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XFL Draft Diamonds 9.0 – Franchise Mode: Building Of A League!

Matt Anzio put together a Draft Bible for the 2020 XFL season, CHECK IT OUT

XFL Draft Diamonds  9.0 

Franchise Mode: The Building Of a League!!!

 By Matt Anzio 

Mission Statement 

With the countless requests  received for assistance helping Prospects get exposure or a boost too the XFL. Figured my best bet to feature as many talented XFL hopefuls was to do a draft edition.  

This is not just a random group of sleeper prospects  picked from a hat. 

Tried to take into consideration the teams, coaches & GM’s that make up the 8 teams. Not only for their physical attributes but also wanted to feature hard working, coachable players that do whatever it takes to make their dreams a reality. Guys that never stop working, go to Arena, go overseas,  perfect their skills at The Spring League or even coaching the younger generation. Passionate prospects that stay humble & keep improving. Stay in, around & up on the game of football. Also have had the privilege of speaking with & watching develop in some form every prospect on this manifesto. 

It’s being proven over & over adversity breeds champions. These big name guys might put butts in seats but will it keep them their?  Doubt it, the best way to determine future actions is to observe past actions. Guys that keep moving, stay in or around the game. Most of all, something that at Draft Diamonds we  have been preaching from the jump . Humble high character guys willing to do whatever it takes to pursue their dreams. 

There is a lot of enormous unwarranted egos in this business. All that can be said is Can we put the egos aside to build the best possible League possible. A bunch of egos, big names or people that are “ Never Wrong” could sink a new venture of this magnitude faster than Vince can say “This is the XFL”. Yes talent is the most important single aspect needed for an exciting product. Hard to disagree with the next aspect to success would be quality people that can work as a team. Put their egos aside for the greater good as players. Being able to work well together as a team. 

   New York Guardians 

  • LB – Brenton Allen 
  • Pace University 
  • Height : 6’0    
  • Weight : 240 lbs 

Coming off His Tryouts With The International Rugby League.  

Globetrotting from Canada, Arena to Europe the grind doesn’t end for Allen. One of the most ambitious determined individuals’s  a team could hope for. All while still getting his degree working hard on & off the field. 

Give this man an oppurtuinty id bet dollars to donuts he makes the most of it. Has been a standout at Pace then at the HBCU SOA Game.   Putting up good numbers at his CFL tryout & getting himself into Rugby shape educating himself on an entirely new sport. As well as preparing himself physically to play a very physical sport. 

His heart  belongs to American football & strives in that traditional linebacker roll. 

Watching those NY teams back with Pep Hamiliton & Kevin Gillbride. See similarities in the system fit for Allen. A traditional style LB that is going to win with instinct, intensity & intelligence.  Coachable, humble hard worker that seems to always be in the right place at the right time. 

Pro Day Numbers : Forty : 4.79    Short Shuttle : 4.28 Reps at 225 – 23      

Vertical : 38.5”  Broad : 9’ L-  Drill : 7.62    

  • WR Justin Sumpter 
  • Kennesaw State 
  • Height : 6’ 2      
  • Weight : 212 lbs 

Rookie Mini Camp Invite this past spring  to the L.A. Rams .

Then went onto the CFL where he is now working & staying prepared for any opportunity. 

Pro Day Numbers :    Forty : 4.56       Vert: 39. 5” Broad : 10’ 5”      Reps at 225 – 17 

Excellent possession receiver with hands like vice grips.   1,989 yds & 20 TD’s in his two years at Kennesaw st. Can be a threat on the outside, inside on  long intermediate & short pass plays. Goes up like an All Star point guard to snatch the ball out of the sky. Hands like the jaws of life with concentration to make the tough catch.  Can stretch out like A stretch Armstrong doll.  

XFL needs to take a look at this special  talent can catch, block & is just a really good down to earth person. 

  • DB Dante Redwood 
  • Mercyhurst 
  • Height : 6’ 2    
  • Weight : 206lbs 

Was One of  the first DB’s   featured the summer before his Senior year.   the explosive vertically gifted quick twitch, short area with long speed,  DB Dante Redwood. Before last year even began saw potential in the young small school secondary defensive back with big time skills. 

He was at AZ Cardinals rookie mini camp but was released after but that didn’t slow the speedster. 

He was named as one of the standout DB’s at the XFL NY Showcase  in June among a plethora of defensive back talent. Redwood was one of a handful of DB’s that turned some heads including Mike MItchell of XFL media & Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan.  

  • RB/ FB/LB    Monte Gaddis
  • Towson,  Poland Football (U.S.), Arena   & Serbia Rugby (IRL) 
  • Height : 6’0    
  • Weight : 235 lbs 

Ambitious Tough Determined To Live His Football Dream. 

Ambition is the first word that comes to mind when I think about Gaddis. His determination off the field is just as prevalent as his determination on. 

A College tackling machine That went onto win a Championship with Poland playing American Football.  Going onto play Rugby in Serbia having 100 tackles with no missed tackles ! ! 

Going on 4 years playing Rugby now never has looked in better shape. Now with the U. K. playing with the Shaw Cross Sharks. Now receiving an opportunity to play in THe Amsterdam tortenet. With the Rotterdam Cobras in the Netherlands. 

 This young man brings the capacity of a fullback with the tackling of a linebacker. Running, blocking, catching tackling can do it all.   XFL better snatch my guy up because the rest of the world sees what I see. A Load of a back or LB with shifty feet a leader on the field & in any community. 

  • RB – Jalen Holmes
  • Height : 5’ 7   
  • Weight : 186 lbs 

On the Football GamePlan Regional Combine standout list. 

A Spring League participant  with game changing speed. Can be used  in many facets of the offense & special teams. 

Smaller backs especially when they are fast elusive types are very difficult for big 6 ft plus guys to locate.  Low center of gravity compact runner that can get lost behind his big blockers. Vision to see the holes/gaps hit them with ferocity  finds his way for the 1st down or TD.

  • TE  Dimitrios Tsesmetzis 
  • West Connecticut
  • Height : 6’6    
  • Weight : 250lbs 

If we venture into the Spring League film  this is a No Brainer. 

Already received a draft pool invitation but this is more of a suggestion. Let’s get this New York baller in a Guardian Uniform. 

Looks like a big wide out  can open his hips well very natural movement & ball skills.  Gets square on blocks his OT experience from High school is still extremely prevalent in his play. The fact he is an athletic pass catching Super weapon is just an added bonus. Cause Tsesmetzis blocking is A plus some of the best you will see in the Spring League practices.    Redzone stud that is a mismatch against any DB.    

  • OT/ OL Michael Lasker 
  • Syracuse University 
  • Height: 6 ‘ 5      
  • Weight : 315 

One of The top O linemen Available On The Open Market. 

Surprised he is not finishing his first preseason game at the moment. For whatever reason the XFL should pounce of this RT prospect. He is undoubtedly a pro style offensive tackle or O linemen in general.  Has the athletic skills to match up with some faster edge rushers while having the muscle to contain some bull rushing beasts. 

Has the size while still lean enough to kick out against pass rush. While still exhibiting the strength to get out looking for work. Creating some nice run lanes swallowing up some now pro Edge Rushers. 

Pro day :  Short Shuttle : 4.98        Reps at 225 lbs : 28 Broad : 8’ 7”

Pro Resume  – Buffalo Bills Tryout 2017,  B.C. Lions Mini Camp 2018, Quad city Steamwheelers 2019

The Spring League Participant 2019. 

  • DB Bryant Perry 
  • Saint Francis 
  • Height : 6’ 0  
  • Weight 180lbs 

Explodes off the line like an Olympic Sprinter  running a 100 yd dash. 

SFU has been a program on the rise  pumping out pro style DB’s like Popyes pops out fried chicken. Perry is a product of that DB machine of a school. 

Was an All Conference Player For the MCAC  & his pro day numbers are as such : Forty – 4.63   , Short Shuttle 4.25 with a 3 cone drill of 6.91. Honestly plays faster than the 4.6 tange think the SS is more indigarive to his actual ability. 

Heavy hitter that can thrive outside in off or press can shadow even the swiftest of wide outs. With spectacular instincts ball reaction & the toughness to jam  guys at the line of scrimmage taking them out the play. Deep DB group or he would already be in a camp any XFL team would be lucky to have him.      

  • QB Glen Cuiellette
  • Texas Southern      Transfer – Tulane  
  • Height : 6’ 0       
  • Weight : 225 lbs 

HBCU Spirit Of America Offensive MVP. 

A XFL Showcase show out now a XL Draft pool invite.  

Cuiellete  is a multidimensional QB that can get it done with his arm & legs. As on display at the HBCU game at the showcase throughout his career. He is a signal caller that can come through in tough situations. Played 8 games as a Senior had  235 Attempts, 116 Completions, 1,479 yds , 8 TD’s with 8 INT’s. Adding 54 rush yds & another rush TD. Although he is not gonna be a Mike Vick he certainly can escape pressure. Believe me this he was under his share of pressure being sacked 25 times his SR year alone. 

Surveys the field as he drops back naturally with perfect form.  Dissects the defense goes thru his progressions with a natural flow. Good leverage arm strength & touch when it is needed. Kind of reminds me of the late Great Air McNair. Tough as nails accurate passer with passion & heart that can not be taught. 

  • WR/ Slot/ KR    Chris Easter 
  • Bridgewater State 
  • Height: 5’ 8      
  • Weight : 188 lbs 

Firm Believer in Having a Bit Of Everything On an Offense

Chris Easter was another player that  could add that extra dimension to any team. An East Coast guy that was a Dream bowl & Senior Bowl Combine attendee. A player that can create mismatches in the pass game or any return or special teams unit. 

2018 New England Bowl MVP, recently participated in the Pro Football H.O.F. Proday. He is a lighting fast slot return guy that can throw on the jets or juke opponents out their cleats. Adds that extra dimension in the pass game & on special teams. 

  • DT/NT Elijiah Bryant 
  • Maritime College SUNY  
  • Height : 6’ 4   
  • Weight : 320lbs 

Bryant has been overlooked for far too long. 

The NY NFL teams had some interest but the rest of the country  really missed the boat or Titanic ship. When it comes to a true Nose Tackle prospect with the sheer size,burst,  power, intensity that Bryant possess. 

Coming from the NAIA it is very hard for scouts to be able to take the time to get out to a game or even break down tape on many prospects. Some do like let’s say  “Mayock” there is no doubt in my mind he knows about Bryant. That the Raiders are just deep at the position might even be on a short list. 

He fits with the Guardians but also could see him in Seattle with the Dragons.  New York would be getting a player right on the cusp of an NFL contract. They should scoop him up while they got the chance. Draft invite makes sense here, still young with a chip on his shoulder the size of Long Island.

Needs just one shot to shock the XFL World. 

  • RB Jaymar Anderson 
  • East Stroudsburg 
  • Height : 6’ 2     
  • Weight : 220 lbs 

Can be like A Brandon Jocobs Type Of  RB That I Know The N.Y Personal Would Love. 

At the Spring League earlier this summer can tell you this he fits what N.Y. embodies. Remember Thunder & Lightning?  Jaymar is most definitely a thunderous runner that can pound it in, on goalline situations. Old school the more you feed him the more yards he devours.Built  like A Sherman tank . Perfect frame for a big goalline back that is perfect for blocking. Looks quite well catching the ball out of the backfield. 

Pro Day Numbers : Fort : 4.63     Reps at 225 lbs : 25 Vert : 35 “ Broad : 9’ 8” 

Best Game – 9/9/18     239 yds & 6 TD’s vs Seton Hall   won Defensive Player of the week. 

All Star Invites FCS Scout Bowl & FAF Bowl.  Was also ranked on FBGP top RB’s in their 2019 Breakdown. 

  • OT/OL     Troy Porter 
  • Height : 6’4     Weight : 320 lbs 
  • Thonon Black Panthers ( France)    Ottawa University 

Was an All Conference At Right Tackle  Then Played Left Tackle As A Senior In School.

Blocking for a 1000 yd rusher while holding a deep pocket in the pass game.  Dependable technically sound strong OT that is versatile. 

After School took the opportunity to play overseas  to Denmark. Played OT, OG, OC, LS, DL & even LB . Helping to bring his team to a Wild Card Playoff  berth his first year in Denmark’s top American Football League. Made the top- 100 players in Europe. While being named  top OT in Europe. On the finalist list for Offensive Player Of the Year in Europe & won the French Championship. 

From there he took his talents to France for the Thonon Black Panthers  playing both OT & DT. Helping to lead his team to a 12-0 season, 13-1 overall including playoffs.  Helped block for a 1000 yd rushing QB & a 900 yd running back. Was part of the team that won the French Championship. Safe to say he is not only a dominant blocker but is a winner wherever he goes.  Quality person with a terrific attitude & work ethic. Would want himon my squad.        

  • DB Malik Dunan 
  • Saint Francis University Quad City Steamrollers
  • Height : 5’ 9”     
  • Weight : 188 lbs     

Buck Buchanan Award Finalist in 2017.

A star wherever he landed he was a productive member of the secondary. A team in general is better to have his services. Whether in  slot coverage or over top at any of the 3 safety positions or an integral part of a thriving defensive unit. 

All American DB for HERO sports, Phil Steele & College Sports Madness. An All NEC  1st & 2nd team 2016 – 2017. Career 147 tackles, 29 PBU, 5 TFL, 7 INT, 2 FR, 1 FF & a sack. Physical mover that has experience at SS/FS/Nickel   & CB. 

Was signed by the Phiadelphia Souls went onto the IFL where he had 32 tackles, 7 PBU, 3 FF & a 2.5 TFL . The film is there despite any hang ups on height when you can play the game we have seen time & time again a few inches never stopped greatness from emerging. 

  • DE/ Edge Da’Jon Montague     
  • Mars Hill College 
  • Height : 6’4    
  • Weight: 255lbs 

Another exceptional Edge Rusher with a Heck of a Career & Spring League Film. 

Recently had him on the Victory Formation podcast. Montague has an interesting story of when he was younger in Church. When an Older Church Goer summoned him over & asked if he played ball? He said he played football & she said don’t give up that he was gonna make it. If he just kept working towards his goal. 

He has faced his share of obstacles but has had his share of success as well. He was fortunate enough to land at Mars Hill.  His Father was a huge influence in his life echoing the sediments of the Old Lady from Church to pursue his goal & not give up. 

Watching his Spring League  film can tell you this that fire is still burning like an inferno inside. He has a strong  club & swim move strong quick feet, smooth hips the ability to close on the QB. To recognize the play call pre snap. High motor guy that doesn’t stop working  a true defensive end that is athletic enough to drop into coverage or track down backs in open space. His best is yet to come & think the XFL need more players of his talent & determination.  

  • DB   Bryan Marine 
  • Bucknell 
  • Height : 5’ 11      
  • Weight : 185 lbs 

The DB’s  in this Special Draft edition are some of the best if not the best you will find. 

Marine is high a top that list of tackling intelligent physical athletic safety  sleepers. Marine had a noteworthy career with 242 tackles, 192 solo, 10 INT’s & 7 FF’s.  A All American & All Patriot League & William V. Cambell Semifinalist 2018. That most definitely deserved a shot with the NFL. One Leagues loss is another leagues gain.  

Straight savage mode hits like an aluminum baseball bat. Turnover machine whether it’s an INT, ripping the ball out causing a fumble or creating an incomplete pass. Free safety, strong safety nickel  or even outside CB, he can do it all in the secondary. Tracks the ball like a tiger shark tracks blood in the water attacks like one too. Ball reaction is top notch with the speed to take the turnover to the house. 

Outside, inside in coverage or on the attack & a ST ace that can return kicks like he has jet fuel pumping through his veins.  Shifty movements cuts jukes spins his way free & your not gonna hand tackle Marine. Unbelievable concentration & hands if he’s not batting the ball down he is intercepting it. 

A XFL N.Y. Showcase invite & i am sure he is a player of interest for the Guardians among others.  His name came up alot speaking with other scouts, coaches & fans of College ball. 

 Seattle Dragons 

  • FB/LB   Preston Hamlette 
  • Mayville State University  / Bismark Bucks ( Arena ) 
  • Height : 5’ 11    
  • Weight : 230 lbs 

A driven talented prospect that brings a lot of talent & experience to a team. 

Thinking back to those N.Y. teams of a dozen or more years ago they had a FB by the name of Hedgecock. He had a similar arsenal of weapons at his disposal in the fact that he was a hard nose blockers. He would do whatever was needed of him whether in the run game,run block, pass block & ST. Not always the guys scoring the TD’s that adds value to a championship type organization. 

Sure,  Preston is a thumper can bulldoze his way to the end zone like a Bull through a couple drunk clowns at the rodeo.  By no means is that all he adds to the Guardians. 

With no pro day outa College , Hamlette decided to go to the Arena League to start his Pro career. He didn’t waste any time as a 2019 draft eligible prospects. He took the opportunity that presented itself  ran both littarl & figuratively with it. 

Playing wherever he was needed both in College &  with The Bismarck Bucks. Playing both sides of the ball well.   Whether as a big back he can strive but think his ability to break the goal line plane like a sledgehammer through drywall.  Or he has plenty of work as an outside LB can be perfect for a 34 outside presence. Played both ways in Arena & is no stranger to special teams either. 

The fact he is a true leader in the locker room on the sideline & field. Coachable, high character just all around quality human beings.  

  • LB Brodrick Mclean Jr
  • Height : 5’11   
  • Weight : 235 lbs 
  • UNC – Pembroke     Seattle Skyhawks (Arena)

Sticking With The Theme Quality Player & Human Being. 

Mclean is fulfilling a promise made to his Grandmother  the one person that believed in his football dreams. Now believe more people believe in his abilities his coaches & fans at the Arena game & can add me to that list for whatever it’s worth. He has left a lasting impression on all that have gotten to know him. 

Enter now one of the Faces of the Arena Seattle  Skyhawks , former Bismark Bucks College Star 

Mclean is  looking leaner quicker but hasn’t lost  the authority to lay the wood on ball carriers.  Exceptional hurry for a big man that can take on OT’s while still being able to cover a TE or RB in the middle of the field. Relentless motor work ethic 2nd to none & a humble intelligent player that is coachable. A player that adds value to the team on & off the field. Will be on full display at the Spring League the 24-26. Most definitely think it will be the thing that gets him that invite. Can promise you this you give this man a chance , he will give you everything he has. Great things are coming for Mclean hope the XFL is one of them.          

  • OL Andrew Erbres 
  • CFL UNLV     Former Mesa College 
  • Height : 6’ 2 ½    
  • Wight : 310 lbs 

Coming Off His 2nd Full Season With The CFL.

Playing for Montreal at  Guard & Center up North. 

A player  former Atlanta Falcons Assistant Coach Paul Petrino called 8 “  Thick & Powerful not the kind of player that’s gonna get pushed around”. That sums it up quite well he is a humble easy going guy but on the ball field he is a bully.  

Coming off his 2nd year for the Montreal Alouettes  starting at OG & OC with his expeditious feet his rampant hand work  & his bullish thump. Scrapped & fought his way from Arena to the CFL since 2017. He has been playing pro ball, that is exactly what he is a pro baller. 

Jumped from College to IFL graduating to CFL now has his sights set on the XFL. 

 Can get out look for work create substantial gaps for his RB’s. Hold the spot in the pass game giving his QB the time needed to make the long developing & deep plays. 

 Pro day Numbers :  Forty : 5.1 Short Shuttle: 4.64        Reps at 225 lbs – 38

  • WR Aubrey Reed
  • Dixie State University & College of the Redwoods (Juco) 
  • Height : 6’ 2      
  • Weight : 195 lbs 

Emerging on the Junior College seen earning 1st Team All Cali ( Region III)  . Even as a true freshman Reed played in 7 games had just 24 catches but 517 yds & 3 TD’s on the year, Fast forward just 1 year to his Sophomore outing he kicked it up another notch with 53 catches for 851 yds, 8 TD’s while adding another 3 rushing TD’s in 10 games. 

Then getting picked up by Dixie State obviously they seen his production at Monroe. Unfortunately Reed only played in 4 games due to injury his Jr season.  Despite that, misfortune in the 4 games he played in he killed it in the kick return game having 500 plus yds & a TD. While only having just 9 catches but managing 96 yards, so 9.6 average not bad.  He came back healthy ready to prove not only his health but his mental resolve. Coming back hisSenior year with a 33 catch, 533 yds & 3 TD’s has proved every step of the way. That he is a true playmaker that can be useful inside or out. 

He went to the Spring League in Cali Here is what I evaluated – 

Pro Day Numbers : Forty : 4.58    Short Shuttle : 4.28 Broad: 10’ 6” 

  • DB Justin Wyatt 
  • Limestone
  • Height : 6’ 2   
  • Weight : 207 lbs 

Wyatt caught my eye early with his Size & Closing Ability

A FCS Bowl stand out that didn’t only have a dominant performance in the game but throughout the week of practices .   Can lay the wood has all the tools just a bi product of so many DB’s. A number game but when it comes to the XFL he should be top of many lists.  Whether strong safety, nickel flex. Can line him up inside, out long short or send him on pass or run blitz. 

Attacks like a famined wolf attacks its prey. Dropping wide outs, tight ends or RB’s violently to the turf.  Hard to miss this guy even with all the talent on display at the FCS Bowl thought he stood out like a sore thumb. 

4.55 Fort guy but plays much faster had an injury before his Senior year or would have been on an NFL team or practice squad. On top of the FCS bowl, also invited to the College Gridiron Showcase & The Podyum Miami All Star game.  Can google search my full report among others a favorite of scouts coaches & anyone who has witnessed him play. Versatile player that has played 7 different positions in his college career. One of the top top DB’s available, if I was the GM of a team he would already have a draft pool invite. 

  • OL Josiah Tonu 
  • Southern Utah 
  • Height : 6’ 6     
  • Weight : 312 lbs 

Really Very Little Gype Surprisingly Out of  College. 

Noticed as soon as i met him he moved real well for a big OT & had legit functional  strength. Couldn’t no play from the NFL but knew if we could get him in front of some personal they would see it.  There is always a place for quality O Tackles all he needed was to be seen. 

Was unable to get a pro day secured so the next best thing was the Spring League. 

Knew what i seen  a big athletic light on his feet technically sound OT that doesn’t have any limitation in the pass or run game.  Can hold a nice base with a quick kick & strong plant. Can grow roots holding the line or swing out wide in protection. 

He kept grinding impressed the right people now i am proud to see him get a draft Pool  invite. Think he will have a couple teams looking for his abilities including but not limited to Seattle , St. Louis,  & possibly more. Excited to see where ge lands. As I believed in this young man’s ability since before April’s draft. 

  • WR Jayfar  Thomas 
  • Bethany 
  • Height : 6’0              
  • Weight : 187 lbs 

Had over 1,500 yds with 17 TD’s as a Senior.

Could end right there honestly put on the tape you will see exactly why Thomas has so many scores. He is a straight finisher, explosive with the ball in his possession. A true home run hitter no scratch that… Grand Slam Hitter. 

Played outside quite well but most likely would be moved inside to the slot with a defiant emphasis on special teams. Possibly even a return role but most definitely a weapon in both facets of the team. 

A high character guy that I recently had on my weekly  Podcast. We spoke of his career at Bethany how his numbers should count for something. 

THe podcast with my interview with the explosive receiver Thomas should be out when this is out or soon after. 

He really wanted to attend the Spring League  just had some priorities he needed to handle financially like an adult. .  That should not erase the fact that Thomas was a prolific college star that if given a tryout think will show you he is ready to go

  • DB    Marquez Gollman 
  • Grand Valley State, Carolina Cobras ( NAL) & Green Bay Blizzard  (IFL) 
  • Height : 5’ 11    
  • Weight : 186 lbs 

2 X All Conference DB (GLIAC),   1 X All American 1 X All Regional. 

Coming out of Grand Valley Gollman caught the eye of the San Francisco 49ers was brought in for a tryout. 

Most  recently played with the GB Blizzard. His  grind doesn’t ever stop on & off the field a true workhorse. Can play outside or inside CB or put him at safety covering or in the box. Has a nose for the ball had 2 pick sixes his SR year. Playmaker no matter where he goes with so many slots think he would fit well outside.  On run attack or QB blitzing can get behind the line in the blink of an eye. Securing tackles like white on rice wraps them up like a sushi roll. No half assing it with Gollman gives 110% every play. 

D.C Crusaders 

  • RB/ KR  Brycen Allen 
  • Delaware State 
  • Height: 5’ 6    
  • Weight : 165 lbs 

Running back was so deep in this last class  so quite a few dynamic backs are ripe for the picking.

Allen reminds me so much of Sproles & that is not someone that I like to compare ppl too. When you look at the quick  patter of his feet his smooth effortless way of getting the most out of every situation. With the vision to follow blocks see the hole explode thru them like its Fourth of July & he is a bottle rocket. 

Nick name Waterbug one glance at his tape you will see why he scrabbles about like one weaving in & out of traffic.  Whether as a RB , returner or as target in the pass game . Allen brings it all to the table.

He uses his size to his advantage staying low compact making it a task to wrap him up. Attended the Delaware pro day where he had a stupendous outing running a   forty : 4.41 Vet : 35” . 

Showed out at The Spring League Showcase, now let’s get him on a roster. 

  • OL    Tyler Davis 
  • Citadel 
  • Height :   6’ 1  
  • Weight : 298 lbs 

34 Consecutive starts at Center & Guard. 

2017 All Southern Conference First Team, 2018 Preseason HERO Sports  All American, 2018 Preseason All American STATS & 2018 All Conference First team. While being named the 2017 & 2018  Offensive Player of The yr. 

A FAF Bowl, FCS Bowl & Dream Bowl invite  with some outstanding pro day numbers showing his power & athletic prowess. Proday  : Forty 5.10 Reps at 225lbs : 32 Vert: 32 “ A powerhouse with the athletic ability perfect size for the center position. The Football IQ needed to play OC & OG. A class act that no matter who you talk to about Davis has nothing but good things to say. No matter coaches, other players, fellow schoolmates or anyone that has the pleasure to make his acquaintance. 

Interior Mauler whether at Guard or Center. 

Powerful hands can move real well had a very productive career at The Citadel. 

An impressive pro-day hard worker  

  • QB Darrien Fields 
  • Marietta
  • Height :5’ 9      
  • Weight : 170 lbs  

All Time  record holder for passing yds, TD’s & completion percentage. An All Conference dual threat QB.  Exciting signal caller that no doubt if he was 6 ft 4, he would be with a club right now. We are seeing it at every level shorter guys under center have great success for many years.  The natural ability strong arm, can scramble makes some very accurate throws. Can get the ball in front of the coverage. You bet if he has room to run he will make some dynamic plays with his legs.  Field vision very natural mechanics, gets set & the ball out in a hurry. Limits his mistakes a leader in the locker room. Humble but confident openness to learn & loves the game. 

 His Senior season stats :  Pass attempts – 301 Completions : 202    2559 yds & 22 TD’s

With 6 INT’s & another 2 rush TD’s. 

  • DB Donzale D. Ashley 
  • Formerly Ashland U, TSL & even Redskin Try Out 
  • Height : 6’ 1        
  • Weight : 220 lbs

Started his Career at Ashland as a Corner. 

As he added some bulk in his Senior year he was moved to safety/ Rover position where he was able to make more plays. Becoming a First Team All Conference player, had 5 INT’s. He finished his SR season as a Cliff Harris nominee for top defensive player in Div II. 

After College he caught the attention of the Redskind=s earning himself a rookie mini camp invite. Much like many of the rookie invites he was let go after camp.  Not ready to give up on his dream got some tryouts with the CFL & going to the Spring League. Putting down some good film showing his versatility to play in the secondary as well as any LB position. 

Now living in Oregon working out with Star wideout Brandin Cooks who’s now on the Rams.  His hunger determination has never been stronger. Sure there are plenty of DB’s on the market but not many with the experience Ashley possess. The fortitude speed, instincts & toughness that Ashley has. 

Plenty of players after a shot with the NFL, just give up when things don’t work out. Think we need to take into account the mentality it takes to face adversity without losing sight of the ultimate goal. That never quit attitude without the ego that hampers many guys from moving forward. These are the guys that can help build a competitive League. 

  • RB Akiel Smalley 
  • York Capitals 
  • Height : 5’ 9    
  • Weight : 210lbs 

A True Philly Underdog Story. 

Player that made the News for camping out at Eagles camp. He was trying to get a tryout from his childhood hometown team. Although that never happened Smalley did continue to play bringing his talents to the Arena  then minor league game. Winning a championship with the York Capital in the AIF in 2015. 

Many guys would of gave up a long time ago but not Smalley. He is a special breed that never stops working towards his goal.  A stout quick back with plenty of power to pound it in the endzone. These are the type of players that you know will not give up at the first obstacle. A player that has had to support his family while still chasing his dreams in his free time. 

Real recognizes real & maybe all the struggle long days even longer night. Has all been leading up to what is deemed as the 2nd chance League of the XFL. Can’t measure a mans a heart but it is safe to say Smalleys is above average. 

  • LB Justice Bishop 
  • Union 
  • Height: 6’ 2       
  • Weight : 235 lbs     

Back to Back 60 Plus Tackle Seasons. 

Former defensive end turned outside Linebacker Bishop is a tackling savage. 

Another talented front 7 prospect that stood out to me before his SeniorYear. Watching him develop has been rewarding. He just seems to get better & better now switched to outside linebacker. The transformation has been remarkable the work he has done to get his weight down, build muscle & opening his hips is truly impressive. 

He has a draft pool invite  which he is ecstatic about his opportunity. Whater team gets Bishop is getting a true All Star on & off the field. A good quality player & human being. 

  • WR Carnell Harley
  • Slippery Rock
  • Height : 6’ 6    
  • Weight: 215 lbs 

Long  Insane Catch Radius With A Ton Of Upside. 

Just needs the right situation a player that averaged an amazing 20.6 yards per catch. On a team that was more known for their run game behind Wes Hills. He wasn’t 100% at his proday that might be the reason he is available. Either way it’s a good thing for the XFL with big wide outs dropping like flies. He adds that size needed to catch TD’s & is a mismatch for almost any DB around. 

His best fotball is still ahead of him. 

  • DB    Malik Warner 
  • Wagner 
  • Height: 6’ 2    
  • Weight: 205lbs 

One Of The NEC Best Over The Last 2 Seasons. 

Another East Coast DB That Caught My Attention Early & Often 

Another Draft pool invite rightfully so  the outside CB that can be moved all over the secondary. Runs in the 4.4 range that was invited to the Podyum Miami Bowl, FCS Bowl &  

Combine Results – Forty 4.52      10 yd split : 1.52 Short Shuttle: 4.37   Vert : 33” 

Broad : 9’ 5”    L – Drill – 7.49.      

Many scouts even Draft scout. Com had Warner as a late round or priority free agent prospect coming out of April’s draft.  Yet he is still looking for his opportunity, looks like his wait is finally over. The XFL is getting a DB with the size, quickness, versatility to play outside CB with free safety experience. Whatever XFL team lands Warner  is landing a true pro style DB that can play man or Zone. A player that is going to give you everything he has every day, week, practice & game. 

  • WR Terryon Robinson
  • West Carolina
  • Height :    5 ‘ 10
  • Weight : 200 lbs 

Well KnownPass Catcher In The FCS World.

Western Carolina’s  All Time Leading Receiver. 

WCU uses Robinson all over the field playing to his strengths along with any of the opposing teams defensive weaknesses.   Great understanding of the route tree running his routes flawlessly. Finds his way open working hard at the top of routes. Can catch the ball in tight windows perfection visual perspective.  Knows how to adjust when the ball is in the air coming back or high speed ahead. 

His smoothness is something that you can see immediately when you watch his on film. 

  • DL Rodney Jackson 
  • Grambling State 
  • Height : 6’ 2        
  • Weight : 290 lbs 

Grambling Has Had Some Talent Especially On the Defensive Get Overlooked.

A player with a career like Jackson’s the tape the power, the ability to shed blocks both against the run & pass.  Factor in an excellent career at Grambling & the fact he played in many 3 man fronts. Which can be very difficult to evaluate.   

His Senior year played in 8 games & had 18 tackles & 2.5 sacks but that doesn’t show how many times he took up double teams or created problems for RB or QB.  Surprised not only the NFL whiffed on this one but seems like many other Leagues are sleeping on the big man’s ability. 

Get him into camp can promise you he will take up double teams on the regular. Will be a great teammate & leader on the field & in the locker room.  

  • SS/B Ray Buck Jones 
  • Delaware 
  • Height : 5’ 10       
  • Weight : 225 lbs. 

He Came Out to the recent Proday we had in Canton In Conjunction with the Hall Of Fame Academy. 

He has improved upon his numbers at Springs Delaware Proday. Where I feel he was drastically overlooked & down right ignored by the mainstream media. Despite a terrific career showing his skills at multiple positions. Ideally a strong safety heavy hitter or a flex type of DB. 

Has put on some good mass training & has been spending his free time coaching football. His love of the game is real.  The Blue Hens have had some defensive gems Buck seems to be overlooked. The XFL would be a fit.                            

  • OG/OC Larry Omalayo 
  • Pace University 
  • Height :  6’ 2        
  • Weight: 315 lbs 

Played in 36 Games In College Only Allowing 3 Sacks Ever. 

Has been part of O lines with over 2,200 rush yds breaking school records. While being part of a team that had multiple QB’s have success. Including a year where 3 different QBs combined for over 1,500 yds & a 1,300 plus yd passer as well. 

A 2nd Team All Conference, that has received some Arena interest but would be perfect for THe XFL. 

He has what you want inside with the experience outside although highly doubtful he winds up a O Tackle. More of a guard or ideally center which is something he has been working on. Putting in time on snapping the ball, QB counts along with the endless nuances that go with being a center. Which is where his football intelligence will come into play .

A real mauler if he gets on the move can roll over people like an Asphalt paver on a hot July afternoon.  Holds the line with a wide well balanced stance good technique to get his hands in between the shoulder pads. Controlling the defenders strong side while staying a step ahead of the pass rusher. 

  • DE/OLB      Eric C. Freeman 
  • Carthage College 
  • Height 6’ 2    
  • Weight : 265 lbs 

Full Time Starter Real Deal Edge Rusher. 

To find a true defensive end that can play in a 4-3 is becoming more rare these days. The fact that Freeman can stand in a 3-4  is as rare as a albino squirrel family. Wingspan of a pterodactyl with the push of a snow play. Sneaky quick can close in on the QB in a heartbeat or drop the back instantly upon the handoff. Might be 6’2 but has the reach of a player that’s 6’4 or even taller. Forget about chipping him with a Tight end or back, forget about it. He will toss him aside like a Burger King wrapper after a few too many beers. 

College Stats : 60 tackles, 15 TFL, 8 sacks 3 FF & 4 PBU’s  & a Senior Bowl Participant. 

Proday : Forty : 4.90    Short Shuttle : 4.48 Vert :30”  Broad : 8’2” 

L Drill – 7.42       Reps at 225lbs : 19

  • RB/ KR/ WR   Taz Lindsay
  • Charleston Southern & Feather River JUCO
  • Height : 5’ 7   
  • Weight : 175lbs  

All Conference Punt Returner. 

With a need for speed slippery hard to tackle in the realm of a Tarik Cohen or Sproles type. Long arms for a smaller prospect game changer. With experience at RB, WR, PR & KR, there is not much Taz can’t do. Can take the top of the D pr ST unit like a Convertible sports car in the summer heat. Sure there is a bunch of smaller slot, return type guys but like Brycen Allen Lindsay just seems to be just a lil quicker. A lil harder to get your hands on & so versatile a creative coach can find countless things for Taz to do. 

Not many  5 foot 7 guys gonna jump a 34.5 “vert. Which shows the lower body strength he brings to a ball club. Like ive said before every team needs a player or 2 of his caliber. Think he can fit any number of places to be an All Star for years to come. 

Proday :  Forty : 4.48     Short Shuttle : 4.28   Vert: 34.5 “ Broad : 9’ 5” Reps  – 10   

  • OT/ OL   Breontae Matthews 
  • North   Carolina  A & T
  • Height : 6’ 5   
  • Weight : 320 lbs 

Tropical Bowl  Attendee & Arena OT.

Big Goliath Tackle that  didn’t allow a sack in 4 games for the Carolina Cobra’s. 

Violent hand usage can control D lineman’s movement, pick up blitz & drive them like a driving range against the run. 

Can play RT, LT or OG he has heavy hands can plant his legs on the ground like a telephone pole. Holds a wide base can swallow up pass rushers. Strong base, stays low good movement for a man his size. N.C. A & T   has been producing some solid O line prospects. Matthews is no exception good experience pass & run blocking.     

  • WR  Taylor Givins 
  • Lamar 
  • Height : 6’ 1     
  • Weight 193 lbs

Wide Out/slot With KR & PR Experience.

Pro Day –     Forty- 4.46     Short Shuttle ; 4.09       Vertical – 41.5” 

Broad Jump – 10’ 8”      60 yd shuttle – 11.40   

Many Wide Out’s Have Already Threw In The Towel.

Not the guys represented in this draft edition & not Givins. A hyper athletic speed body adjustment like a contortionist. Adjusting  to the pass with flexibility, vision & reliable hands. With a 77.5 “ wingspan vertical skills can make some super tough catches. Whether high, low or in between coverage Givins will get it.  Strong after contact can break tackles get YAC yards or score. 

  • DB/LB    Jamie Cumberbatch
  • Gallaudet 
  • Height :  5’ 11  
  • Weight : 205lbs 

Not A Player On Many People’s List But Here’s Why Cumberbatch  Should Be.

He is safety/ LB hybrid that can hit move with a very high football IQ.  The exact type of safety outside linebacker hybrid that is highly sought after. That can  attack like a LB & cover like a DB. 

 A player like many that faced a great deal of adversity on the field even more so off. Only 15 catches & 2 TD’s allowed in 32 games. Played FS, SS, CB, LB & ST in College. Was a 2017 Conference players to watch list . 

He has first & foremost the skillset to play at the Pro level.  Intelligent player that is always around the ball or ball carrier.  Does whatever is asked by coaches whether that’s playing off or man.  Can snatch the ball away like a thief in the night. Always aware of his surrounding  has the breakaway speed to run a fumble or INT all the way home. 

If a player is high character you can bet your first born child that I will acknowledge it. Cumberbatch is beyond high character. He is one of the most likeable humble people. Yet a straight savage beast on the gridiron. 

  • WR Danny Ezeagwu 
  • Height : 6’ 2    
  • Weight : 203 lbs 
  • Frostburg State  transfer from Maryland

Talking a 4.36 Forty Burner Flying Under The radar.

Can be an outside pass catching option  has the frame obvious velocity ball skills to thrive outside in many systems. Has elite movement skills with explosive get off not losing momentum on cuts or angles. 

Transferring from Maryland which we all know has produced some pro caliber wideout talent.  The toughness of a Maryland WR is prevalent with exceptional long speed. The ability to navigate around tackles, break tackles pick up plenty of yds after the catch.  

  • TE Connor Davis 
  • Stony Brook 
  • Height : 6’ 8   
  • Weight : 260

Not a ton of production in school but he was one of a few TE’s that guys are chattering about after his showing in the Big Apple. 

Hard not to like a tight end with the size, catch radius & overall toughness Davis possesses. As a former Defensive player LB/DL  he adds that extra dimension. Davis can match up nice on the edge with some of those quicker stronger pass rushers. While still being athletic enough to be a problem in the red zone. 

A matchup nightmare no other way to put it. Just put the ball up let Davis out jump & out physical the DB. Could be a TD machine for the Guardians. 

Houston Wildcats 

  • QB Alejandro Bennefield
  • Chattanooga Tenn/ Mass Pirates (Arena) 
  • Height : 6’ 2     
  • Weight : 220lbs

NY Showcase Attendee That  Is Ready For Action. 

Currently with the arena Massachusetts Pirates for this upcoming year. 

At Tenn Chattanooga  played in 32 contests 227 completions for 2,863 yds  29 TD’s & 7 INT’s. Also rushing for 145 yds scored 7 rush TD’s too boot. 

A Dual threat QB that limits his mistakes  surveys the field with efficiency quickly doesn’t take a ton of sacks. Can scramble out of pressure situation throw on the move. Or tuck it & run if need be. He is going to play ball one way or another. So either the new upstart Arena team in Mass. Or why not the XFL, Houston, N.Y or Dallas seem like possible landing spots even D.C. 

  • TE Tony Jackson ll   
  • Southwestern College 
  • Height : 6’ 6   
  • Weight : 250 lbs 

Limited Amount of Tight Ends Over The Last Couple Drafts. 

Make Jackson a prime candidate for the XFL draft pool.  Another player that attended the Spring League Sept 24-26 in Atlanta. Had too stand out with only a few tight ends on hand. 

Class of 2017  with still a lot left in the tank. Can be a big redzone target or be an asset in the blocking game. Good extension to go up get the ball. Can body defenders off him to win at the point of attack. With so few TE’s expect Jackson to receive interest from several teams come next months draft. His hard work will finally pay off & the XFL with be getting a true inline TE. 

  • WR Zachery Drew – Toles
  • Texas A & M Commerce 
  • Height : 6’ 4

When I Think Of Some Of The Best Available Players Drew Toles Comes To my Mind. 

Has the size needed to spread out wide while possessing the ruggedness physicality ball control to catch across a defenses face. 

Rangy with the flexibility to contort his frame to make difficult catches. Nice ball adjustment coming whether long or coming back has the judgment. A perfect endzone target quality route technician  with acceleration to pull away fro tight man coverage.

  • CB/ DB   Chad Davis 
  • North Texas University 
  • Height : 5’ 10 ½   
  • Weight : 188 lbs  

North Texas has produced some talent, especially when it comes to secondary. 

Producing burners with the physicality needed to  tackle & thrive on special teams. More than likely would play slot but with his vertical ability could play outside if needed. 

On ST will be an All Pro player whether tackling returners  or helping pave the way for his own returners. Always one of the first guys down the field to level the return man or can be used to block FG’s or punts. 

When Davis gets the INT he has the explosiveness to get chunk yardage or score. Tough as a glass sandwich with metal bread & a side of nails.   Take outstanding angles putting himself in the right position to make a play. Love these Texas guys Football in their veins & DNA.  

Pro day Numbers :    Forty: 4.47 Short Shuttle : 4.21     Vert : 33” Broad : 9’ 9”      

Reps at 225lbs : 13     

  • DL    Stephon Hall 
  • Height :   6’ 4
  • Weight: 280 lbs 
  • Bismark Bucks 

Bismarck Bucks Arena Stand Out Hall Flying Beneath The Radar. 

He has the size most teams are searching for in a versatile DL whether you line him up in even fronts as a DT. Or line him up outside in odd fronts Hall can toss O linemen like he’s tossing a pee wee blocker to the side. Heavy handed thick strong that can be a 4 down D line player. 

XFL teams  get a look at his Arena film often times outnumbered in 3 man fronts.  Having to move inside & out depending on play calls with success. Highly urge the XFL Scouting Dept to take a look these Arena guys not just sitting around expecting a hand out. They are out their busting their humps to move up the food chain.  Hall is a player No one is talking about but those are sometimes the best of the bunch. 

  • WR    Prince Shonola 
  • Rocky Mountain College 
  • Height : 5’ 8   
  • Weight : 173 lbs 

Shanola Only Has One Gear & It’s High. 

Fires off the line like a  AK- 47 bursting into his routes with smooth as silk transitioning.  Ball skills to locate the ball even in the tightest of coverage. Can out run  almost all coverage if not out jump them. Excellent footwork & head fake to shakeDB’s out their socks. 

Being a smaller WR doesn’t mean he isn’t as tough as titanium.  Can be used in the slot at the Y position or be a return specialist.  Extension can catch over either shoulder, high passes on the come back.  Not many players under 6 foot have the catch radius of the Prince. 

Just attended the Spring League & I am excited to see the tape.  Like has been said prob like 100 times throughout this insanity. Every team needs a player of this magnitude, to change field position take the top off a D or be utilized in so many ways. 

  • DL Malik Harris 
  • North Alabama  
  • Height : 6’0   
  • Weight: 315lbs 

If You Follow My Work You Know I’m A Huge Fan Of NT’s Built Like Harris. 

Perfect low center of gravity with a wide base unquestionable power & an absolute love of the game. 

North Alabama have had some defensive prospects with some good success over the last few years. Malik looks to build upon that lineage. 

Dominant FCS  interior NT stud that navigates his way through blockers with brute force taking outstanding angles. Drops his weight on tackles ensuring a clean take down. Can tackle a guy with one hand laying on his back he is such a powerful NT Prospect. 

Played in 10 games as a SR,  26 tackles, 6 TFL, 2 FF . Earned 2nd Team All Conference Gulf South in his Sophomore season. 

A NT that can be a run stuffing king  believe a 2 down interior force that can take up double teams be a major factor in big packages. Help in goalline situations short yardage pushing the pocket on the other side of the line all day. 

  • RB/ Slot   Branden Northern 
  • Blinn College 
  • Height : 5’ 10    
  • Weight : 225 lbs 

CFL Tryout Numbers :     Forty – 4.58 Short Shuttle – 4.38    Vert – 34” Broad – 9’ 10”    

 See Northern Like A Powerful Back But Can See Coaches Using Him In The Slot.  He can truck over people like a Hummer driven by Caitlyn Jenner. Beast between the tackles can roll over would be tacklers like bowling pins at the PBA tour. 

Can be a threat in the pass game a solid blocker. Just needs an oppurtuinty to show what he has got. He had to leave school early do to finacial situation but that doesn’t mean he can’t still ball. Told ypu my reach is far & wide Northern is built like a bag of rocks solid from head to toe but still got some quick moving legs & soft hands to catch. 

  • DB  Foster Reznor 
  • Gannon 
  • Height : 5’ 10    
  • Weight : 190 lbs 

A 4 Year Starter In School Foster had a Nice Career & a Monster Pro-day.      

Career of 160 tackles, 14 TFL, 24 PBU & 3 INT’s.  

Always around the ball aggressive read & react on the attack sound tackler that can help all over the secondary Nickel/ safety/ special teams , you name it. 

Pro day Numbers –    Forty : 4.54 Short Shuttle : 4.11    Vert : 37” Broad – 9’ 10 “ Reps at 225 lbs : 14

Another DB that is being slept on despite a good career & a pro day well above average. A ball hawking player with a nose for the ball.  Has the tackling technique of many linebackers with the willingness to hit like one all day. 

 A pass deflecting machine that recognizes plays well & attacks. Great attitude with an unwavering love of the game.  GM’s Coaches & Scouts you will like working with this young DB , he deserves a look. 

  • DL Brandon Henderson 
  • East Carolina 
  • Height : 6’ 5     
  • Weight : 280lbs 

Versatile D line Prospect That Has Played Many Schemes.

Played in 3-3-5, 43, 34    has played NT, DT even has some time at outside LB.

A big D linemen that create more pressure than a pressure cooker. Shed blocks easily gets behind the line to get in QB’s faces or drop RB’s where they stand.  Whether it’s pressures, TFL, QB hurries forced fumbles Henderson proves to be a problem for most O linemen. 

Got some NFL attention from Chicago but it never translated into a contract. Given the right team/circumstance he could be a dominant force along any D line. Just seeing over the big man proves difficult & once your in his grasps good luck breaking free. 

  • LB Jerminic  Anthony 
  • Ottawa U of Kansas    Bielefeld Bulldogs Germany 
  • Height : 6’ 1   
  • Weight : 230 lbs 

Germany Football League Standout. 

In just 5 games with the GFL had 67 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks & 1 INT.

Anthony can play safe to call him a tackling machine.  Can put him inside or out for a 230 pound backer he can move like greased lightning.  Outside backer that could play in the middle if needed. Think he fits on the outside rushing the QB or locating the RB out of the backfield.  Has the size the strength & the football IQ to be a leading tackler for whatever team he is on.  

Proday : Forty : 4.60    Vert : 31” Broad : 9’ 5”    Reps at 225lbs : 18 a 2018 draft prospect been busy compiling film overseas. 

  • DL Owen Obasuyi
  • Height : 6’5    
  • Weight : 295 lbs 
  • Hampton University / AZ Cardinals Rookie Mini Camp 

Gifted D line Prospect Spent Some Time with The Arizona Cardinals. 

45 tackles, 12.5 TFL, 7 sacks , 1 FF & 4 QBH         with a career of 144 tackles, 30 TFL, 14 Sacks & 15 QB hurries. It’s safe to say this interior force is not just there for show, Owen gets after QB’s like they stole his Pizza. One of the most explosive 6’ 5 295 pound beastly D linemen available. 

A leader on the field & in the class/locker room.  First off Obasuyi is gonna take up double blockers every single down. He will push the pocket knows how to lean his weight forward while keeping a good pad level. Can stay unmolested against the run not getting hung up locating the back & planting him in the ground like a seed. 

  • CB/Nickel/ DB Brendan Edwards
  • CAL P.a. 
  • Height : 5’ 9      
  • Weight : 170lbs    

Career Stats : 87 tackles, 5 INT’s, 20 PBU & 2 Defensive Td’s. 

CAL P.A. produces some Pro DB talent & Edwards is no exception to the rule. A 4 year starter that only allowed 4 RD’s his enrtire 4 year career. Playing outside & inside  with over 2000 snaps under his belt. He shows insane quickness some of the quickest feet on a DB. His movement skills are as fluid as the rain. His capacity to change direction is close to flawless. Has great confidence in his expertise & God giving talents. 

Played in a 3-4 scheme having to play man every play inside & out. Hard to find corners that thrive in man. That have Edwards speed yet still get physical at the line or point of attack. They sleep on some of my Eastcoast guys but I am asking any XFL scout, coach or GM watch the film. Look at the feet, there’s something special there a true Hidden Gem . ( Trademark) 

Dallas Outlaws 

  • LB/DB/ ST James Yarborough 
  • Texas Wesleyan NAIA & CAFL Draft Invite 
  • Height: 5’7    
  • Weight : 210 lbs 

Many will say he is too Small But One thing that Isn’t  Small is Yarborough’s Heart. 

Champion mindset that overcame more than people twice his age. Everything is an uphill battle from Mission Texas where football is a right of passage . A place where many of the top recruits come from coming out of High School. Friday night lights & all that jazz & Yarborough has been counted out most his life. 

He is the type of player that can pay dividends on special teams or a guy that can help push his teammates in practice. A selfless, coachable, built like a sack of rocks with leverage power. The humbleness character work ethic to be something special. Too those that know him already know you have something special in this youngman. 

Willing to go overseas to Europe, to China  or play Arena even considering Rugby. His desire knows no boundaries. Dallas gonna be a Dominant D under D.C.         . This Young man lost more than many guys will ever lose. A true underdog that just needs an Opportunity. Let me show you what pain, heart, passion & perseverance can bring to the XFL. Great Prospect & Person!!!

  • TE/ H – Back  Kalias Robertson
  • Alabama A & M / Arena / XFL Draft Pool invite* 
  • Height : 6’ 3 ½ 
  • Weight: 230 lbs 

What Can I say About a Prospect That I have written & tweeted about for 2 years straight?

That I couldn’t be prouder of the fact he has a draft invite. A couple or even few teams are very interested. His hard work never quit mentality  work in the gym but most of all his love of the game. His love of a challenge to strive for something to make his dream a reality. 

Could not be more proud, happy & excited for someone that I know has worked so hard for this opportunity. Guys like Kalo could make this League a success because true football fans love the College game for the fact guys are playing for the love of the games. Players like Robertson bring that same passion to the pro game. No matter, catching, running, blocking or Special teams he will give a team 100% every play every day. The Real deal H back/TE hybrid perfect for many of the teams but Dallas & Houston make sense. 

  • QB Mitch Kidd 
  • Columbus Destroyers  # 10 University of Redlands 
  • Height : 6’0     
  • Weight : 195 lbs 

Stating to Get Some Attention Now But The XFL Need To Take Notice!

There’s a couple smaller QB’s on here but all have proven that not to be a disadvantage but seem to use it to their advantage.  Mobile QB that was under pressure a good amount but only took 9 sacks. Can see angels taller QB’s can not, has exceptional precision  behind his throws. His accuracy is a key to his success. 

Didn’t get a look out of school so he looked for any opportunity landing with the Columbus Destroyer’s. 

His Junior season he had :  Completions : 116 Yards :  1684 TD’s : 20 INT’s : 9       

Completion % : 62.4        Passer Rating : 164.2     

  • DL Donte Rumph
  • Kentucky  Atlanta Falcons camp & Arena 
  • Height : 6’ 3     
  • Weight : 325 lbs 

Former Kentucky, Atlanta Falcons, NY Giants & Arena Player !!!

Most famously known for being on Hard Knocks being cut in the final cut downs on National TV. 

Then he literally camped out for a training camp opportunity. Eventually landing withe the NY Football Giants.  Only to be cut then onto Arena where he had some success but he misses the regular game. 

Such an unbelievable talent at Kentucky & has been so close to his dreams he could taste it. Now he is heading down to Atlanta for the Spring League humble, hungry & ready. To show he still has plenty of gas in the tank. Can still be a dominant DT in the XFL not only take up space but get after it in the pass game. Cause problems or get his big paws in the QB’s line of vision. 

  • DE/OLB      Dave Calderon 
  • Kutztown P.a.   
  • Height : 5’ 11      
  • Weight : 255lbs 

All Conference Player For Kutztown.

Kind of a tweener that some will say is too short for Defensive End duties. I would disagree in the right front he might not be the tallest but has superior power leverage with good measurables for a player just under 6 foot.   Almost a 74” wingspan with 32 plus inch arms he can extend his arms while getting Low like lil Jon. 

Bulk him up 10 -15 pounds for a killer DE or he could even play outside LB in a 3-4.  Can be dominant in both has a non stop motor, plays with intensity good hand usage taking great angles while tackling like an All Pro. 

Pro day :       Forty – 4.84 , 10 yd Split- 1.3     Short Shuttle – 4.41 Vert – 34’

Broad – 10’ 2”      Reps at 225 – 28   L Drill – 7.43    

  • FS/DB Lane Taylor 
  • Lamar   / Fullerton College National Champion  
  • Height : 6’0            
  • Weight : 195lbs   

Was On Sportsccnters Top 10 Plays Of The Week. 

For a game winning blocked kick to lead his squad to a win as time expired.  That’s the type of player you are getting in Taylor. 

A true FS which is hard to find but versatile enough to be moved around the secondary.  Can keep the plays in front of him taking good angles with fluid hip flip to redirect himself to putting himself in ideal situations.    Runs in the 4.4 or low 4.5 range had some sick baller stats his Senior yr with 93 tackles , 2 INT , 2 FF, 1 sack & at least 6 PBU’s . Had 14 tackles in his playoff game against Northern Iowa. A true baller  so many DB’s but only a few real free safety’s. 

  • DT/ DL Linwood Banks
  • Grambling State 
  • Height : 6’0     
  • Weight : 300 lbs 

Was Top 20 In All FCS Categories at His Pro day other Than Jumping.

Strong as a Ravenous  Grizzly Bear during salmon mating season.  Thrusting his massive arms shifting his weight while his feet stay in motion working his way through blocks avoiding trash locating his target & finishing his opponent  swallowing up back while disrupting the pass game with consitantsy. A 2nd Team All SWAC that attended the FCS Bowl & College Gridiron Showcase.  

Pro-day :   Forty – 5.08    Short Shuttle – 4.75    L Drill – 7.71   

Reps at 225lbs – 23             

  • RB    Moses Harris 
  • Castleton 
  • Height : 6’ 1    
  • Weight : 215 lbs 

 Pro Day :  Forty – 4.49        25 Reps at 225lbs   Vertical – 40 “ 

Harris had over 1,700 all purpose yards with 12 TD’s Contributing in the run game as a blocker occasional pass catcher & a ST . 

Ran a jaw dropping 4.49 at a CFL tryout  this past summer. 

Not bad for a big physical back can truck over defenders  like a dump truck or burn them like a Chevelle SS with a big block. Strong lower body can push the pile  moving the sticks. 

  • WR    Marquise  Wimberly 
  • Texas A & M Commerce 
  • Height : 6’ 2      

First Team All Conference Prospect  That Lead The Team In All WR Stats. 

Intelligent player that has kept himself in the game by not only working hard in the gym . Also took the time to coach the younger generation. Which I advocate for these players when they are waiting on opportunity. 

Heading to The Spring League Sept 24 – 26 in Atlanta. Think  Wimberly will catch the attention of scouts & coaches alike. With his flexibility, catch ratio along with good speed an understanding of the entire route tree.  Finding a true outside threat is not always the easiest thing to find. Wimbley has the gusto off the line while being physical enough to not get jammed. The strong big handed WR has concentration with  the vertical skill set needed to be a Redzone weapon.   

Another fantastic high character humble guy that I would take over many of these Ex- NFL players that have had more opportunities. 

  • RB Aaron Gooch 
  • Eastern Illinois
  • Height: 5’9 

Phil Steele 2nd Team All Conference as a Senior.  Top 10 in school history in reception & Punt return yardage.  In his Senior Year he has 65 catches for 700 yds & 5 TD’s 

CFL Proday : Forty : 4. 56      Short Shuttle : 4.21 Vert : 31.½ Broad: 9’ 3”    L drill – 7.21 

Had Tryouts for both Winnipeg & Ottawa so they see his talent up North. I’d love to see him in the States playing for the XFL either Dallas, St Louis or Seattle as possible landing spots. At the Spring League as well Sept 24 – 26 in Atlanta.

  • DB LaShaun Sanders
  • Capital University 
  • Height : 6’ 1   
  • Weight : 195 lbs 

 A 2017 All OAC CB , 2018 Preseason All American ( free agent football) 

2019 Draft Prospect ( Draft Diamonds) 2019 top 100Free Agents (FA Football) 

Career Stats : 30- games    had 134 tackles , 2 sacks, 3 INT 22 PBU, 2 FF & 1 BLK

Some of  his best games include    Marietta College 9/8/18   John Carroll (11 Ranked) 10/21/17 

Working hard had a tryout with the Columbus Destroyers this summer & has since added 17 pounds of muscle. Improved his technique, strength & quickness as he gets ready for TSL Showcase down in Atlanta. He is a DB to watch out for excited to see his development. 

Pro Day Numbers :    Forty- 4.55 Short Shuttle – 4.25      Vert – 39 “ Broad – 9’ 6”     

Here’s a nice outside corner prospect that can line up against your X & Y wide outs.  Watching him play zone as well as man coverages. Not afraid to jam a player off the line at the same time showing patience instinctual fire power to close off any route of escape. 

  • DB Brandon Brice 
  • Harding University
  • Height : 5’ 11    
  • Weight : 180lbs 

First Noticed Brice at The HBCU Spirit Of America Game. 

The D on both teams where making plays all day. Can google search it have a full  report on a lot of the players from that game & the Dream Bowl.

Perfect Nickel or slot type of defender or safety think he fits nice in the Strong safety or even Flex/Spear position. Good eyes to read the play, pre snap with cat like reflexes  can transition get on the spot faster than a Bugatti Chiron. 

Was moved around a bunch in College watching his take can see he played  off or zone coverages. He reads & reacts disphering between run & pass plays. Closing down the pass lanes with precision timing.  Acknowledges run plays with an urgency getting behind the line whether up the middle or sideline to sideline. Brice has the aptitude , tempo high powered magnitude to not only intercept the ball  but get huge chunk yardage or take it to the homestead. 

Los Angeles  Wildcats    

  • DL Joe Achour 
  • Height : 6’3   
  • Weight : 290 lbs 
  • Shenandoah 

Player & Person That Has overcame  A lot in Life Already. 

 Was at the Spring League in Cali this past June. He is heading to Atlanta to improve his craft get more film once again . What I respect most about Achour & players of his nature. They don’t make excuses they just try to  do what is in their control. Never settle or sit on past performance but out there improving his footwork & handwork. Has leaned down while still maintaining his push bull rush capabilities & balance. Looking to improve his hand work while continuing to compete against some outstanding competition. 

Never felt sorry for himself or gave up just cause life was tough having to go the extra mile. Overcome hardships struggles & family health issues, Joe is an outstanding brave Warrior. That deserves at least a chance to develop and become the best he can. That is something worth watching develop because the best he can be might be a mainstay at DL in Los Angeles sucking up blocks closing down run lanes like the 405 at rush hour.  Helping other rack up sacks being a DT that can play every down. 

ProDay Numbers : Forty : 4.90  Short Shuttle : 4.61 Reps at 225lbs – 40    

  • WR Tanner Holder 
  • Iowa Wesleyan ( NAIA) 
  • Height : 6’ 3    
  • Weight : 205 lbs 

Trying to Find Outside WR’s This Year That Are Still Striving Towards Their Football Dreams. 

Has been harder than many other positions, not quite as hard as finding tight ends but much more difficult than finding smaller slot pass catchers. 

Holder is one of the big long physically gifted outside receivers still striving to make his dream a reality. Has a CFL tryout coming this week as he continues to work hard in the gym & film room. 

Can really stretch out extending his whole body to high point the ball. Has some shifty footwork to shakes defenders with the size to not get jammed at the line. Can use his big frame to body DB’s out of the play. Is a top notch redzone weapon that could be a teams top scoring pass catcher. Everything a team desires in an X or Y option. Knows how to use the sideline can locate track the ball, good ball security puts it away. Strong hands good route runner that keeps working at the top of the routes.  Looks good running vertically or laterally knows his way around the route tree. 

  • QB   Vinny Espinoza 
  • Lincoln P.A
  • Height : 6’ 3   
  • Weight : 215   

FCS Bowl Offensive MVP Duel Threat Exciting QB.

Espinoza runs     in the 4.3 range which is very rare for a signal caller.  Good availability pocket feel to escape pressure make a play on the move. Strong arm to throw the deep ball  with good field vision. Working hard training getting ready for the Spring League in Atlanta on Sept 24th. He already has some good tape both in college & against other top guys during the All Star circuit.  Excellent pro day now if he tears it up down in Hotlanta. How can teams ignore what he brings to the gridiron both with his arm & legs.  

Had 2 TD’s & NO INT’s in the Spring League game film just recieved.  Once again proving he can hang with the best competition, No matter what level. 

  • LB Jermiah Spicer
  • Riverside City 
  • Height : 6’1     Weight: 245lbs 

From Skid Row To A Draft Invite. 

Story has been told by many a brave young man that went from homelessness to foster care as a youth.  Struggling coming out of a small school not getting much of a chance taking what he could. Joining the Arena league & leading the league in tackle. Earning a tryout with the Chargers  while continuing to work hard to provide for his family. 

All the hardships aside Spicer can ball uses that same determination that he needed to survive to strive on the ball field. It’s about time  we realize it’s not about whether a guy was a first round draft pick 8 yrs ago but never panned out. The XFL goes that direction of washed up egocentric spoiled players that couldn’t hack it. Let’s bring in the guys who really want it. Is it a popularity contest or do we want to see good football games? Cause BS might get them in the seats but a good game will keep them there. 

So excited to see where he winds up, Los Angeles seems like an ideal fit. 

  • OL Faleaoga Russell 
  • Lincoln University (MO) Carolina Cobras (Arena) 
  • Height : 6’5     
  • Weight : 335lbs 

Interior OL talent That Showed Out At The Spring League. 

Has an outstanding stance with a wide base  keeping defenders in front of him. Stays low throughout the play with excellent lateral movement great hand placement & a beastly push. 

Going over  show much Spring League tape with more coming in. Russell stands out among some very talented blockers. We are looking at a starting caliber guard for the XFL for many years. Can grow roots like a mighty oak in pass protection. While getting out looking for work battling on the first & second level in the run game. Creating wide lanes for the RB to scamper through while knocking D lineman of balance or pancaking them like Sunday breakfast. 

Has played both ways OL, DL even some fullback in his time. Determined guy that deserves to find 

Russell is one of the best interior O line prospects you can find. The Wildcats would be getting a true Pro talent. Shouldn’t hesitate to draft him or bet your bottom dollar someone  else most definitely will. 

  • RB/ KR  Ra’Quanne Dickens
  • UIW 
  • Height : 5’ 10    
  • Weight : 200lbs 

Dickens Brings A Lot To A Club Running, Catching & Returning Kicks. 

He had a 152 carries 895 yds 15 TD’s adding  11 catches for 217 yds & another 3 TD’s last year. 

A dynamic explosive  as a bonfire in a fireworks store mover & shaker. Can make defenders look ridiculous with his jukes, cuts elusiveness with short area & long speed to finish the job. 

Every team needs one of these guys at least. Someone who can change the game on O as well as in the field position battle. Line him up in the slot stretch him out on a sweep not only can he outrun the defense.  He can exhaust defenses with his speed & is surprisingly strong for a smaller back he can still break tackles.  

  • WR/ KR    Treydonte’  Hill 
  • Tabor      
  • Height : 5’ 8    
  • Weight : 181 lbs 

There’s a Few Players That I Featured Before Last Years Draft Still Fighting For Their Dreams. 

Hill is one of them now killing it on returns with The Tuscan Sugar Skulls in Arena.  Already received his XFL Draft Pool invite. Guess they are starting to realize that in a world full of lazy, unambitious entitled  weak minded selfish ppl. Hill is the opposite of that willing to go the extra mile & take the opportunities presented. 

Most recent numbers include  a Forty : 4.35 Vert : 35”     & a 2. 50 20 yd split. Former All Conference player from Tabor College. That played in the D-1 FCS Bowl & was invited  to several others. Player who had 7 TD’s in just 8 games the level of explosiveness is off the charts. Much like his speed & elusiveness. Looks stronger than ever can tell he has been working hard.  Goes to show you when you believe in yourself & work hard dreams come true. The life Trey is about to add another chapter to his awe inspiring story. 

  • CB/ DB  J.J. Dallas 
  • Louisiana Monroe ULM 
  • Height : 6’ 1    
  • Weight : 200 lbs           

Exceptional Instinctual Ball Hawk With The Timing Of A Metrodome. 

Started out at a small JUCO College Blinn where he saw action as a CB as a Sophomore in 2016.  20 plus tackles, 2 INT’s & 12 PBU’s . Was named a Top 10 CB in the Nation by ESPN & lined up against all the best wide outs his team faced. True number 1 corner that faced big physical pass catches as well as burners. 

After a brief stint at another JUCO in San Diego C.A.. Where he had 4 INT’s that got him noticed & signed by ULM  ( Louisiana – Monroe) . 

Unfortunately his Junior year was off to a good run in 6 games  had 16 tackles & 5 PBU’s but was cut short by an injury that is 100% healed now.  He decided to forgo his Senior year but with the deep DB class that’s not always easy. After an injury can prove to be difficult. 

Yet gotta love his work ethic watching his film, work out film he has sent & now his Spring League. Don’t care what “ experts” have to say. What is there for the eyes to see is a true outside talent with speed, instincts fluidity & some of the best instincts ball skills around. 

  • DL Tank Terrell
  • University Northern Colorado 
  • Height : 6’0      
  • Weight : 256lbs     

Coming off a Stint with The N.O. Saints .

A Dominant force along the D line is unbelievably athletic for a big man. The D line group this year was one of the best to date. When you are talking about overall quantity. Quality is yet to be proven but it was deep nonetheless. 

Terrell is a violent hand fighter, feet keep moving he sheds blocks finds the player with the ball like they have a bullseye on their back.  Powerful enough to play defensive end with the athleticism to stand up if needed. 

Senior Stats :    58 tackles, 8 TFL & 2 sacks 

Pro Day Numbers –    Forty : 4.61 Short Shuttle : 4.50    Lazer: 4.59 Vert : 32” Broad : 9’ 2”  

L  Drill : 7.43        Reps at 225lbs : 20    

  • DE/OLB Kush Curry 
  • Height : 6 ‘ 5    
  • Weight : 230lbs.  
  • Virginia Union   

Curry Just Needs Someone to Believe In Him. 

A Player have grown fond of not only his tape but seems like a genuine humble guy. A player a Strength & Conditioning coach should have a field day with a frame of Curry’s stature. A bit lanky but  0 % body fat. Natural functional strength that can be improved. The right diet, weight regiments exercises Kush can blossom into a potent pass rusher & edge that can stretch out wide to attack to run game. 

Had some nice outings including a 4 sack DPOTG  onslaught as a sophomore. Believe his best ball is ahead of him.  Dynamic feet ,good ,knee bend, flexibility intense edge rusher. That can easily add 20 – 30 lbs of pure lean muscle  to become a pure 43 defensive end. Or easily can be a stud OLB at 230 to 250 depending on scheme fit. 

Developmental player that has such a high ceiling, let’s make this happy. He’s hungry wants this more than some guy that couldn’t cut it on 32 NFL teams, given multiple chances. Would take Curry over some former first round guy that already blew his rookie contract on a Necklace & car. Time for some new blood…..

  • Safety   Kurron Ramsey
  • Alabama State 
  • Height : 6’ 3   
  • Weight : 215 lbs    

Was Right on The Cusp Of an NFL Contract.

Yet again this last class was one of the deepest groups of talented secondary prospects in many years. 

Ramsey can fit the Strong safety  or the Flex/ spear positions has a good range aggressive tackler with the size & power just about any D.C or ST coordinator  salivates over.

 Not quite sure why he isn’t at least on a practice squad.  The XFL is getting a pro DB in Ramsey. They shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on draft night. 

  • FB/H back Kendrick Igbinoba 
  • Height : 6’ 2     
  • Weight : 245 lbs
  • 2018 National Bowl MVP  with a 10 ypc average. 

Who also turned some heads during Tropical Bowl week has above average speed for his size. The ability to block  catch balls out of the back field or play special teams. Hungry for an opportunity can really be a factor in short yardage goal line situations. 

Think about Seattle Defense & running the ball are big. Physical is the brand of football fans have come to expect. Igbinoba fits that mold can really  wear a D down whether running, blocking or yards after the catch. The Beast of a Back can be utilized in many significant packages or formations. Seattle has been known to have some talented fullbacks one of a handful of teams that always have a FB or H back on the roster. 

St. Louis Battle Hawks 

  • RB Chazz MiddleBrook
  • MacMurray College 
  • Height : 5’6    
  • Weight : 200 lbs      

2 X First Team All Conference PLayer. 

A Former Preseason All American  was the UMAC Offensive Player Of The Year in 2017. Lead the Nation in Div 3 in yards per game that year as well.

They worked him like a workhorse with 221 carries for 1,251 yds  & 16 scores as a TDS All American Back. His JR year was outstanding as well with 242 carries 1,703 yds & 20 TD”s.  It is safe to say he is a reliable hard working back that grows stronger the more you feed him the football. 

Featured in Sports Illustrated article is called “ Faces in the crowd”. If anyone would like to search for it. He is a compact tough low center of gravity quick footed back  that is elusive & difficult to tackle. Most definitely deserves a look, St Louis seems like a perfect fit.      

  • QB Amir Hall 
  • Bowie State 
  • Height : 6’ 4    
  • Weight : 180 lbs  

Bowie State Single Game Passing Record Holder with 433 yds.  Also tied the teams single game TD record with 5 TD’s vs Seton Hall.  Bowie States Season TD record with 30 , Doug Williams Offensive player of the year 2018. HBCU Gameday Offensive player of the year this past year as well. That’s just a small taste of this signal callers accolades. 

Had a nice Proday at Delaware  so i heard. Then most recently he showed out at the XFL Summer Showcase believe for Wash D.C.  Apparently had a nice day , so great career, killer pro day & a nice Showcase. What’s the problem think Johnny Football is a better option. 

  • WR    Chris Robb Jr
  • Southwest Baptist Missouri 
  • Height : 6’ 4    
  • Weight : 220lbs

 All GLVC Honorable Mention  Had 98 catches 1,048 yds & 7 TD’s .

Big Outside receiver that can  beat coverage like they were standing still. Make the long TD catches. Hard to cover big physical WR that is hard to contain. Strong hands good concentration with the ability to track the ball in the air.  Type of goal line target that can win the 50/50 battle can out power, out jump & just down right out play the coverage. 

Robb is a 4.50 Forty guy which for his size is rare.    He started 32 games in College helping to turn around a 1-10 struggling team.  Part of taking them to the Conference Championship his Junior year. After bouncing back from a very tough Sophomore season where he broke his leg & lost a close friend of his.  

A true number 1 WR  that is humble & a hard worker. Earning interest from the CFL & Arena but honestly think the XFL is a great landing spot. Need as many real X receivers we can get. This man deserves a draft pool invite. 

  • DB    Devion Young 
  • Kentucky State   Poland /Arena & CFL tryout 
  • Height : 6’ 2    

Young is the Epitome of Hard Work & Perseverance. 

Some guys just lean heavily on what they did in College. 

Scouts really don’t care much for what you did last year or even 6 months ago. They want to know what are you doing now?  With Young he takes every opportunity he can & it speaks volumes. 

Went to Poland to play Football, then had a tryout with the Columbus Destroyers.  After which he had a tryout with the Saskatchewan Roughriders before he signed with the Arena Bismarck Bucks.  Not stopping there he signed with Juvanitude in Brazil finally getting a shot with the N.Y. Streets (Arena). If that doesn’t emphasize drive not sure what does. 

He isn’t down yet a big 6’2 DB with blazing speed toughness & is a gym rat always improving his game. The XFL will succeed with guys like Young. Many of scout & football junkie have brought up his name in conversation. They all agree if he went to a bigger school he would be playing on Sundays right now. The XFL is aware of his ability, it is just a matter of which team he lands on. 

  • DL  Herbert Moore 
  • Ole Miss     ( N.Y. Streets)
  • Height :   6’ 1
  • Weight :    320lb

Not A Ton Of Playing Time at Ole Miss.

That’s something that a big NTMoore has not used as an excuse but more of motivation to get more tape. A 2018 Draft prospect that is still working hard building his resume in 2019 as we approach 2020. 

He is currently a member of the N.Y. Streets, that’s not a street gang but an Arena team. 

Moore hits like a hit by a Greyhound, shaking bones stopping RB’s dead in their tracks. Stats aren’t everything when you look at his position. When you are taking up double teams while others are reaping the sacks, hits & hurries that counts for something. 

Can see what the big man brings to the table on the N.Y Streets where you can ob=only imagine the amount of athletisn=m it takes. For A D lineman Moore that is built like a shipping container with swifty feets.

  • ILB/ OLB      Michael Kwegyir Attah   
  • Norfolk State &  Monroe College JUCO 
  • Height : 6’1     
  • Weight : 230 lbs 

A Player That Was A 1st Team All  Conference For 2 Years in A Row at Juco,

Having 99 tackles & 5 sacks in 2015 / 2016 as a Freshman & Sophomore.  Was named Gridiron Top 20 Linebackers in the country. Had 20 tackles & a sack before injuring his shoulder that hampered his stats the last couple of seasons.  

Now, unfortunately had a setback has to get shoulder surgery in Nov. but  Attah is a strong minded player that will be back in no time. Coaching the youth the game that he loves while staying ready for any opportunity that comes knocking.   

BSN Combine Numbers :    Forty : 4.80 Short Shuttle : 4.16     Vert : 31 “ Broad : 8’ 11” 

L – Drill :  6.94 . Honestly believe wholeheartedly that he runs in the 4.6 range but the 20 yd Shuttle shows the short area explosion. Then his 3 cone shows hows his fluidity in changing direction, flipping his hips & transitioning.  Athletic backer that can help attacking QB’s & RB’s behind the line. Covering is one of his best attributes aside from being bullishly strong. He can patrol around the middle of the D. Or he can shadow a Tight end or RB out of the backfield stride for stride.  On top of all his physical gifts can tell you that he is a class act. Humble, hungry with a true love of the game. 

  • FS/ DB   Exavior Guillory 
  • Central Methodist University 
  • Height : 6’ 0   

Did Not Allow a Completion Against Himself His Whole Senior Season. 

Top flight free safety candidate that has been overlooked long enough. The type of safety that QB’s just avoid throwing at & is the perfect last line of defense. 

Senior year: 58 tackles, 10 PBU’s with NO TD’s all yr.  Like many of these small school players was not afforded a pro day. Endless politics, egos & BS but he tried to no avail. 

Watching his film  see a player that doesn’t miss tackles can close down run lanes in hurry. Takes great angles to the ball.  Can come up in the box smash RB’s like insects. Can cover short intermediate as well as long deep. Along the sideline or in the middle of the field it’s all the same. A true pro that can cover in man on an island or ball hawk in zone situations. 

High character coachable, humble  exciting DB. 

  • OT Josh Doyle  
  • Eastern Illinois 
  • Height : 6’5     
  • Weight : 315 lbs 

One Of My Favorite O linemen on the Open Market. 

Had an injury his Senior year which is never good for these smaller school guys.

Grant it he was still from a FCS program that does produce some Pro talent. Injuries especially SR yr can prove to be fatal to many of these smaller school  players career. 

Dolye didn’t let that deter him from his life long goal of playing ball at the next level. He kept rehabbing, working & perfecting his craft by studying film. Keeping his Faith never waving from his ultimate path. Pleased to say that he is Fully recovered in his words “ feeling the best he has in his life”. Looks leaner  healthier than ever has received plenty of interest from Arena & the CFL.

A true OT has played both sides of the line. That is where he belongs focusing his energy / time on playing O line.  Such a natural that he stood out 

  • DE/ DL Skye King
  • CJFL  Team Canada & TSL 
  • Height : 6’3   
  • Weight : 280 lbs 

Attended the Spring League In SanDiego in July. 

King is a 2 X Team Canada For his D line play.  As well as a 2019 CJFL All Canadian team named by the CFL. Named top Defensive player of the conference . In his last outing alone had  2 tackles, 1 sack recovered 2 fumbles a PBU & returned a block kick for a few yards. 

He is a wrecking machine takes good angles wins with power & quickness. Can get inside or win on the outside. Has all the necessary attributes to be a contributing member of any defensive front.

Started to look at many international players along with the inspiring small school prospects. These guys have that drive as well. Whether Canada, Europe or off the Rugby field in Austria there are hungry players. The love of this game doesn’t know no boundaries or borders. No matter where you are from the job of a good GM is put the best 11 guys on the field at a time. 

  • DB Glenn Harris 
  • Wayne State 
  • Height : 6’ 1    
  • Weight : 190 lbs 

So Many Outstanding DB’s Could Do 20 Pages ON Them Alone. 

Had 8 INT’s in one year leading his team & Nation as an All Amwerican top 100 player in the Nation. 1st Team All – NSIC South & First Team Super 4 All region. Had 66 tackles, 10 INT, 7 PBU & 2 FF at Wayne State.  

Had an outstanding pro day impressive career a boatload of great film his pro day on film. Sharpen his skills at The Spring League playing all over the place. Harris plays Flex, FS, SS, CB & Nickel/slot inside there is nothing he can’t do in the secondary. 

  • WR Derius Jones 
  • Eastern Kentucky 
  • Height:   5’ 10        
  • Weight : 180 lbs

This Young Man Is Never Resting On His Achievements.

Check the film, he has got plenty of it. Yet he is never satisfied, always looking for a chance to put it on film. He will be at the Spring League to add to his highlights the 24th to the 26 of this month. Basically as this is being released, he will be in Atlanta building upon his resume. 

Had some injuries that hampered his NFL aspirations but never gave up and kept working. Now completely healthy ready for action. He shows he can be a deep threat tough slot wide out. He can be a game changer at return or on ST’s. His Spring League tape is worth a gander. Plus he is high character player that will do whatever is needed for the success of his team. 

  •  DE/ Edge  Caleb Wells 
  • Angelo  State / Grambling State 
  • Height : 6’ 6    
  • Weight : 250 lbs

Pro Day Numbers : Forty : 4.94      10 yd split : 1.61 * Vert : 30”

L  Cone : 7.26          

More of a 4.7 guy even high 4.6 not the best Forty but a 1.61 split is impressive., Shows the Get off .

Part of the 2016 -17 SWAC Championship Teams  before going to Angelo state for his final season. Has a swim move like Michal Phelps long strong arms to move OT’s out like paper weights. Stays tight against the run not getting hung up on blocks. Nice jump off the line with the perfect combo of speed, strength & size. Can be a pass rush specialist whether with his hand in the dirt or in an upright position. 

  • DL    R.J. Marin 
  • Adams State 
  • Height : 6’4      
  • Weight 280 lbs

Martin Could be used All over the D line. 

Never easy coming from a small school in the 1st place. Add in a season ending injury as a Senior & it can be almost impossible. The fact he still believes in his ability & that i’ve been a big advocate of the way he can move his big 6 ft 4 280 pound frame around. Heavy lean can take up double blocks with good ball  reaction getting his hands in the QB’s vision. Strong tackler that can shoot the gap avoiding trash to make a tackle behind the line of scrimmage. 

Another developmental guy that will pay dividends  & I do believe he should go or is cleared to go. If he too attend the Next Spring League, that’s something he is more than happy to do. Why even wait XFL need guys like this immediately. Straight savages that can be moved all over the line big guys that can move, With the extension of a telephone pole. He will get his hand on more balls then 

  • WR    Tyler Jones 
  • UCM/ Arena  ( Quad City Steamwheelers)
  • Height : 6’ 2    
  • Weight : 210lbs 

Former MIAA College Standout  & Arena Star.

Has had success at every level from High School through College right up to his Arena  play has proven to be a legitimate pass catching threat. Had 3 TD’s in one game for the Steamrollers as he steamrolled over Defenses. Not only with his speed but as tough as a Jawbreaker dipped in concrete. 

A well rounded baller that can make the tough catch, blocks like a tight end & willing to do whatever is needed to help his team win. St. Louis would be getting a proven commodity. If not yet on their Radar?  Then please take into account that he has been good wherever he played. 

  • DL    Connor Flagel 
  • Central Missouri     
  • Arena Arizona Rattlers 
  • Height : 6’ 5    
  • Weight : 300lbs 

Was A N.O Saints Rookie Mini camp Invite. 

Most recently with the Arena Arizona Rattlers he doesn’t wait for opportunity, he creates it. 

Was  an integral part of the defensive line of the year . Played in 11 games with 22 tackles, 8 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR & a TD on D. 

Hard to block hits like a Mack truck causing bones to rattle & footballs to pop out. One of the quicker 300lbs guys you will see.  If 300 pounds can look lean then Flagel is the definition of that. Maybe cause he is tall but generally can tell he has natural functional strength. 

Again DL has been pretty deep for a couple years or he could be in the NFL right now. Lucky for the XFL he is still available. Think every team needs variations of sizes along the D line. He can rush the QB from the inside even move outside in odd fronts. Or against the run doesn’t get winded easy can be an every down guy. Playing Arena helps these guys stay in football shape. Intelligent players know a body in motion stays in motion. Watch out when Flagel is on the attack can handle big backs, quick backs out the backfield & will win the fight at the line a high percentage of the time. Sign this guy!

  • RB Allen Cross 
  • Shepherd 
  • Height : 5’ 9    
  • Weight : 195lbs 

3082 yds with 39 TD’s  while having 605 receiving yds & 2 TD’s through the air. 

 A 3 time All Conference MEC & 3 time Conference Champion . 

Smooth change of direction with very good balance with vision to pick front 7’s apart like a vulture picks the carcass of roadkill.  Mighty healthy blocking can pick up a blitz off the edge extremely strong for his size. Can really dig his feet in deep on blocking assignments. Making him a back that can play every down if need be. 

His Spring League film is really good showing the versatility to run between the tackles or swing out wide. Can catch, block & be a major factor on a ST unit. Check the tape think you will find a way to utilize Cross in this exciting new League. 

  • WR Quintin Vinzant
  • Tijuana Mexico 
  • Height : 5’ 10     

Played His College Ball In Tijuana Mexico. 

The Lighting fast 4.3 forty running explosive weapon is hungry to show talent comes from everywhere.  All boundaries will be crossed to bring you some of the most talented unknown ambitious prospects on the market. 

Vinzant is the  type of player that can take the top off a D or leave a kick return unit to be gasping for air.  Playing in Tijuana doesn’t exactly help his cause, mostly because I am sure the competition isn’t great. The fact that he took any opportunity to play & ran with it figuratively as well as literally has to count for something. 

  • Nickel/ Safety Chris Rivers 
  • Minot State 
  • Height: 5’ 10     

Power 5 Level Skill Coming Out of a FCS School. 

First Saw Rivers playing at the Dream Bowl this past winter  where he was impressive sticking to wideouts like super glue. Every scout, coach or friend that has seen the film has said the same thing. That “Wow that prospect is legit”. 

Coming out such a small school with little opportunity that has not altered his determination. Natural mover, change of direction ball skills. A dominant tackler with the toughness to play inside or be a major factor on ST’s. Sure theres a bunch of really quality nicklebacks around but Rivers is not only an excellent player but the type of guy you want in the locker room. Had my choice of so many DB’s could of done 100 DB’s alone. Like Rivers skills & attitude better than many of the rest. Given a chance he won’t disappoint. 

  Tampa Bay Vipers        

  • RB LeRoy Wilson 
  • West Florida   
  • Height : 5’ 9    
  • Weight : 205 lbs 

All Wison Does Is Get The Job Done. 

Killed it in JUCO at Yuba College with an outstanding  more than 1,800 All purpose yards & was a top 5 rusher which got him recruited to West Florida. Where all he did was  have over 1,150 yds & 7 TD;s as a Junior. Unfortunately only played 4 games as a senior due to a broken hand bur was on pace to have a big year. Had  65 carries for 330 yds & 2 TD’s in not even 4 games before the injury. 

In Small Schools we know that injury in your Senior year is always tough. Being an intelligent prospect he wasted no time getting into the Spring League to keep the dream alive. Receiving praise from the scouts, coaches, even the owner of the Spring League. 

See the same thing in Wilson he can do it all run inside, outside, follow blocks, catch passes get YAC. He has shown to be able to block much bigger LB’s on blitz pickup. While proving not only on O but ST as well that he can not only be a fast change of pace back. More of a back that can be utilized & strive in many areas. Such a humble classy top notch player & person. That did everything he had to lets get him in a camp. Here to prove the guys I represent just want it more. 

  • OG/OC    Jakob Dempsey 
  • Jackson University 
  • Height : 6’ 2      
  • Weight : 300lbs 
  • Nick name : Drop Top Demps 

Captain His Senior Year PFL All Conference O line Prospect. 

Strong as Bull Shark  can bench 450 lbs & Squat 600 lbs. This is the type of interior force that any successful OL needs. Need 5 guys with the power short area burst toughness with attention to detail. Ready to get out & work in the run block game. 

Not afforded a proper pro day like many of these small school guys. Nothing right about what the scouts do to some of these young men. They should be ashamed with that said the only numbers recalled was 25 reps at 225 lbs, 28 ½ “ Vert  with an 8′ 3 “broad.  

Senior Season had a dominating 100knock downs.  While his Junior year he had 96, so it’s safe to assume he is gonna put his share of D linemen on their backsides.  Holding the line in pass blocking not giving up sacks. Allowing his QB time in the pocket. 

  • QB Faustino Saucedo 
  • West Virginia State 
  • Transfer From Pace 
  • Height : 6’ 3     

2018 Had 2,232 yards 17 TD’s with just 5 INT’s. 

An Intelligent Gunslinger if that makes any sense. 

Whatever you make of it can say this Fozy “As he is called” has a 12 gauge for an am. Can fire off some darts or bombs putting the ball in the proper location for his receivers.  Drops back with a nice bounce getting set outstanding follow through with a release point that has pro written all over it. 

How is this talented strong athletic QB not get a look. Can run well escaping defenders surveying the field vigorously. Finding the open target or has the jets to tuck it down pick up some yards or even a score. 

If your interested in a sleeper that can come in add to the depth of any XFL locker room. Look no further than Saucedo. Another QB that can put butts in seats with his arm & his feet. A sturdy physically gifted QB with good size for the position. Accuracy can drop some dimes in tight coverage. 

Not a QB to make stupid mistakes, not too big of a head for the staff  to work with. Would be getting a quality player & person with a boatload of upside. 

  • DL Anthony Jonson SR 
  • FIU
  • Height : 6’ 4     
  • Weight : 280lbs 

Tampa Bay Bucs Rookie Mini Camp Invite .

The Buc’s snatched him up as an undrafted free agent following the 2019 draft. He did well but as we have seen throughout the league, it’s just a numbers game. That Tampa D is loaded but am sure Johnson is on their Short list. 

That’s why Tampa Bay shouldn’t hesitate for a second come draft time. Sure they won’t be alone in their interest in the dominant D line star.  He has violent hands a beastly drive the quickness to get behind the line. Technically sound stance explodes out of his stance quick off the snap. The awareness to recognize discussed plays.    

Not much to not like about Johnson , The XFL should snatch him immediately. 

  • DL/ DT   Donnell Paco Bonds 
  • Fairmont State 
  • Height : 6’0       
  • Weight : 298 lbs

Maybe 3 Times a Charm. 

First time I wrote of Paco’s tremendous ability was a report on the Dream Bowl.

That i did to help get these guys at the lesser known Bowls a little more exposure. Especially since I had the privilege to do reports on some of these guys throughout their 2018 Senior Years. 

Bonds stood out in a game full of standouts on the defensive side of the ball.  Has some extraordinary burst matching his push with steady moving feet with heavy well placed hands.  Not sure how many scouts watch the HBCU All-Star Games. Me i watch them all sometimes multiple times when scouting individual prospects.  Fairmont State has been producing top quality defensive prospects. Bonds has been slept on long enough, wake up & smell the potential. 

Pro day Numbers :  Forty : 4.80 Short Shuttle : 4.48      Vertical : 34” 

  • DB/ PR     Gregory Hines 
  • Livingstone 
  • Height : 6’ 0      
  • Weight : 188 lbs 

FCS Bowl Standout High Effort With The Acceleration Of an Italian Sports Car.

Career Stats 81 tackles, 14 INT’s, 32 PBU with 33 KR’s  for 705 yds 14 PR’s 272 yds & 1 TD. 

Ranked number 10 in passes defended in Div II by the NCAA. 

A true team player that his teammates & opponens alike have nothing but respect for. He opened some eyes impressed all that were in attendance at the FCS Senior Bowl in Daytona. 

  • WR/ KR     Ben Dupree    
  • The Citadel  
  • Height 5’9    Weight : 190 lbs

Has Had Success In College, Arena & event Overseas.

Dupree is a tough as nails slot returner who runs like a back with the rock in his hands. 

Tough powerful playing with tremendous elusiveness. Compact muscular build that can break tackles & snap ankles. 

Line him up in the slot, the nackfield or as a return specialist could be something special to witness. 

Having that type of utility  will come in handy in up start League trying to build the most exciting product they can produce.  Think he could be a nice fit anywhere, honestly TB was basically my throwing a dart at a board. It just might be a bulls eye though, keep an eye on Dupree moving forward.  watching his ability to make tough catches get Yards after the catch. Have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear from this combustible offensive & ST weapon! 

  • WR Vaughn Van Dame
  • Southwestern    Reno Express (IFL) 
  • Height : 6’ 0    
  • Weight : 195 lbs  

Having a Great College Career when He Got Injured his Senior Year.

Unfortunate the injury happened with no eligibility remaining. 

After a couple workouts he ran 4.48 forty. Catching attention overseas  & here in the states. Eventually ;anding with the Idaho Horsman (Arena)   Helping to lead the Horsman to perfect season. Having a 2 TD outing early in the season . Bringing home the Championship after beating Reno .  Then most recently earning a tryout with the Arizona Rattlers. 

Blazing speed, core strength physical hard nose route technician  That looks in the best shape of his life. Can take a hit not afraid to go across the face of a defense . His love of football is so deep,  he takes time to coach at Gila River Junior College in Arizona. Honestly don’t know what else a team could want in a potential prospect/ Superstar. 

  • RB Isaac Totes Murray 
  • McDanial College 
  • Height : 5’ 11   
  • Weight : 195 lbs     

Workhorse dynamic explosive back that can run between the tackles or hit the outside like a rocket. Outstanding pass catcher & a return star there isn’t much he can’t do on the field.  A nice shiftiness to his footwork but can break tackles or bounce off defenders like they were made of rubber. 

Top D 3 RB & one of the top offensive players in the D 3 world.  After fighting his way back from injury. Defying the doctors odds getting back on the field way ahead of schedule & proving he was back to 100% with his outstanding performance.      

SR Stats :    938 rush yds, 7 TD’s with 1268 all purpose yards. 

  • LB Jibreel N. Hazly 
  • Florida A & M 
  • Height : 6’0        
  • Weight : 230lbs 

Aggressive LB that can explode off the line like a someone lighting a match after a gas leak.

Sideline to sideline fluidity ability to cover tackling technique top of the line. A long 6  foot looks & plays bigger than his height. Flys to the ball or person with the ball with the velocity of a NASA space shuttle.   Had a 4.68 Forty time, 37” Vert with a 4.2 Short Shuttle. 

A team captain,  an All Conference backer that signed with the CFL B.C Lions as an Undrafted FA. Now ready to take the XFL by storm. With his abrupt institutions & bone jolting hits.  Tampa would be getting a 1st tier guy with a first tier attitude. 

  • DL Keyso Moss 
  • Height : 6’ 1    
  • Weight : 285 lbs 

Tied For The Most Sacks At The Spring League He Attended Early This Summer.

Lead his team in tackles in tackles for loss as a captain in College.  A big guy that has such swift moving feet his coach in College even used his as a fullback. He even scored a TD when he was on that side of the ball. 

Watch these Spring League tapes religiously every night.  Guys are eager to share them with myself & can tell you his tape stood out. Don’t expect such a big strong physical player to get on the other side of the line of scrimmage consistently.   

  • DL     Warren Powers
  • Florida Tech 
  • Height : 5’ 11       
  • Weight : 310 lbs 

DT/ NT That Has That Uses HIs Leverage, Power & Quickness To Win Inside. 

Played in a 3-4 & had his Senior year 25 tackles, 4 TFL, 1 sack & 4 QB hurries.  That doesn’t account for the fact he sucks up double teams the way a true interior D line prospect should.  Models his game of Grady Jarrett & that you can see when you pop on the film. Like Garrett don’t expect a big man to move like that. Both are what Mayock would call a squaddy body knows how to use that leverage to his advantage. Staying low keeping wide while bursting out his stance causing problems for guards & centers.   Uses his hands while getting them in between the shoulder pads driving blockers into the laps of their QB’s. Fantastic awareness to find the ball carrier behind the big body O linemen. Could easily be an every down D line prospect, check the tape. 

Pro Day  Numbers : Forty :  5.30 10 yd Split : 1.58             Vert : 27” Broad: 8’ 1” 

Reps at 225lbs – 42       

  • DB Jay Doubs 
  • Southern Utah 
  • Height : 5’ 10    
  • Weight : 185 lbs

Corner/ Nickel That Recently Attended The Spring League In Cali. 

Great tackler, with the patience  in the run attack. In coverage has gone against slots & WR’s alike. 

Watching his film from College & the Spring League  this is a player that is always around the ball. Has a natural instinct to be in the right place. Goes hard every play doesn’t give up on the play & has no issue with tackling. 

His Senior Season Stats :   47 tackles, 4 INT’s ,10 PBU with 2 pick sixes  a All Big Sky Conference player. Pro Day Numbers :   Forty 4.70 Short Shuttle : 4.22 Vert : 31” Broad : 8’ 11”     

  • WR    Kent Shelby II 
  • McNeese State / Sioux City Storm   L.A, Chargers 
  • Height : 6’3    
  • Weight : 210 lbs  

Just attended this past Spring League Sept 24 – 26 in Atlanta. Excited to see more tape digging into quite a bit. As the film slowly makes its way to my DM’s. 

Currently signed with the Arena team Sioux City Storm (IFL) & was a UDFA of the Chargers in 2018. Still young & now experienced but never satisfied. 

Played 11 games for the Storm had 518 yds, 11 TD’s with  47.1 yds per game & 12.0 yds per catch. Was 4th All time in McNeese school history with 129 receptions , ranked 5th All time 1,910 yds   & 6th All time with his 14 scores. Plus he had over 600 yds his Junior year 3 TD’s in 10 games. A big tough outside target that has all the tools to be a true number 1 WR threat. That production & skillset is what earned his a L.A. Minicamp invite last spring. Should earn his a shot with the XFL.

  • LB Nick Giorgio 
  • Springfield College 
  • Height : 6’0   
  • Weight : 245 lbs 

Old School Style LB With The Speed & Agility Of These New School Players. 

Classic OLB prospect but don’t sleep on his movement skills & fluidity. He can get after the QB like a pitbull with rabies. While still dropping into short to intermediate coverage to pulverize RB’s out the backfield. Or cover big physical inline tight ends or H backs that most DB’s could find to be a challenge. 

Pro Day Numbers :  Forty : 4.72 10 yd Split : 1.66      ShortShuttle : 4. 33 Vert : 29.5”

Broad : 9’ 3”    Reps at 225lbs -26       L-Drill : 7.34  

  • RB Brandon McCoy 
  • Shorter University 
  • Height :  5’9
  • Weight : 215  

Built like a brick Sh*t House. 

Coming out of a program like Shorter that hasn’t won a game since 2015. Can be hard to gain attention on a National level.  To have success on a team with a losing culture is a feat in itself. To keep a positive attitude keep fighting for his team & not give up his dream. Gotta tip my proverbial hat to that. 

USA 1st Team All American RB, Don Hansen All – Super Regional 2nd Team. Holds his school record for most rush yds in a game with 256.  A Harlon Hill Trophy Finalist , 1st Team All Conference back & a 1st Team All NCCAA . Has the 3rd most yards per carry in the College Gridiron Showcase History with a 7.2 average.   

Straight Beast with so many backs to choose from can be difficult hope this makes the decision a little tougher. This RB deserves a shot & you will not be disappointed. 

 Pro Day   Forty : 4.58     Vert : 36” Reps at 225 – 40*   That’s all could find. 


Kicker/ Punter :  Dalton Hall – Has experience FG kicking & punting , Tuskegee 

Kicker/ Punter : Nick Belcher – South Carolina State  

Punter: Connor Foley  – Wisconsin Platteville 

Long Snapper:    LS – Jimmy Strickland , LockHaven 

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at [email protected]

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