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Free Agent Adehkeem Brown, DB, Quincy University

Adehkeem Brown is currently a free agent but there is no doubt he can play at the next level. Check out this interview performed by our newest writer Jeff Fidler.

Can you please tell me a little about yourself & how you ended up at Quincy?

  • I was looking for a D2 school to give me a chance & Quincy provided me with a platform to succeed

When I try to breakdown a player I always look for “traits that translate” to the next level. What are your traits that translate?

  • Things I look for when breaking down a player is what kinda guy is he? Does he play big or play small. How he is in & out of breaks, like how many steps does it take him to brake down. 

When you’re lining across your man, what are you looking for w/ him individually & the offense as a whole? 

  • When I line up across from somone I look at there area on the field  are they inside the numbers or outside, some receivers will give away where they are going.

I know you played other sports besides football. Can you talk about why you love/like those sports & how important it is to play multiple sports at a young age?

  • I played basketball & track also. And it’s good to play other sports because, you can’t play football year round where I’m from so I kept myself busy an competing. Track also helped me with running.

Whose the toughest, best player(s) you’ve played against?

  • Toughest Players I’ve played against is Eric Pointdexer, Reece Horn & Marcus Tucker

Who is your Favorite teacher?

  • My favorite teacher is my advisor Harry Creamer

Do you have a favorite music and/or groups/artist?

  • My favorite artist is Lil Wayne

What are the most important traits for a CB & S regardless of competition?

  • Their feet, eyes and hands are the most important because those are key parts to reading on a football field

Any former or current players you model your game after?

  • Greatest All-Time is Deion Sanders & current is Tyrann Matheiu

What area do you have to improve the most?

  • Area I need to improve the most is being consistent every rep because as I move up in levels there is less room for error where sometimes I get away with it because my athleticism

Biggest challenge to balancing school, football, family ?

  • Biggest challenge is just missing out on down time with family, you don’t see them as often because your playing ball all the time or practicing

What is your Official Height, Weight, Position(s)?

  • My height & weight are 5’11 / 189 and defensive back

If you can from start to finish can you take me through how you recognize & execute?

  • First I read WR alignment to see where he is going then I see his shade weather inside or outside the number and then read the QB & see if he gives away where he going with the ball, then he hikes it I’ll use what technique I think is best like if I’m pressed an I think fade I’ll line up head up an inch out, then INT the ball.

Where do you learn more, film room or field? Can you talk about the importance of having both? I know some guys excel in different areas.

  • I learn more in the film room, as far as playing techniques & field is where I rep it an put it together. Both are important because reps is the only way you get better. And film you need to correct your steps.

Can you tell me & the readers something about yourself we don’t know? Either on the field, what you can do but haven’t been asked or gotten the chance? Or from a personal level?

  • I am a hard worker an just want to win at all cost an won’t give up until I do. also the handsets thing for me is exposure coming from a small school we don’t get noticed really. Especially if your one of the first trying to become pro form your school

What are your biggest strengths as a player?

  • Biggest strength is ability to locate the ball an go get it & my feet an Change if direction 

Favorite college moment or experience?

  • Favorite college moment was a blocked field goal against meckdree to deny them the lead.

You’re in a room w/ an NFL GM, Coach etc. What do you want them to know about you & what you’ll bring to the team?

  • I will make the person in front of me earn there Job or earn mine. Competition is what I bring to the table

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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