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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Ocie Rose, DB, Florida Atlantic University

Ocie Rose of FAU is a dawg on the field. I love this kids playmaking abilities

NFL Draft Diamonds has interviewed some of the best small schoolers to make it to the NFL.  Last year our team interviewed over 750 players from NAIA to the FBS.  This year we went to NFL teams scouts for every question on this interview.  Ten NFL scouts who are avid readers of Draft Diamonds put this interview together for our reader’s pleasure.  We hope you enjoy this interview, with another potential NFL draft prospect. 

• Name: Ocie Rose 

• Height: 6’1

• Weight:190

• Position: Nickel, SS 

• College: Florida Atlantic University 

• Twitter: @Ocierose

Tell us about your hometown, and what you love most about it?

•  I’m from Florida City, FL the best place to be from everything about it is love and the love that everyone in the area show towards me and all others who’s doing something productive for themselves. All of my family live there also so it’s just nothing but love back home. 

List these three in order of importance and why: Film Study, Strength and Conditioning and Practice?

•  Film study is the most important because you have to be able to understand what’s your opponents top plays , learning and understanding how your opponent RB runs the ball if he’s shifty or a power back and studying how there WRs run their routes and in what areas do your opponents run certain plays. 

  •  Strength and Conditioning plays a huge part in the game because leading up to the season you have to be in shape to play long competitive football games. So having high stamina and strong healthy muscles helps through the season , workouts , and practice
  •   Practice is the most crucial part about playing football because that’s you work on your craft and make you and your team better by correcting mistakes , creating good habits , and competing everyday. Where you grow bonds and connects within the players and the coaches. 

What do you worry about, and why?

  •  I worry about not being being able to provide for my family and my parents so that’s why I play and work hard with that thought in the back of my head everyday. 

Give me an example of when you failed at something. How did you react and how did you overcome failure?

•  I failed at getting a starting position after a coaches change , but I never gave up I just kept coming to work everyday even through all the negativity and I just kept a positive mindset and did as I was told and worked hard as I could and learned the game as much as I could to get back on the field and I accomplished that situation when my time came. 

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

•  Having a nose for the ball going out and getting the ball back for the offense at any given point of the game.

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?

•  Antonio Callaway

What would your career be if you couldn’t play football? 

•  becoming a fire fighter

Room, desk, and car – which do you clean first?

•  Room 

If there was a disaster and you could either save three strangers or one family member, which would you choose and why?

•  I honestly can’t answer this because this is more of a in the situation type of question and I don’t want to answer untruthfully.

If you could be any television or movie character, who would you be and why?

•  Will Smith on fresh prince of bel-air because he was just super cool and smooth and he stayed fly with the nice kicks every Show.

Tell me about your biggest adversity in life and how you’ve dealt with or overcome it?

•  Being hurt during the season and just fight the pain everyday and doing all the extra treatment and getting all the shots before the game just to be out there on the field with my brothers and play free and forget all about the injury. 

What is your most embarrassing moment?

•  When I was jumping a route for an interception and the ball hit me right in my face and I tanned in a circle looking up for the ball. 

What was the most memorable play of your collegiate career?

•  Catching the last two Game Winning Interceptions one for a pic six and second to seal the game which was our first win of my freshman season.

What song best describes your work ethic?

•  Hustle Hard by Ace Hood 

What is the most important trait you can have (Physical or Non-Physical) to help you succeed at the next level? 

•  Being a quick learner

If you could bring one person back from the dead for one day, who would it be and why?

•  My Auntie Sand because she is the main piece missing from my family .

If you were to open a dance club, what would you name it? 

•  Club G.V.O

Would you rather be liked or respected, and why?

•  Respected because people respect someone for a good reason and goes respect goes far in life 

What player who had his career derailed by off-field issues do you feel for the most and why?

•  Josh Gordon because he is a good player and could make any team better just hopes he get his self better and back healthy. 

Do you love to win, or hate to lose?

•  Hate Losing 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and explain why?

• My mother because she works so hard every day to provide for the house and also try to always make sure I’m good and I just want to be able to give her the rest and comfort that she deserves.  She’s always been on my side no matter the situation and always have me positive talks and thoughts. 

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at [email protected]

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