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Do you believe the NFL would honestly rig a game for one team to win?

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Is the NFL corrupt?

I watched the games this weekend and there were so many people upset with the outcomes of the game. I read on Twitter that the NFL was rigged, I read that the NFL wanted higher ratings from the Los Angeles area that is why they screwed the Saints, and I also read that Tom Brady was a cheater. Some fans will never be happy, but I cannot understand or state that the NFL is rigged as a whole.  I know there are some shady people in the industry, but I cannot sit there and honestly say a game was rigged .

When you watch the officiating the refs as a group are held to a standard of making the right call.  Some refs are more petty than others. Shoot some are probably corrupt.  I mean our Nations capitol has corruption, they get paid tons of money.  If they can be corrupt in our governmental offices what makes you think one or two in the NFL are not corrupt? 

Could players be corrupt?  Could there be a player who takes money to cost their team a game?  Yes, I am sure that has happened over the years and maybe we have never heard of it, but I am willing to guarantee someone was paid somewhere to make a boneheaded play or penalty.  I mean you have players complaining about money every day.  You have players willing to hold out for money they feel they are worth.  Unfortunately tons of money is spread out in the NFL between hundreds of people, and as long as there is money flowing in the millions there is going to be corruption.  I do not care who you are or what company you run there is a scandal where there is money.

With that being said do I feel the NFL is rigged?  HELL NO.  Is Tom Brady a cheater?  I cannot say that, but does he get calls favored to him?  Yes he does.  Does that make him a cheater though? He is not the one making the calls.  Was there a bad call in the Saints/Rams game?  Yes there was, was it on purpose?  I do not think so. The play did happen really fast.  Should they have been able to review it, YES.

No game should end on a call from an official.  The game needs to look at the matter and I feel the NFL should never have to apologize for making a wrong call after the game.  That is not correct. The Saints were robbed in the game, but there were things that Sean Payton could have done to run the clock out as well. You cannot play the what if game in your life, because Monday Morning Quarterback sucks unless you are in the situation yourself.

Do the Rams deserve to be in the Super Bowl against the Patriots?  I think they do.  The call was made and there is a problem in officiating. That is something the NFL must fix. Will they fix it? I bet you they will because there are many that feel that call was horrible. As for the Super Bowl, I think Tom Brady does it again. He should never be an underdog, I do not care how old he is. 

I do not believe the NFL is rigged. I do however believe that some people in the NFL would love to pad their pockets. Anyone can be bribed, anyone can fall to the devil’s pursuit, but do I think the NFL purposely said we want the Rams versus the Patriots?  I do not feel that is the case, but what do I know? I want to know what you think? Is the NFL rigged? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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