Is Just Too Good to Ignore. 

More of a safety prospect, would not ever rule him out as a corner prospect as well. There is no doubt that he has the athletic ability quickness, fluid hips, smooth back pedal & lateral movement. Physical player that will jam a player of the line, knock wideouts off their game. Sniffing out plays in practice that translated well to game time. Has all the makings of a true star at the strong safety or nickel position. Long extensions wraps up tackles hits like a tornado dropping opponents in his path. Textbook defensive back  that showed he deserves a second look from the doubters.  Another player that is easy to separate from the pack. 

Most importantly of all his attributes is his ability to finish the play, to work through the whistle, using his hands, flexibility timing to cause incompletions regularly.

Career stats – 178 tackles, 9 INT’s 12 TFL, 18 PBU with 4 TD’s.  Playing Free safety, Nickel, CB & SS in his career 3 years at Henderson State then his final season for the Carleton  Camels. 

DB/FS/SS  Carl Robertgeau 

  • Mars Hill University  # 9 
  • Height : 5 ‘ 11
  • Weight : 190 lbs 
  • Hand : 8 ⅛ 
  • 30 ¾ 3
  • Wingspan :  74”*
  • Twitter : @humbel6_

Had A Killer Recovery On A Muff Kick Return Like A Bossman.

True cover corner that brings dynamic intensity to a special teams group. Not afraid to get physical fight for the ball or knock his rival off course. Outside or inside he flies around the field making plays with constant intensity and precision. Plays both safety positions along with nickel has a great understanding of the secondary as a whole.  

Can hang down the sideline against some pretty steep competition,getting physical off the line ,  running stride for stride  with speedsters or possession catchers alike ,  positioning his body using his hands to disrupt pass plays. 

When you are the last line of defense you better be able to tackle, that is something that comes second nature to hard hitting safety/DB like Robertgeau.

His wingspan is exceptional for a DB ⅓ of an inch from 5 foot 11, not the normal to have 74”wingspan.  Agile player that can use his reach while also being able to time and launched himself like a scud missile to stop a pass or drop a runner. 

S/LB  Lawrence Brown 

  • Elizabeth City State  University 
  • Height : 6’ 1
  • Weight : 220 lbs
  •  Hand 8 2/8       
  •  Arm : 30 ⅜
  • Wingspan : 72 ¾ 

Taking Reps In The Secondary & At Linebacker. 

He looks like an outstanding coverage Safety to me, he showed he could cover in practice & the game. Browns tackling is a thing of beauty, the way he anticipates his opponents sizes them up. Then he tackles with authority wrapping players up like a LB, while still showing the ability to be used as a cover DB. 

Coming from a linebacker background, was amazed to see his coverage skills. Brown was running corner drills in practice, yet he is always 1 of the first on the scene when an opponent gets to the 2nd level. Highly active intense prospect that can explode into tackles hit like a beast. 

Like him at strong safety or the flex or spear position because he has an ideal size to handle Tight ends and bigger wide out’s. 

Red Team  ( American) 

QB  Zach Edwards   ( MVP) 

  • College of Scholastica 
  •  Height – 6’ 3
  • Weight : 208lbs
  • Hand: 8 ¾  
  • Arm : 30 ⅞ 
  • Wingspan : 73” 
  • Twitter : @Magic_Zach_11

Showing Off His Cannon Arm With Some Nice Touch & Precision. 

Making some big plays, short intermediate deep, showing accuracy velocity to lay it on his wide outs.  Out throwing coverage or throwing some nice darts on a quick slant.  Keeping his eye on the safety to anticipate plays ,  pre snap, limiting mistakes  while avoiding taking sacks with the ability to move out of the pocket as needed. 

Had the first TD of the day  throwing a dime in the corner of the end zone between 2 defenders to his wide out Marquise Spence in the first quarter. 

Building chemistry with quite a few different pass catchers, reading the field finding weaknesses in the coverage. 

Career stats : 9,024 pas yards 101 touchdowns ( 90 Passing) Broke holds 18 school records, a 3 time 1st team All Conference  and the MVP of this game. 

TE Chris Long 

  • Texas Southern 
  • Height : 6’ 3
  • Weight : 245 lbs
  • Hand: 8 4/8”    
  •  Arm:  32 ½ ”
  • Wingspan : 79 ⅛” 

Lack Of Tight End Talent, Long Should Catch On Somewhere. 

Out of the gate he showed to be a commodity in the run blocking game, on the opening drive helping to open running lanes for Robinson on the right side. Showing good hands, straight line speed, throughout practice,  in the game although the ball was well distributed. 

Going to be heavily coveted this year with a noticeable lack of what’s considered NFL size tight ends, players like Long should find work. 

Built like a prototypical classic TE, with all the needed tools skillset to get the job done both in the blocking game as well as the pass game. Like his athletic skills to be an inline threat, while showing off the raw strength to be a permanent fixture against pass rush & run blocking defenders out their cleats.  

Didn’t have insane production in school but was used in blocking situations in many cases with an Offense that tan the ball more than pass. Texas Southern leading receiver Tren’davian Dickson had under 300 yards himself, so it’s safe to say we haven’t seen what Long can really do in a pass heavy O. What we do know is that he is a savage blocker that made the most of the opportunities that presented themselves. 

 WR     Tyrek Allen 

  • Alabama State  University 
  • Height : 6’1
  • Weight : 185 lbs 
  •  Hand : 8 ⅝   
  •  Arms : 30 4/8  
  • Wingspan : 72 ⅝ 
  • Twitter : @Tyrek6llen 

Big Touchdown Beating Out Defenders Like They Were Standing Still. 

Watching him beat DB’s all day they finally found him deep for a big score. He is a very noticeably explosive young pass catcher. Like his ability to cut, run routes & work his way open at the top of routes. 

Although he made some drops in practice thought he bounced back come game time. It’s obvious he possesses the skills to get open win deep or out moutovour his competition, just gotta make sure he makes the catch first.

Could see him playing in the NFL, interested to see how he tests at his pro day. A killer forty, 20 yard shuttle could get a shot to compete in a 90 man camp. 

OT/OL  Aaron Ray 

  • Chowan University      # 70 
  • Height : 6’ 4
  • Weight : 294 lbs
  •  Hand : 9 ½  
  •  Wingspan : 80 ⅜  
  • Twitter : @Dowork_Aray73 

Natural Movement, Well Balanced O Tackle With The Size Scouts Want. 

Much like Brown on the Blue team, feel Ray is very natural at the Oline position. Honestly looks lean for 310 pounds because he has good height & is in good physical shape. 

An All CIAA 2nd Team O line in 2019, Honorable mention in 2018 even earning an All CIAA Rookie team in 2016, Ray is a player that has been successful along the O line his entire collegiate career. 

Stood out in practice, along with the game against some seriously explosive & big powerful pass rushers of all shapes and sizes. Played both tackle positions well, really excelling at the right tackle position. Strong plant with a swift moving kick leg, keeping pass rushers in front of him with his reach technique intelligence. 

There Was undoubtedly a few standouts along the American team O line & at O tackle gotta say Ray was definitely on that list. Reenforcing his college career against some elite small school competition Ray was a top dawg on the American O line. 

 WR  Michael Derius 

  • Georgetown University 
  • Height : 5’ 11    
  • Weight : 203lbs  lbs  
  •  Hand : 7 ⅝  
  • Arm : 32” 
  • Wingspan : 77 ⅞ 

 A Wide Out ON Many People’s Lips Leading Into The Event. 

Caught a nice pass thrown by QB Zach Edwards,catching the bomb with ease getting his yardage then exiting out of bounds like a smooth criminal putting his team in FG range. Had some other eye opening catches in practice & in the game. 

Arguably the most pro ready wideout on hand, he didn’t disappoint from what I gather made an impact on scouts at the practices & game. Can see why he comes so highly recommended from those in the know.  Most definitely could be the next big success story coming out of this event that has produced NFL talent on a regular basis. 

The speed agility route running extension to make the tough catch, big play making not easy to take down wide out that averaged almost 18 yards per catch this season. On the season 2019 41 catches, 726 yds and 5 touchdowns for the Hoyas. Derius has NFL aspirations should land in a camp somewhere this Summer. A name to keep an eye out for come draft time of a priority free agent. 

WR Brandy Holmes 

  • Morningside  
  •  Height : 5’ 11    
  • Weight : 195 lbs 
  •  Hand : 8 ⅛    
  • Arm: 30 6/8’       
  • Wingspan : 73 ⅞ 
  • Twitter:  @BrandyHolmes 

Limited Action Could Still See The Speed, Agility & Power Of Holmes.

Featured Holmes in my first wideout Hidden Gems of the year & he is proving me right. Sure he didn’t get a ton of action with so many wideouts and  different signal callers on hand. What he did do was all positive numbers, a catch a quick run, flashing his fire power after the catch.  Caught a nice TD catch in 1 on 1 in practice & had a nice snag in the game. 

Coming from Morningside, a top notch that is like the NAIA’s version of the FCS North Dakota State Bison, a Championship team year in and year out. Producing some talented players in the process Holmes is a player that can be utilized in many facets of the game, catching, run game blocking returns special teams the possibilities are endless with his toughness, quickness, intelligence reliable hands, he is ready to do some work. 

Strong frame to body DB’s for the ball, with nice acceleration to create YAC.  Big strong arms with an impressive wingspan fluid on breaks can leap vertically or laterally to make the big play. Runs like a Back with the rock in his hands breaking tackles powering his way for the extra yards.  

Get joy when I see a player from the NAIA or any other Div 1, 2 , 3 Independent JUCO any small school underdog players make it into an NFL camp. Holmes could surprise some folks when you see the hard work he is putting in from the FCS bowl then the College Gridiron Showcase in Texas, hes racking up  the frequent flyer miles. For Holmes it might just be finding one scout, one GM to believe in him. 

RB Jimmie Robinson 

  • Bethune Cookman
  •  Height:  5’7 ½     M
  • Weight: 173 lbs 
  • Hand :  8 ⅜
  • Arm : 28 ⅝ 
  • Wingspan :  70 ⅛ 
  • Twitter @skoolyboy2 

Utility Fastback That Can Offer Assistance In The Run, Pass & Special Team Game. 

Scouts can see that he has the necessary substantial speed to get the job done, at the next level. He can shake defenders with his move but finishes string as a bull engaging contact pushing for the extra yards. 

From the starting  gate , he helped to lead his team down the field with a couple nice runs with some exciting jukes/ cuts leading to a short TD pass to start the game  .A force in the return game also looks to be an asset receiving the ball out of the backfield. 

Showed some nice moves on the practice field when he was running the ball & in wide receiver drills. There was a lot of speed on hand for this game Robinson just might be the best of the best.  All around pound for pound looked the fastest, smoothest most versatile of the backs  thru 2 practice then the game. 

Hard to get noticed out of Florida’s Bethune Cookman for some reason, have seen quite a few NFL caliber players go unrecognized. Another school on the upswing that  we need to make a note of, players that can add tremendous depth on a practice squad in preseason competition. 

2019 – FCS STATS All American, First Team MEAC First Team All Conference as a Return specialist, 2019 All Conference Second Team Offense, 2018 All American and 2018 MEAC All Conference ON player. Getting a top FCS Talent at RB in Robinson. 

WR    Marquise Spence 

  • Merrimack  #9
  •  Height : 6’0
  • Weight : 185 lbs 
  • Hand : 8 ⅝
  • Arm: 29 ⅝ 
  • Wingspan : 70 ⅞ 
  • Twitter _Quiss44

Making A Tough Grab, For The First Score Of The Day. 

Athletic player with reliable hands, short area burst to create seperation 

Good jump off the line, runs his routes clean with a strong emphasis on the top of the route. Finds a way to get separation breaking free on the tops of a basic post route. Transitions well on the come back, has  the vertical skills needed to out jump some immense defensive backs coming out in the 2020 draft. 

Does Not get hung up on jams , works his way open locates & secures the catch. Can highpoint the ball, despite not having a massive wingspan his vertical abilities make up for that.  

Can tell that Spence understands the route tree along with defensive coverages, finds weaknesses in coverage and exploits them. That is what he did in practice and in the game. Teamplayer that will do whatever is needed for his team to suceed whether catching, special teams or laying down a block to help spring his running back. 

A player that can be counted on in clutch situations, Spence is a player that very well could succeed at a Pro level.

 LB Durrell Nash

  • Saint Auginstine  # 6 
  • Height : 6’ 2
  • Weight: 235 lbs 
  • Hand : 8 ⅜        
  • Arm : 31 4/8
  • Wingspan : 74 ⅜ 
  • Twitter : @durrell_nash 

A Cliff Harris Finalist For Best Linebacker In 2019.

On active duty as usual,  the captain, field general that can orchestrate the chaos from the Inside linebacker position. He had a handful of tackles in the game, including a bone jarring tackle   on a kickoff.  Made  a bunch of plays in 7 on 7’s during the two practice sessions. Hits like a bag of bricks, exploding into his tackles like a Bama backer, while still being able to flip the hips drop back into coverage, with the athletic makeup  to make INT’s or cover backs out of the backfield. 

Some players are just naturally born to play their positions & Nash was built to be a Middle linebacker that can also excell at weak or strong side. 

Hands down one of the best small school 2020 LB prospects, as well as the Nation as a whole. He will be heading to Fort Worth for the College Gridiron Showcase to show off his skillset next. 

Been an honor to follow his career over the last few months, been wanting to write about Nash for awhile now. He seems like a road dog hard nose lunch pail type of worker whether on D or ST.  In Nash you get a complete linebacker, a player that can cover any inch of the field you need covered or come after the quarterback or RB like a ravenous pitbull. 

LB Angelo Garbutt  # 32 

  • Missouri State 
  • Height 6’ 2
  • Weight : 230 lbs 
  • Hands : 9 2/8
  •  Arms : 31 ⅛      
  • Wingspan : 74 ½
  • Twitter @8_gello  

Had A Monster Fumble Recovery In the 2nd Quarter.

Had a pick in practice was consistently disrupting plays in practice & in the game.  Ferocious coming off the edge or as seen in practice cover short intermediate even long at times.  

Player that has been on my radar for some time, definitely didn’t disappoint. Around the ball all day, all week,  showing the power to break through blockers like the Berlin Wall. 

All Conference Player that has all the tools instinct, intensity & intelligence to thrive inside, with the speed  off the edge athletic coverage skills to move outside.  No shortage of quality defensive players in this one, Garbutt is one of the best of a very impressive group. 

2018 – was All MVFC Phil Steele Honorable Mention had 99 tackles with 45 solo  to lead his team, also  had 8 TFL, 2.5 sacks . Against South Dakota he had 12 stops alone.  

LB Raheem Coxfield 

  • Livingstone    # 21 
  • Height 5’ 9
  • Weight : 225 lbs 
  • Hand : 8 ⅞ 
  • Arm : 29 ⅜
  • Wingspan : 72”
  • Twitter : @SSRTC10

Hybrid Type linebacker/ Safety That Has a Knack For Being Around The Ball. 

He can really pay dividends in coverage while still having that LB tenacity. Smart at diagnosing the plays pre snap, can readjust on  a dime from attack to dropping into coverage. Plays hard, high motor excellent at camouflaging himself or the play. Takes outstanding angles moves laterally very well has the vision instincts to be a contributor at a Pro level.

Was coming on a blitz in the first quarter almost causing the QB to throw an INT. Was involved in many ways that wont neccoroly show up on the stat sheet, but is priceless to the success of his unit. That chip on his shoulder warrior mentality of being counted out, is exactly why he should be counted in & counted on. To bring so much to a team on defense & special teams could be getting a diamond in the rough in Coxfield. 

Think he could thrive in a spear or defense with 3 safeties or even strong safety/ Nickel. While he can still add another dimension as a weakside linebacker, potential star on special teams. Sure it’s a hard sell , some scouts won’t even watch his film, due to size, which is ridiculous. The vetern old school scouts that been  building winners playoff contenders for decades know, a player like Coxfield is going to leave it all on the turf every given Sunday.  Can count on him to do the film study, put in the work in the gym to not only succeed but be successful for many years. 

LB / OLB / DE   Chris Favoroso 

  • Duquesne 
  • Height – 6’2
  • Weight – 238lbs  
  • Hand : 8 ¾ 
  • Arms :  30 ⅝
  • Wingspan:  76 ⅛ 
  • Twitter : @Chris_Favoroso

Made His Presence Felt, Almost D – End Size With Linebacker Burst !

Big very explosive off the edge, usually the first guy in the QB’s face.  Wins with speed wins with power he wins with size . Knows how to use his leverage to his advantage, keeps coming non stop finisher. 

Watching him against some quality caliber O line talent, winning off the edge with a textbook swim on pass rush. Has the long arms coming off the edge using his leverage or getting his hands up.  Against the run he uses his speed to fire off unblocked many times,  Can be a dominant force in a system like a Baltimore that knows how to use these bigger linebackers. Could put on 25 – 30 pounds easily to play defensive end in a 43 front. His athletic ability & his speed would not mess with. Therefore 34 Outside LB could be his ideal fit, at an NFL level or could be sought after by the CFL. 

DT/ OL  Abdul Marei 

  • Hastings 
  • Height 6’ 1
  • Weight : 310 lbs 
  •  Hand : 8 ⅜
  • Arm : 30 ½ 
  •  Wingspan : 74 ⅞” 
  • Twitter : @abdulmarei91 

Think He Looks Real Good In The Interior Of a D line. 

Powerful push, strong as grain alcohol with no chaser, busting through the line like the Kool Aid man busting down walls. Not fast but  quick enough,  first & foremost Marei takes up double teams with reckless abandon. He is like trying to block a semi truck as an interior D linemen. 

At O line didn’t see a ton but from what I gather Interior O line  to be something to fall back on. Interior O line is not out of the question has the frame athletic ability to be coached into a center role on the O line. 

Like him as a DT, IMO that is where the big man belongs has better attributes then many players at the same position from FBS schools. What grabs me is the way he gets after it, real high motor heavy powerful hands solid frame with the leverage to win 1 on 1’s or double teams  find & tackles backs. 

Anyone who follows my work knows that I am a huge fan of shorter big DT’s with a low center of gravity. Especially against the run and some smaller backs that big DT’s have trouble finding.

The fact he has played along both O line and D line makes him have a better understanding of pass blocking packages and how to gain the upper hand in the trenches. 

DL Jordan Brookins 

  • Friends University #90 
  • Height: 5’ 11
  • Weight : 302 lbs 
  • Hands : 9 ½
  • Arms : 31”   
  • Wingspan :  75 ⅛” 
  • Twitter : @bigjayy23

Brookins Was Winning His Battle In The Trenches All 3 Days In Daytona. 

Stout body frame with above average wingspan for just shy of the 6 foot mark with the power both in his upper & lower body. 

That can move blockers to the side find the running back wrap him up immediately. Was getting through quite often engaging his blockers while interrupting pass plays or devouring running backs. 

You don’t expect a player from Friends University to be one of the most disruptive beasts in the trenches, but don’t tell Brookins that. A player that definitely looks like he wants to be there, not going to get half hearted effort out of this interior D line wrecking ball. What you will get is a dominant force on 1st and 2nd down to create difficult 3rd downs.  

Not the tallest DT on the block but with so many under 6 foot runners in the National Football League, good to counter with squatty body type of defenders. Nose tackle a 3 technique from the football capital of the universe Texas. So football is in his blood and he can move with flexibility shiftiness for a big nose tackle. Brookins is worth a look for any team needing solid run support and above average quickness big man in the trenches. 

DL/DE Destin Guillen  

  • Mercer University   # 40 
  •  Height : 6’ 4
  • Weight : 285 lbs 
  • Hand : 9 ½”       
  • Arm : 33 ½
  • Wingspan : 79 ⅓ “ 
  • Twitter : @guillen_destin 

Can Gobble Up Blockers Like Buckets Of Endless Wings.

Devouring blockers with his monster breast stroke of a swim move the raw fortitude to move 300 pounders like no tomorrow. Can move around O tackles on the outside or bullrush in the middle , very versatile on the D line. 

His athletic ability for his size could definitely on display in his time in fort worth off the line, much above the norm for players his size as far as speed but still strong as a Bull on roids. 

Can add value to any front with his size, speed, reach, strength Guillin could be a force at the next level.  Maybe I play a little favoritism for my East Coast guys but no matter if he played on Mars I would like this monster D line 2020 draft prospect. 

Not huge production in College but during the FCS bowl event, he showed up nig time. A player that can be moved all over or stunt inside and out, wins with power, agility, size, and intensity.  Was very impressed with his athletic skill set, like trying to block a runaway freight train. 

DB/CB Jay Wright 

  • Seton Hill University  # 24
  • Height : 6’0
  • Weight 202
  • Hand 9 ¼  
  • Arm 30 ⅝ 
  • Wingspan : 73 ⅜ 

Shows The Needed Skills To Play On The Outside. 

Nice size DB that showed he could play corner on the outside against some pretty quick wideouts. Works through the whistle, sometimes got a little handsy but that goes both ways. All & all like his ability to be moved around a secondary to create perfect matchups whether outside in the slot or safety. Upper body power to box wideouts out the box or squeeze them on the sideline.

Best suited as a strong safety, maybe at nickel in some situations against the Y receiver. 

There was a good amount of defensive backs on the American ( Red team), at the same time we know scouts make very few exceptions as far as height. They want guys at least 6 foot outside, with 5’11, 5’10 accepted widely in slot positions the occactional 5’8 or 5’9 straight baller breaking the mold. Wasn’t a ton of 6 foot talent on the secondary for the red team, so Wright was asked to match up against some really exciting pass catchers for the National team. 

DB   Jermiah Johnson 

  • Jacksonville University  # 44 
  •  Height : 5’9    
  • Weight 175 lbs
  • Hand : 9”
  • Arm : 31 ⅝” 
  •  Wingspan :  75 ⅞” 
  •  Twitter @4xLLTJ

Good Looking Week Got Him an Invite to The Tropical Bowl. 

Another excellent group of defensive back prospects in the 2020 draft, as well as at the FCS and Tropical Bowls. Johnson opened some scouts eyes, so much they wanted to see him again.

Insane Wingspan for a 5 foot 9 DB,with almost 76 inch wingspan is unique. 

Johnson can play Nickel, Strong safety, special teams even has played outside. His speed intensity knack to be in the right place at the right time is impeccable. 

Dynamic player that should impress in any pro day or combine type of testing. Showed he can hold his own in coverage or in the box, covering much bigger targets then himself. While having the ferocity to make the big  hit/ tackle dropping opponents where they stand like a sack of rump roasts. 

Little behind on my film study but jumping into the Tropical Bowl shortly and be watching Johnson closely because he looks like a legit defensive back prospect to me. 

DB Gerge Gbesee 

  • Wofford  # 42 
  • Height : 5’ 9        
    Weight : 180 lbs
  • Hand : 8 ⅛      
  • Arm : 28 ⅝        
  • Wingspan : 70 ⅛ 
  • Twitter @gmgbesee

Could Be  the Next Jimmy Mooreland  or Avonte Maddox? 

Smaller DB’s with a ton of natural skills, range, toughness with the instincts & work ethic that far exceed any height discrepancies.  Hard worker always the first to the party & he is coming with everything he’s got.  Player that can be a dominant force at nickle or strong safety, also a player that can add instant value to a special teams unit. 

These guys normally don’t disappoint at the next level, as it’s such an uphill battle that once they make it there they stick around for a bit. Working harder than many of their 6 foot & larger counterparts. Having to fill many roles with injuries, matching them up against players 7inches taller at times. Not an ideal situation but it is not uncommon for such players to hold up well against this so called disadvantage. Don’t tell these DB’s they have a disadvantage because they have the ultimate advantage in the amount of Heart they play with. 

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at [email protected]

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