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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Antwuan Haynes, RB, Florida Institute of Technology

Antwaun Haynes is a monster for Florida Tech, remember his name!

2017 Accolades & Statistics

  • 2017 GSC First Team All-Conference.
  • 196 carries – 1,017 yards – 5.19 YPR – 7 TDs.

Antwuan Haynes #6|| Florida Tech Runningback || Junior Highlight

What is your name?

  • Antwuan Haynes.

Where do you play College Football?

  • Florida Institute of Technology.

What position do you play?

  • Running back/Slot/Return Specialist.

What is your height/weight?

  • 5’7″ 162lbs.

Did you play any other sports growing up? If so, what were they?

  • Track.

Who is the toughest player you have competed against in College?

  • Dylan Donahue (DL West Georgia; 2015-2016).

Are you listening to music before a game? If so, what?

  • Rap/Hip Hop and R&B.

Who is your role model & why?

  • My older brother because he has always been there and taught me the game at a young age and I just took it from there.

While in College, what has been your favorite & least favorite class?

  • Financial Accounting & Quantitative Methods.

Outside of Football, what has been your favorite experience while in College?

  • Community Service being able to go out and spend time with the youth in the community.

Growing up, who was your favorite NFL Team & NFL player, & why?

  • Dallas Cowboys and Michael Vick because of the excitement you get every time he’s out of the pocket.

If you could be in any movie of your choice, what would it be & what character would you play? 

  • Rush Hour-Chris Tucker.

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who are they? 

  • Deion Sanders, Michael Jackson, and Martin Luther King Jr.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose & why?

  • Steph Curry, he is my favorite NBA player and he changed the game. He did it all with a smaller stature than the norm and it did not stop him.

What is your definition of hard work?

  • Hard work is when you are determined to put your maximum amount of time and effort into your daily schedule everyday. Rather it’s school, athletics, work or etc.

What is the most unexpected lesson you learned while in College?

  • I learned that one of the most important thing regarding your future is “networking”.

What is something you wish you could go back & tell yourself as a High School Freshman?

  • It is not much because I had great juniors and seniors a head of me that made sure I was going down the right path. One thing maybe was to go to more camps to get my name a little more out there. This is something I am preaching to my little brothers to this day.

Why do you wear #6?

  • The end of my freshmen year in high school I had to choose out of #4 and 6 and I chose six because that is how many points are on the board when you reach the end zone. My aunt was a big reason I kept it because she told me I looked amazing in it before she passed away. It has become more than a number, but people call me 6 instead of my actual name a lot and has catchy say like “6 for 6” and etc. It really fits me and it has become more than just a number over these years but a part of me as a lifestyle you can say.

What is the best part of your hometown, Fort Lauderdale, FL?

  • The best part of my hometown is the athletes that are all around and it is so much competition.

Who do you choose, Jordan or LeBron?

  • Jordan.

Are you a PS4 or Xbox One guy? What games are you playing right now?

  • I do not play games really but if I do pick one up it is a old one. I tend to play NCAA Football on a PS3 every now and then I was a huge fan. Not really a game guy no more.

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete?

  • My sophomore year in college I had an All- American Season with 1,100 rushing yards, 12 Touchdowns and nearly 2,000 all-purpose yard. Also, while receiving honor roll that year with my performance in the classroom.

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

  1. To be a NFL player.
  2. To go back in time to meet my grandfather.
  3. To become a Head Football Coach at the University of Florida State.

What is your hidden talent?

  • I can draw a little bit.

If there is a book written about Antwuan Haynes, what is the title?

  • “The Life of 6ix.”

What are three things on your “Bucket List?”

  1. Get married to my Girlfriend in Hawaii.
  2. See a Great White Shark while on my own yacht.
  3. My success allowing my mom to not have to work anymore.

Are you binge watching anything on Netflix or Hulu right now?

  • Money Heist with my girlfriend -Netflix.
  • Criminal Minds-Netflix.

If you had one free hour each day, how would you choose to use it?

  • I would choose to use that free hour to go on the field and workout my little brothers. With me being away off at school working out daily, school, and time with girlfriend that hour will benefit me with my twin brothers and helping them improve more.

If you could run over any NFL LB, past or present, who would it be & why?

  • Ray Lewis, because I feel he is the greatest of all times and I am striving for greatness.

What are the goals for 2018, both individually & for the Florida Tech football team?

  • My goal is to help my team go undefeated and win a GSC Conference Championship and D2 National Championship. My individual goal is whatever it has to be to accomplish those main goals. I can say 1,500 Rushing yards 20 Touchdowns and 2,500 All Purpose yards will be a nice goal to reach or surpass.

If you could give NFL scouts three words to describe the type of man they are getting in Antwuan Haynes what would they be?

  1. Consistent.
  2. Dynamic.
  3. Sponge.

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