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Hidden Gems of the NFL Draft: All Secondary Volume 3

Ray Jones is know as “Buck” the guy hits like a TRUCK, and is one of the fun players to watch in the FCS.

Hidden Gems: 2019 Draft All  Secondary Part 3 by Matt Anzio

  • CB Drew Roach
  • Pace University
  • Height 5’ 11“
  • Weight 190 lbs

Roach Has the noticeable skills to play press man or press zone.

Physicality the ability to win off the line or close opportunities down playing off rapidly with intensity. That is something that scouts want to see. He worked his butt off & impressed thru the All-Star circuit had a very good Pro day with a Forty: 4.59, Short Shuttle: 4.20, 14 Reps at 225 & an L Drill: 7.14. Was a 1st Team All-Conference & the Number 1 ranked CB in the NE 10 in 2018?

Presnap gets a good feel of the formation puts himself in the right positions. Foreseeing routes angles & patterns mentally dissecting the play.  Swift shuffling feet to redirect as needed with smooth natural bend & hips. Keeps his eyes on the ball will not letting his target out of his site.  Top corner in his Conference because he gives up a low percentage when targeted & therefore is even avoided altogether at times. Think he takes good angles to the ball or to the ball carrier. Has the vision instincts to cut off routes move vertically to laterally with a flip of the hips. Closes quick on the play gets his hands out in front his body on the tackle then engages. Can play tight man press drive guys out of bounds crowding there every move. Good range radius of ground that he covers does well shutting down short passes or screens. Square upkeep the runner at a disadvantage from an angular standpoint. Then tackles like a savage knocking even the big backs down with technique & desire. Excels in press man getting the physical type of DB something I admire in this day & age. Can be used on blitz run stop, ST, inside or out. Insanely undervalued highly talented aggressive DB that is hungry. Can be a bully a guy to avoid a true lockdown corner. Believe me, Roach is a legit versatile DB that will get a chance somewhere to showcase his skills.

  • CB Deion Hallmon
  • Central Oklahoma
  • Height 5’ 10    
  • Weight: 186 lbs

Runs stride for stride with some big fast wide outs.

Not a prototypical outside corner size but when I throw on the film I see outside talent in this young CB from UCO.  His tape shows much like Roach he can really get up in a wideouts business & disrupt his whole flow. Only allowed 4 catches all year for 35 yds.   Really like his ability reminds me a bit of Jourdan Lewis from Mich now on Dallas. Although Hallmon played outside more he fits the mold to move inside in most systems. At the same extent, Hollmon has the talent most of all speed to be moved wherever his services are needed. Pro Day Numbers Forty: 4.49  Reps 11 Vert 29” Broad 9’0”.

Hallmon is good at playing off then closing windows at the right time. Has played outside on both sides well. Off the snap, he reads the play well, not easily fooled on fake or trickery. Fluid backpedal stays bent natural mover backward & forward Change of direction movement skills, in general, are next level.  Has the burst needed with tight coverage skills & toughness to play a multitude of positions in the secondary? Timing, instincts & range are 3 areas I think Hollmon shines in. Good long reach can push his hand in there at the right second knock the ball to the dirt. Good ball reaction participation to cause a PBU, disrupt the play cause an INT or navigate his way for the tackle.  Most of the time keeps the play in front of him but has caught up speed if needed to prevent a big play or score. Good in run containment tackling or on a CB blitz tough physical CB that tackles low & hard.

The depth of this DB class is no secret at the end of the day it might come down to a battle of the fittest, a war of attrition. Who can stay healthy as well as Mentally & physically prepared to play? Never wish injuries on anyone but this is just a fact of the matter. We have seen it for many years & just never know when or how that opportunity will present itself.

  • FS Dylan Hamilton
  • Alabama A & M
  • Height : 6’1    
  • Weight : 200 lbs

Got a theme of tough no nonsenses DB’s & Hamilton isn no exception.

Can’t stress this enough love DB’s that are not afraid to get down & dirty. Blitzing tackling being physical is the name of the game from the big FS from Bama A&M. Had on the season 81 tackles, 3 TFL,3.5 sacks, 4 PBU & an INT. A 2 time 2nd Team All American safety with some impressive tape including a  remarkable outing at the Music City Classic with 10 tackles a FF & was named Defensive MVP this past year Pro Day Numbers where as follows, Forty: 4.58 & Reps at 225lbs – 10 is all I have at the moment. A 2 X 2017 & 18 1st Team All SWAC Conference at FS.

A true 4-year starter at FS intelligent player as comes to be expected of that position. Nice size at almost 6’2 rangy arms can extend his arms deflect the ball or just disrupt the QB’s vision. Good player to use on safety blitz or in run contains packages. As he gets down hill like lightning gets home or close enough most the time.  Can hit with furious vengeance make wideouts wish they didn’t try to go across his path. Sniffs out bubble screens or short HB passes to blow the back up behind the line. Finds the RB even behind blockers hunts them down avoiding block against the run.  Could even play that 3rd safety position cause he has linebacker tendencies anyways. Good field vision with the ball in his hand’s reaction time on pass breakups & tackles. Not easy to take down build sturdy muscular good cuts movement skills make an INT a pick 6.  Don’t compare many guys to the great Malcolm Jenkins but certain angles hits remind me of Jenk. Maybe it’s the 27 but I see some of those same hard hitting ball hawking intelligent player that puts himself in the right position to make a play on the ball. His burst toughness to do whatever is asked known for his tackling ability. Cover or stop the run game not much Hamilton can’t do. Has the size the speed that is necessary most of all the football intelligence beat his opponent not just physical but mentally. He is going to give you everything he has every play. Exactly what is needed in an FS at any Pro Level.

  • Ray Buck Jones
  • Delaware
  • Height: 5’ 10”      
  • Weight: 205 lbs

Buck is a straight savage roaming the secondary like a rabid dog searching for a bone.

Jones is not garnering all the attention like Adderley but the Strong safety Nickel prospect deserves a look as well. I Do understand the love affair with Adderley but Buck is nothing to sneeze at either. This DB was All over the field during the Dream Bowl in which I covered  & had a nice pick along with a nice game overall. He is a high energy player that has outstanding instincts flies to the ball. Has the grit to play inside & hit or the speed necessary to cover. His Pro Day numbers Forty- 4.53, Short shuttle 4.50, Reps at 225: 14, Vert was 29: Broad” 9’ 7” & a 3 Cone: 7.19.

Buck is a straight savage  can attack out the box like a ravenous Lion.

One of my favorite attack style SS with the physicality & mentality of an LB. He has the movement to cover SS or even Nickel. Closing speed is way above average reads & reacts with an urgency you expect at the SS position. Rapidly moving feet & legs pack pedal hip flip, lateral movement second nature to Buck. Comes off the line like an edge rushing OLB. Explodes like an Atom bomb no matter on pass blitz or run blitz contain Jones has a knack for hinting behind the line.  In the past, the game can contain for quite some time when the play breaks up. Good ball reaction football IQ to read the play & get in the way. Used mostly on short to intermediate coverages where I think he does a nice job. Which means Nickel should be of consideration as he shows the quickness toughness to disrupt the middle of the field.  The way he was used with the Blue Hens was generally in Zone coverage keeping everything in front & closing it down run lanes like Chris Christie. Was used in the box a lot but as I saw at the Dream Bowl Jones can do more than just attack. Although he does that very well has the speed to hold his own against some faster targets. While still having the fortitude instincts to be a player used to hunt QN’s & RB’s. Adderley is the big long super quick strong athlete but Buck is also extremely quick he might not be as well rounded but not many players gonna outwork Buck. Has that toughness strong tackler like his teammate, not quite the cover skills but both these guys can lay players out when they drop the hammer. Delaware has been very impressive in the last few years, hats off to the program.

  • Slot/ DB Brandon Edwards
  • CAL U ( P. A. )
  • Height: 5’ 9
  • Weight: 186lbs

Edwards sticks to wideouts like Rubber cement.

Had  a career 87 tackles, 20 PBU, 5 INT with 2 TD’s as well.

Another super sleeper because of such deep class players from small schools gets overlooked at times.  A threat with the ball in his hands looks like a speed boat among capes at times. Watching the tape & believe me Edwards has a good amount of tape. Which goes to show you he is constantly doing his job & doing it well.  Played outside & in but projects inside most likely but he has shown the ability to cover tight in man or zone press & off.

Great vision instincts pre-snap recognizing plays before the snap. Can get physical jam players at the line slow them up. Many of these DB’s have impressive feet but Edwards’ feet are on another dimension. Change of direction comes with no effort to the young DB that spends a lot of time improving upon his footwork repertoire.  Whether he is backpedaling backward redirecting forward or laterally does it with ease. Loose hips bent knees amazing short area movement. Plays the ball like a slot WR finishing the routes on poorly thrown passes. Out-hustling his opponents with 20 career PBU a safe bet Edwards is always disrupting plays batting down balls or players with intensity.

Radiates confidence, aggressiveness, a determination is the embodiment of a hungry dawg & he will eat. Closing on like a hawk on its prey. Tough savage coverage skills will get up in the player’s grill, in a players ear & most of all in his head.  Takes good angles when the ball is in the air to get in front the WR cut the pass off. Has the swag to play long one on one on an island & hold own like an old Vet. Scoring threat anytime the balls in his hand is off to the races like a redneck on Sat. Edwards has that 2nd gear once he hits that not many players can catch him. Hard nose physical tackling CB that can play inside or out but projects inside. Of course, with all these guys we will hear the level of competition. Yeah, I get it & I take it into account but when you are talking about filling out a roster.  Doesn’t matter who you are covering if you completely eliminate them from having room to make a play. Why not take a hard look at a DB like Edwards not everyone can play press man with the testicular fortitude. Throws his weight into his tackles bringing down big wideouts like the trash can on trash day. Can play off on long or short has the power short-area burst to move inside. Think he could even play SS  with the tenacity intensity he hits the field with. His tackling is on point technical strong hands & arms, Burst & extension on the tackles or to interrupt a pass play are key to his game. Can drive his shoulder right through the targeted pass catcher drilling wideout like a fat oil tycoon drills for oil. Have to love his passion his style of crowding his targets. His monstrous hitting style & his nonstop motor.  Gonna talk the talk you best walk the walk thinks Edwards does both well. His speed strength tight coverage skills & football instincts will get his foot in a door.

  • FS/DB Exavier Guillory
  • School: Central Methodist University
  • Height: 6’  
  • Weight” 190 lbs

Might be the best coverage safety of the bunch.

Was not able to have a Pro Day due to his school not having one. He did not give up a single reception in 2018 & had 33 tackles 4 PBU’s as he looks forward to showing off his skills at the ANC combine this coming week. So look for his numbers to be posted up soon.

Good dissecting plays at the line can adjust for short or long plays. Was tested on long passes quite a few times did a good job not panicking running with & disrupting the wideout playing the ball. Nice long extension with makeup speed /long speed covering the long ball. Uses the sideline to box wideouts out & make it very hard for QB’s to find an opening.  Has good play recognition which is vital as an FS. His ability to not only get deep but come downhill on the attack against the run or blitz is a serviceable commodity. Quick reflex awareness of run or pass play adjusts fast smooth transitioning all around the field. Id imagine can play some corner & if he was afforded a Pro day he would have shown this speed ability to move well enough.  Actually no doubt in my mind he could at least add depth at CB as a 2nd position. Matter of fact I have watched tape of him playing outside CB with effectiveness. Not getting bear=t staying close It’s an homage to Exavier’s exceptional long speed id imagine his forty would be around 4.49, easy. To play in a zone coverage scheme although I think his football IQ & awareness make him a perfect last line of defense. Trying to point out he has the shifty hips feet to play deep outside or inside as needed. Ball reaction skills are outstanding didn’t give up a single play all year. Small school or not an easy task to accomplish. Believe me, this man can play FS no matter if your talking NFL, CFL or XFL he has the size-speed intensity & willingness to learn.

The depth of this DB class is above average most scouts would agree but I think many feel it lacks guys that can help on the outside. Made it a point to feature safeties like Exavier that can cover the long ball. All these players can run  & they all thrive in the physicality dept. Exavier has the experience & skills to get a look.

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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