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2020 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Darnell Harris Jr., LB, McKendree University

Darnell Harris Jr. the hard hitting and quick LB from McKendree University recently sat down with Jonathan Joyce of NFL Draft Diamonds

Student-Athlete Profile:

  • Darnell Harris, Jr.
  • McKendree University
  • LB
  • 6’1”
  • 210bs.
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Twitter: @RudeboiiDHarris

2018 Statistics:
  • GP: 11
  • Total Tackles: 34
  • TFL: 4.5
  • Sacks: 4.0
  • FF: 1
[email protected] (Twitter)

As an athlete, what is your motivation?

Being homeless multiple times as a kid and then my whole JUCOcareer not having food to eat. That real-life struggle made me a dog.

What defines success for you?

Grit. You have to  keep fighting for what’s right in your life and follow your dreams even when everybody is telling you it’s too hard and to give up. Keep going when the people you called family and friends turn their backs on you or are not on the same path as you.

What would your teammates say about the type of teammate you are?

That’s big bro. I have knowledge and wisdom, a natural leader, funny and caring.  

What are some of your personal “rules” that you never break?

Stick to myself, keep my head down, take no days off, always believe in God never lose faith, never settle for less and never lose faith in myself.

Who is the toughest player you’ve competed against during your collegiate career?

I haven’t met him yet.

Who is the best player in the NFL?

Me when i get there!

What is your team of choice on Madden, why?

LA Rams, because the defense the linebacker core is different hybrids everybody can kinda to everything.

Failure is inevitable in life. How do you handle situations that don’t go in your favor?

Don’t panic take a second to see how I can fix this or accept it, adapt to it keep moving forward. There’s going to be better days. You’ll get 100 nos! Before you get that one yes! Period.

Is there a current/former NFL player that you model your game after?

No, I’m trying to be different.

Knowing what you do now, what would you go back and tell yourself as a High-School Freshman?

Keep your head down, stay out of trouble and keep to yourself. Do your own recruiting!

What is your go-to restaurant near campus?

None. The food is nasty out here sometimes  I cook all day long or bbq randomly. I’d rather go to the grocery store and spend $25 on a meal I could cook more than once than spend $25 at a restaurant to eat one time and that may be disappointed or not full.

If your life was a book, what would its title be?

“Grit Not Grits,” or “The JUCO Struggle.”

What song or artist do you like but rarely admit to liking?

Major Nine and Blueface.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

Eric Thomas, Steve Harvey, Uncle Deion Sanders and Darren Williams.

Forty-years from now, what do you want to be remembered for?

As one of the greatest players and coaches to help a lot of young brothas reach their goals and dreams.

In 15 words or less, why should an NFL team invest in you?

I’ve always had to work harder than the next man so I’ll be ready for the man.

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